What’s Next in Nutrition: An Introduction to Bauman College

November 6, 2019 0 By William Morgan

The culinary arts and nutrition together
is powerful. Most people are just teaching cooking.
Or they’re just teaching nutritional
sciences. We’re bringing it together with
practical application and we’re teaching
people good business.
We’re independent, we’re non-dogmatic
We integrate information that comes today with information and
experience that is timeless. Because we focus a lot not just on food but also on
lifestyle issues I think it’s very hard
to go through Bauman College without it
being a life-changing experience.
There is a demand for services.
We have a job board, we have hundreds of requests for natural chefs. Hundreds of requests for
people in business wanting to hire a Holistic Nutritionist. So five, ten, twenty years ago, everyone
started their own business. Now they can
blend with doctors, blend with food
companies, blend with restaurants, blend with existing concerns and add the
value of teaching people how to eat
well and to be well.
I would totally recommend it to
anybody that would ask me about the
school. I would tell them
this is a supervised environment, the
teachers are willing to help you and I get
to have food every day which is a super
If you’re thinking about Bauman College,
it’s a wonderful opportunity. Now is the time to start because the sooner you start
the sooner you’ll learn, you’ll practice,
you’ll grow, you’ll feel better and you’ll
be able to help other people experience
what you’re learning here at Bauman College.