October 2, 2019 0 By William Morgan

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yummy yummy recipes so first off this
week cooked this wonderful roast with
rutabaga so delicious so to start with I
took a rutabaga a yellow onion some
celery peeled that sucker up let me just
tell you I don’t even have any knives
hardly strong enough to cut rutabaga but
even though it’s a fight it’s worth it
just get it chopped down kind of like
you would have potatoes and once you
brush these up they’re just super super
delicious guys next up we’re just going
to keep on chopping away we’ve got our celery working here and then I’m just
gonna chop up a whole kind of on the
smaller side yellow onion again onions
do you have carbs so you want to watch
those now I’m just gonna layer them into
my crockpot I’m using an oval style
roasting one put in my rutabaga first
then my onion celery and this is a top
round roast putting a liberal amount of
Worcestershire some garlic I’m just
gonna put that right on top and kind of
rub it into the meat
some sea salts some ground black pepper
and a little bit of parsley and again
with this you might want to measure out
your Worcestershire sauce because it
does have carbs I’m topping it with a
couple tablespoons of butter mmm
I love beef cooked in butter and pouring
probably about 1/4 of a cup of chicken
broth in there just to create some steam
and help everything those rutabagas get
nice and moist here it is all plated
up looks just like a plate of comfort
food it was so delicious next up this
my favorite meal this is a shrimp and
sausage skillet super super easy just
took some thawed shrimp
covered them liberally with some Old Bay
seasoning this stuff is so delicious I
will link this recipe down below it only
called for a 1/2 pound of shrimp added
more because I love shrimp and it only
called for 6 ounces of precooked smoked
sausage that I added a whole thing so
just pour your shrimp in and into the
avocada oil and cook them up and then
transfer them to a separate dish and
then I emptied the liquid out of the pot
added a little bit more avocado oil and
my husband did the meal prep did the
prep work on these veggies so they’re in
baggies for me but a 3/4 of a cup each
of red bell pepper and green bell pepper
and a half of the medium yellow onion
diced got those all cooked in there
I took one zucchini and chopped it up
and then a whole like ring pack of
sausages like 12 or 14 ounces and went
ahead and added that to my pot as well
and cooked that on down until the
zucchini started to get a little tender
and you just want all of those flavors
to marinate together
okay once that was cooked down some I
added back my shrimp with just a tiny
bit of the liquid I had reserved I’m
adding about a tablespoon of minced
garlic it’s a little more than the
original recipe called for and 1/4 of a
cup of chicken broth of course some sea
salt and some ground black pepper
and then I went ahead and plated it up
and actually topped it with a little bit
of red pepper flakes I put a liberal
amount of red pepper flakes in the
recipe – this was my favorite here’s my
husband’s favorite I think no this
wasn’t his favorite the last one’s his
favorite this one is a broccoli sesame
chicken started out with just a pound of
chopped up raw chicken and steamed a bag
of Kirkland’s broccoli here all my
ingredients kind of assembled together
for you to see for this recipe looks
like a lot of ingredients but I swear
this one was so easy so I took some
arrowroot powder you could use xanthan
gum I think if you don’t have arrowroot
and I added some liquid coconut aminos
to that went ahead and mixed it up and
then I just stuck that to the side and
some avocado oil and the pan again this
recipe is from Peace Love and low carb
and I’ll link it down below so you can
get all the exact measurements added
some garlic swished it around cooked it
up until it was fragrant went ahead and
added my diced chicken to the mix again
if you chop your meats while they’re
slightly frozen still they cut up way
easier of course I added my sea salt and
the black pepper and just continue to
sear and brown this right on up then
I added in some sesame oil and the
broccoli to the mix poured over it that
arrowroot powder Liquid aminos and just
kept on incorporating it
and here it goes all plated up added
some sesame seeds just to the individual
plate and red pepper flakes I didn’t want
to put it in the whole thing because I
wanted my babies to be able to eat this
without having spice I actually bit into
one of these pepper seeds and about
choked on it that’s a story for
another day so next up was the favorite
kind of comfort food – like I said the
shrimp was my favorite but my husband
likes the chicken Brockway but we about
fought each other over the leftovers of
this so this is a ham and cheese
Keto previewed my oven to 400 to get
started and just had some of this lunch
ham meat in the fridge that I needed to
use up sharp cheddar cheese in a bowl
I’m going ahead and adding my mozzarella
cheese at about 1 and 1/4 cups I’m gonna
microwave that for a minute and while
that was working I went ahead and started
slicing up some sharp cheddar the recipe
which is by Ruled.me I think correct me
in the comments please anyway after the
cheese is out for a minute you knew this
drill probably with this you heat it
back up for another 10 seconds to 15
seconds mix it up then I popped it back
in I think for one more round here and I
was gonna say the measurements on this
recipe for how much ham they want how
much cheddar they wanted are very small
compared to what I actually put in so
you can really play this by ear here
my dry ingredients I just took my 4
tablespoons almond flour added with that
a three tablespoons coconut flour and a
teaspoon Italian seasoning and just mix
this all up before I add them to our dough
cheese so I’m using a spoon to start with
and just trying to get as much of those
dry ingredients kind of pressed into the
dough as possible then I’m gonna add a
large egg mix it with this spoon some
more until it’s incorporated
pretty well and then I’m gonna go ahead
and get my hands in there and just knead
that dough a little bit just to make it
more pliable and easy to work with
once I get it to the texture I wanted I
just went ahead and turned it out onto a
piece of parchment and then covered it
with another piece of parchment and to
start with I just kind of mushed
this out with my hands to kind of get it
in the shape that I wanted before I
grabbed my rolling pin and go ahead and
start rolling it all the way out now
guys if you make this at home I wouldn’t
roll it out as thin as I did because it
gave me a little bit of a problem later
though as you’ll see in the end it all
worked out perfectly so really just do
whatever you feel with that rolling pin after I have it rolled out to the size I want
go ahead and lift it up this dough was
particularly sticky I kind of scored an
area with a fork so I could see what I
was working with that I wanted to leave
uncut and then used a pizza cutter to
cut diagonally up all the sides and the
ends to that center line that I’d scored
you can see here how thin that dough was
and that does give me a problem when I
start putting this all together what
really didn’t help is that I put so much
ham and so much cheese in this that it
was hard to stretch these little thin
pieces of dough over it but like I said
it all worked out and was so delicious
so you take from that what you will do it how you want
I just kind of alternated the ham and
cheese layers
you can see I used up all this ham because
that was the purpose of cooking
this recipe
now here comes struggle bus USA hey that
one just oh this is gonna go well
oh rip, ok, oh so as you can see this was a little
bit of a struggle getting started but I
just kind of patched it all together and
when I cooked it I really thought it
was gonna be a ham and cheese explosion
in my oven
but it wasn’t it all came together great
so if you can just get it into a blob it
will maintain its structure while it’s
baking from my experience
there you go you can see I just kind of
squeezed it together and carefully slid
it onto a cookie sheet and I put
this in the oven for 20 minutes and when
it comes out as you can see that although
the parchment paper around it looks kind
of messy the actual Stromboli turned out
this was so good I only try to cook one
recipe a week that’s this heavy but here it
goes so there you go guys that’s our
what to eat on keto diet
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