Zero carb Gorditas  صمون صفر كارب كيتو و كارنيفور

Zero carb Gorditas صمون صفر كارب كيتو و كارنيفور

August 18, 2019 45 By William Morgan

Zero carb / high protein Gorditas
Salam. Today I’m going to make buns that are suitable for keto and carnivore

But don”t expect it to be nice and fluffy, no it won’t be. Coz it is all protein without any type of flours

I craved Mexican food that day so got the idea to use my zero carb tortilla recipe and change it a bit to creat gorditas

Gorditas are these round thickish Mexican bread in the size of a palm

They make it from regular or corn flour. It can be cooked in a pan or deep fried

Because it has thickness they later cut it and stuff it with whatever they want
They call it gorditas because it is a thick soft dough and gordita in Spanish means a chubby girl 😉

So because I liked that all protein zero carb frecipe I made, I thought to change it up a bit and make gorditas from it

Here I have 1 large egg. And I have this cooked chicken breast. Will use more chicken bfreast than i did in the first recipe
This is 1 and a half the amount I used before. Will chop it up and add it to the egg in the grinder

ANy cooked chicken you have. But breast is better coz it has no taste

I’ll also add 1 tsp of ghee
A dash of salt and very little water. About 2 tbsp

Because i want the batter to be thick this time

1 egg, chicken, 1 tsp ghee, a dash of salt a 2 tbsp water

By the way, this bread is going to be geat for high protein diet too. Just reduce the amount of fat for it

Now blend it

See how the batter is very thick this time. We want it to be thick so we can built a bun with it

The first recipe was thinner more like a pancake batter, better to make a flat bread with it

2 tsp of ghee in a pan on low heat with a flame tamer to make sure it’ll cook weel in the middle

I’m making 2 buns from this batter

Because the batter is very thick this time, it will not spread and you can build up layers and shape it into a bun

This is one and I’ll make the other one in the same time. After I place them I will cover them just to make sure to cook well

Here they are, now will cover and let them cook slowely

The good thing is that this is pure protein but because of the beaten egg, it does absorb fats very well. So it’ll be high fat and high protein and zero carb
Perfect for keto and carnivorfe
I made these plain. You can add flavours like garlic or onion powder, herbs and spices

If you want strong Mexican taste hyou can add taco or fajita seasonings to the batter

Just play with the flavours
It has golden edges so now I can flip it

Keep cooking them on low heat till they are done and golden on both sides

Don’t rush it coz it is thick. Just give it some time for even cooking

Just was a tad clumsy when flipping the other

See how it absorbed half of the fats

See how they are nice and thick
Let it a rest just a bit then you can slice it and stuff it as you like

Here is the zero carb gordita suitable for keto and carnivore diets

Macros for the entire batch:
Callorie 458 / Protien 59g / Fat 25g / Carb zero