October 27, 2019 0 By William Morgan

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good easy keto recipes this week guys
let’s go ahead and get into the video to
start with we cooked up these BBQ
chicken stuffed zucchinis they are so
delicious so we added a third of a cup
of this is actually sugar free primal
kitchen ketchup love it
1/4 of a cup apple cider vinegar 2
teaspoons of just regular yellow mustard
a teaspoon of onion powder 2 tablespoons
of swerve granulated and then the recipe
called for 1/4 of a teaspoon of liquid
I don’t like smoky flavor so but I do
like smoked paprika so I use that
instead and then 2 tablespoons of
mayonnaise I did use avocado oil Mayo
and 2 tablespoons of red onion just
minced really fine I added to that the
recipe also called for 2 tablespoons of
fresh cilantro I’m not a huge cilantro
fan but I like a little so I just added
1 tablespoon of dry cilantro by the way
this recipe is inspired by one from I
breathe I’m hungry
I really didn’t follow her recipe very
much at all because I left out a bunch
of ingredients and changed some
ingredients but I will link it down
below in case you’re interested so
once I had that mixed I also added 2 cups of
shredded chicken this is just some
chicken that I cooked in the instant pot
ahead of time it makes it so simple
because then it just you don’t even have
to work to shred it it’s just like done
so mix that all up of course I added
salt and pepper like I do to everything
I cook and then I took my zucchini you
see I only have five here I was only
gonna do two zucchini but I’m glad it
worked out the way it did because this was
the perfect amount but while I was
scooping the insides out I lost a half
in the trashcan so I had to get another
one and we ended up with five so before
I put it on the cookie sheet and stuffed
them I did microwave them for three
minutes just to go ahead and start the
softening process a little to get the
right texture for when I baked them so
everybody likes their zucchini different
I like mine a little firm still but I
want to be able to cut it like with a
butter knife and fork so anyway then you
just stuff it with your mixture i
shredded some pepper jack cheese and
just topped it with that and I baked
these in the oven at 375 for 20 minutes
to start with but then when I checked
them and took them out you can see here
when I kind of mashed them with my
finger that the texture was not where I
would like it I wanted it to be a little
bit softer so I did go ahead and put
those back in the oven for another 10
minutes so to get to where I the texture
that I like my zucchini I microwaved
them in the oven I microwaved them
for three minutes and then I baked them
for a total of thirty minutes at 375 and
these are the finished products you can
see when I checked the texture the
second time I loved it and here they are
all plated up these were spectacular I’m
not a huge barbecue fan or barbecue
chicken fan but I do like vinegar-based
barbecue like Country barbecue like
where I grew up so I love the bite that
the sauce actually had to it I’ll
definitely be making this again I was
pleasantly surprised next up this week I
made a cast-iron skillet
stir-fry Keto Philly cheese steak
skillet dinner
and this is a recipe from eating on a
dime this was so good I followed her
recipe pretty much to almost to a tea in
a cast-iron skillet actually bought this
one on Amazon last year during the
holidays for a really good deal I will
link it down below I love it
I’ll also link the silicone mitt that I
keep on the handle to keep from burning
myself because it’s just like instincts
to grab a pot or pan handle when it’s
hanging out there so I always keep that
but anyway I’m melting a couple
tablespoons of butter in the skillet and
then I went ahead and pre-cut my veggies
so I’m just gonna add a red bell pepper
sliced up to this and a green bell
pepper and half of a red onion and then
on top of that I’m adding two teaspoons
of minced garlic and I just keep a huge
container of this in the fridge at all
times and I’m just gonna start sauteing
that until my vegetables get a little
tender and then I put a lid on it to
help that process along and once I get
those to the texture that I would like I
just removed them to a separate dish and
put some more butter in my skillet so
another couple tablespoons of butter and
then this is closer to two pounds than a
pound and a half of a shoulder steak the
recipe called for flank or round steak I
used some shoulder steak that I had just
chilling in the freezer I needed to
use up sliced it thin and went ahead and
put that that in there and once it was
seared pretty well I added a teaspoon of
Italian seasoning to it and of course
salt and pepper
and I let that cook I did put a lid
on this and turn the heat down to let
the steak cook all the way through to
temperature and while that was going on
I went ahead and cut my oven to broil
and just made a space here to put my
veggies back in and combined it really
well and then I just took some regular
provolone cheese
it took me seven slices to top this
exactly how I wanted but once I got that
topped I just popped it in the oven to
broil I don’t know how long no more than
five minutes just long enough to melt
the cheese all the way and get a tiny
bit of brown on it if I wasn’t filming a
cooking video I would have let it go
longer but I was worried I might
accidentally burn it so here you go here it is
all plated up this was delicious my
toddler actually loved this meal I was
really surprised that she ate it up so
big winner and Philly cheese steaks are
always a winner for me next up are these
mahi bites with some green bean fries on
the side this is a special request for
my husband so to start with I pre-heated my
oven to 400 you’ve probably seen me make
these before I didn’t use fresh green
beans piss-poor planning on my part
so thawed out frozen ones patted them
dry unceremoniously put them into a dish
with one egg and a little bit of water
beaten together and then the other dish I
have Parmesan cheese and garlic powder
mixed together and I just dump them all
in there look at this blob of mess I’ve
got going on but after I have them all
fully coated I do take them out one at a
time and space them appropriately on
this cookie sheet without touching each
other and I’m just gonna chill you
know sit those to the side while I get
working on the fish but I did go ahead
and preheat my oven to 400 because I’m
gonna bake those so for our fish I used
some wild caught mahi and it was frozen
so I thawed it and
then I just used some paper towels to
try to get some of the excess water off
of it and then I just sliced these into
what would look like fish nuggets fish
sticks per say and I’m gonna cook these
in the air fryer this is based on a
genius recipe by Carolyn Ketchum over at
all day I dream about food I’ll link it
down below I think she makes hers with
Cod but I was craving mahi bites so in a
dish I did change up the recipe a little
too because I always do but in a dish I
combined 1/4 of a cup Mayo a tablespoon
of Dijon mustard a tablespoon of brown
mustard brown spicy deli mustard and 2
tablespoons of water and then I took a
cup and a half of pork rind crumbs I
always keep a bunch of these on hand I
just do them in the food processor and to
that I added 3/4 of a teaspoon of Cajun
seasoning and just kind of jiggled it
around with my hands I did preheat my
air fryer to 400 so that’s why I’m
sitting it on a pot holder there and I’m
just gonna take the fish one piece at a
time and dunk it in the the mayo mustard
mixture and make sure you get the excess
off and then coat it really well with
the pork rinds and go ahead and put
those in my airfryer you do want to make
sure that the food in your air fryer is
spaced apart really well so it’ll cook
all the way through that’s what it
looked like when I got done now she said
to cook it for 5 minutes at a time and
then turn them over you see how a lot of
my breading even after spraying it a lot
of my breading came off when I did it
like that so for the second batch I just
did them for 10 minutes and at 5 minutes
I just like shook them and
you know let it cook and then I cooked
my green beans for 10 minutes at 400
this is how it turned out these were
delicious my husband special requested
like a fried fish kind of meal so this
is what I came up with next up is my
favorite meal of the week you know I
make one heavy keto meal each week this
week it was keto meatball subs oh my
goodness I’m so in love with this recipe
so I found this recipe online from
simply so healthy I did not use her
cooking methods at all because they just
seemed really complicated so I
simplified it but I will link the recipe
down below so you start with a pound
of ground beef I added to that a clove
of crushed garlic fourth of teaspoon
dried basil fourth teaspoon dried
oregano fourth a teaspoon black pepper
and a half a teaspoon salt and then I’m
just mixing it up just like you would
meatloaf or any other thing I am gonna
cook my meatballs in the air fryer
because I just want the convenience of
it so you want to have 16 meatballs
because we’re making four subs and again
you want them spaced out appropriately
and I cooked these at 390 for 10 minutes
in the air fryer and halfway through I
just shook them while that was going I
put some of my dry ingredients together for
my dough just a cup and a half of almond
flour a teaspoon of xanthan gum 1/4 a
teaspoon salt 1/4 of teaspoon dried
oregano and 2 teaspoons of baking powder
and just whisk those together and then I
made like a type of like Fathead dough I
used her ingredients but I used the
microwave instead of a double boiler
and all that so I added
two cups of mozzarella to a
microwave-safe dish and an ounce of
cream cheese and I microwaved it for one
stirred microwaved it for 15 seconds
stirred microwaved it for one more time
at 15 seconds and then it gave me this
nice texture to work with here and to
that I went ahead and added my dry
ingredients and just use the spoon to
mix and work that in all together
somewhat before adding an egg and again
I used my spoon to work that in before
using my hands to just really work this
dough all the way
out kneaded it you know get it to the texture
that I want it and then I just turned it
out onto some parchment covered it with
another piece of parchment and went
ahead and tried to mash it into the
shape of a rectangle kind of the
direction I wanted to go and then used a
rolling pin this looks complicated it
really wasn’t it really didn’t take that
long it took longer to film than
anything so you roll it out it’s kind of
thinner on some sides and you know not
shaped exactly how you want this is what
you do you just roll it over pick up
pieces of dough move it where you want
it you know you just got to work with it
a little
put your parchment paper back on and
then I just went sideways okay simple
simple simple so after I did that I just
cut it down the middle lengthways and
crossways into four equal rectangles and
then on each of those I put a piece of
provolone cheese and just cut them in
half and
put those on each one and then on top of
each of those I added four meatballs and
then added a tablespoon of marinara
sauce this is the sauce that I always
make in big batches and then freeze it in
cup size portions I will link the recipe
down below if you’re interested but just
any low-carb sauce that you prefer put
that over each one and once you have
them all done you’re just gonna pinch
the ends the short side of each section
of dough together and you know the
middle is gonna fall out
somewhat but the ends will bake together
and keep it all together and then when
you go to eat it you’ll just fold just
like this right here so you’re gonna do
that to each of them and then I had some
shredded pepper jack in the refrigerator
left over from another recipe that I
made during this week and I wanted to
use that up so I just topped each of
them with what I had leftover of that
and then I baked these in the oven on
375 for 20 minutes
these were so good they were everything
I dreamed of this is them out of the
oven oh my gosh this was my favorite
favorite favorite meal of the week I
just served this up with a little side
of super greens just because you know
tomatoes etc so there you go guys that
is this week’s what’s for dinner on keto
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next week see you later guys