Why I Care So Much About YOUR Health and Wellness –  Healthy Ketogenic Diet

Why I Care So Much About YOUR Health and Wellness – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

July 21, 2019 23 By William Morgan

hey guys this is gonna be a video to
help you to understand a bit about me my
name is Violet Reveira I’m a psychologist
and often times people want to know why
is the psychologist making videos about
wait why is this I call just talking
about health and the reason that I do
this is multiple so I’m gonna start at
the beginning first I like helping
people and so everything that I can do
towards helping more and more people to
do better in life I’m interested in that
so YouTube was presented to me as a way
that I could help more people to do
better because I could put videos out
and then instead of one person in my
office getting my help maybe ten people
get it at the same time or 100 people
get it at the same time or a thousand
people get at the same time so right
away that was very intriguing and
interesting to me now why do I talk
about physical health why do I talk
about weight loss why do I talk about
metabolic issues you’d be surprised how
often that the reason people end up in
front of me in my office is because of
those reasons being physically healthy
is directly related to being emotionally
psychologically healthy as well because
the things that you eat influence your
biology and so therefore an influence
your brain chemistry but not only that
in our society the way that you look
matters and so therefore the way that
people look and the way that they feel
about how they look affects their
ability to be happy in life so on a very
practical work-related reason why I’m
doing what I’m doing yeah that’s why I’m
doing what I’m doing is it the only
reason that I’m doing what I’m doing
well no of course not there’s another
reason this weight-loss journey that
most people have been on I’ve also ended
up on no so let me be clear about that
I’ve never endorsed dieting
I still don’t endorse dieting the
quote-unquote dieting to lose weight I
don’t endorse it I really do believe
that when you diet to lose weight you’re
not gonna keep that weight off what I do
endorse is healthy lifestyle change that
you know that you can continue to do
well into your future so that you can
have a healthier happier life because
that healthy happy your life will lead
to psychological stability and happiness
because you’ll be dealing with the food
issues rather than
hiding or pushing away the footages so I
don’t believe in dieting what I do
believe is giving people the true
information that they need to improve
their lives to be happier and healthier
and and do the things that will
ultimately lead them to better manage
psychologically all the way around right
because if I feel good and I can get out
there in life and do the things that I
wanted you so play with my kids do
whatever sports I like to do go for
walks even just make it from my home to
work feeling good if I can do the things
that really matter to me my life is
gonna be that much easier and that much
happier making these videos gives me the
opportunity to help many many people so
when people ask me why I’m doing what
I’m doing and what I want you to know
when you come to my channel I really do
want them to understand that your health
and wellness is something that it’s
mind-blowing that we don’t put enough
attention into that we should be
focusing on this I really do want
everyone everyone out there to be a
wellness warrior I really do want us to
put all of our time energy effort into
our health and our wellness and making
sure that on a daily basis I’m happy
with the way I feel on a daily basis I’m
feeling myself properly on a daily basis
I’m engaging in social things to help my
psychological side be positive as well
that I’m doing things for me that I’m so
this channel focuses on all of that I
want to thank you for watching my
employee health and wellness with violet
I look forward to talking to you in the
next video in the next video in the next
video because I planned for this channel
to be around for a long time and I
really really hope that you plan to be
around here too so we can share
information together so get busy in the
comments talk to each other that’s what
this is all about I want to create a
community I want all of them my wellness
warriors to be able to come together and
talk about anything that happens in your
life talking about the good stuff
talking about the difficult stuff let’s
work together to have a happier life
thanks for watching
I’ll talk to you soon