July 21, 2019 48 By William Morgan

Hi everyone, welcome back to the kitchen and today I have a low-carb treat for you. These are portobello mushroom pizzas
We’re using portobello mushrooms in place of the crust. I can’t wait to share with you how these all come together
Okay, we’re gonna go over all the ingredients and then we’re gonna build these portobello mushroom pizzas
This is a great option for you. If you’ve decided to try low-carb or a keto diet
And if you’re wondering rick and I have not committed 100% We’re just exploring at this point
So we thought we would share the things that we’re learning as we go on this journey with you
so today we’re gonna make for lunch a portobello mushroom pizza and
We’re gonna use portobello mushrooms in place of the pizza crust
So we have some really beautiful portobello mushrooms, and I have gone ahead and cleaned the gills personal choice
you don’t have to do that, but I have today and I’ve just wiped the
The tops with a damp paper towel to remove any dirt
And we have your typical pizza toppings. I have some pizza sauce here
You can choose really whatever kind you want and I have some Italian sausage that I browned off some pepperoni
I have some olives Parmesan cheese
Some whole milk mozzarella and I have some olive oil that we’re gonna brush on the mushroom caps before we get started
Alright, the first thing we’re gonna do is we’re gonna get some olive oil and we’re just going to lightly brush. This will be the
Underside of our pizza, you’re gonna want to make sure that you brush these with olive oil or neutral oil
You can use coconut oil if you prefer
Avocado oil is a great choice
If you roast these without any oil on them
They can tend to burn you’ll also notice that I have this set on top of a baking sheet and a rack as well
And this is gonna help air circulate so that any moisture that’s inside these fresh mushroom caps
Automatically drips into the pan. This is not an original idea
There are several other videos out there that show you how to make portobello mushroom pizzas. I’ve seen people make them on the grill
I’ve seen people make them in the oven. I’ve seen people make them on a griddle on the top of the stove
Seeing people cook the mushrooms before you actually top them and bake them and I’ve seen people cook them from fresh
I feel like most people just want to get their food made and enjoy it
So we’re gonna go from the fresh state
We’re gonna bake them. The mushroom is gonna cook while the toppings melts and it’s all gonna be delicious
it’s also going to be less soggy in my opinion because the
Mushroom is still gonna have some meatiness to it and it’s not gonna be very soggy
We’re gonna take and start building our little pizzas just like you would
If you were using a regular pizza crust
and I am NOT gonna put more than about a
Tablespoon of sauce in each one of these and I had about a quarter of a cup of sauce here
It’s just about right for the number of mushroom caps that we have. I have some whole milk. Mozzarella
We’ll go back over that again with some more of the mozzarella cheese in just a minute. I have a little parmigiano-reggiano
It’s gonna add great flavor. And then what are you want on your pizza? I know Rick wants pepperoni for sure
And these are just regular
slices of pepperoni that I have cut into quarters
I just used a pair of scissors and I cut them into quarters because these are kind of small
I wanted to make sure that we weren’t taking up all the room on the top and I want them to cook nice and even
And these look a little prettier. I’m gonna put pepperoni on all of these. I’m gonna put some sausage
Do you want sausage on yours? And I guess I’ll put sausage on all of them. I browned off approximately
1/4 of a pound of
Italian sausage. I just bought a package of bulk Italian sausage, and that’s what I went with and then you can use whatever
You want to put onions bell peppers you want to put little tomatoes on here you go for it. You make this your own
Alright now that we’ve got them topped
We are going to just go back and put a little mozzarella on the top of everything so that kind of you know
how that works when you make a real pizza regular pizza you seal it all in so
Beautiful. They’ve pretty much used everything that I set out
And then the only other thing I’m gonna do is I’m gonna hit this with a little pizza seasoning
You do what you like you like Italian seasoning and a little crushed red pepper
You use that or you can make your own pizza seasoning
I’ll leave a link to a video where I share a recipe for homemade pizza seasoning now
these are going in the oven for about
15 minutes or until
The mushroom is cooked and all the toppings are melty and beautiful and we’ll be back and we’ll show you what they look like
Well there we have it our portobello mushroom pizzas have come out of the oven now. I will tell you
Because these are not regular pizzas and they’re made with portobello mushrooms
You’re gonna need to eat these with a knife and a fork
But that’s not to say that they won’t satisfy that craving that you have for the flavor of pizza
It’s still gonna give you that same
Taste that you love
and it’s a little bit better for you these roasted in the oven for
Approximately 15 minutes. I took them out when all the toppings were melty and just beginning to brown perfectly
I let them sit for five minutes on my sheet pan until
They cooled off just a little bit and now it’s time to give them a try. You ready
Okay, let’s see and you can see
The mushroom on the bottom is cooked and I know Rick is ready to taste it
Tell me what you think
It tastes like pizza cuz it’s pizza, this is just a way to help you guys start your year off on the right foot
It tastes guilty well, I can’t wait to have it for lunch
Which is what we’re getting ready to do so
If you’re looking for lower carb options that don’t make you feel
Like you are in a diet prison
This might be something you want to consider. So that is how you make a portobello mushroom pizza
I hope you give it a try
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I hope you give these Portobello pizzas a try sometime soon, and I hope you love them and until next time I’ll see you