October 20, 2019 12 By William Morgan

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first off this week we made a beef
ricotta casserole this was inspired by
Carey’s experimental kitchen recipe I’ll
link down below
she used mushrooms I don’t like the
texture of them so I didn’t but if you
want it to have a little bit more of a
thick texture to it you should add the
mushrooms so to start with in a
medium-sized skillet over medium heat I
just started grounding up some lean
ground beef and browning it once I
started getting it kind of cooked some
just a little brown I went ahead and
added some minced garlic and 1/4 of a
red onion just diced up and went ahead
and started mixing that together with my
meat chopper I’ll also link it down
below I added a cup of no sugar added
tomato sauce and a tablespoon of
balsamic vinegar just gave it a nice
little tart kind of aftertaste
mix it all in and just simmered it and
then I took I think this is a two
and a half three quart casserole dish
just an oval one and added the meat mixture
to it and then I have 15 ounces of
ricotta cheese in a bowl mix in a
tablespoon of just regular grated
store-bought parm and a half a cup of
shredded mozzarella cheese next time
I’ll use a larger Bowl as I had a hard time
mixing this now the recipe called for
two teaspoons of rosemary and of course
fresh herbs
I used dry I don’t really like
rosemary that much so I use two
teaspoons of an Italian seasoning
blend which just happens to include
rosemary and then 2 teaspoons of your
regular straight oregano because that’s
kind of the flavor I prefer and then
struggle bus usa it to mix this up in
this teeny tiny bowl but once we got it
all mixed together
it looks like an awesome almost like an
herb cheese dip or something looks so
good anyway then you just plop plop plop
that on top of your meat mixture and I
just kind of smoothed it out the best I
could I didn’t worry about getting it
perfect as this isn’t like in a lasagna
so you know it’s gonna melt down and do
what its gonna do in the oven so my oven
is preheated at 375 degrees and I just
popped this in there for about a half an
hour just to let it you know kind of get
that little brown skin on top and here
you go guys here it is all plated up it
did turn out more like the consistency
of like a stew or something you know
more so than a casserole but it was
great that balsamic vinegar gave it that
perfect little bite of tartness to it
and definitely a comfort food meal that
is perfect for fall or winter if you’re
craving something and you’re doing keto
next up my favorite meal of the week oh
my gosh this is a creation by Kyndra
Holley she is an absolute genius this is
a pork egg roll in a bowl and is the closest
thing to a pot sticker that I have
tasted on keto and I can’t wait to make
it again so to start with I chopped up
some regular just yellow onion a half a
cup and grab some green onions to chop
those and a bag of coleslaw mix here’s the
macros on that it does have like sparse
amount of carrots but whatever toasted
sesame oil large saucepan because we
need to mix that coleslaw in there you
know we need room I do measure my
toasted sesame oil just because I can
tend to get a little heavy-handed with
oil and in my experience if you add too
much sesame to something it’s just a
little overpowering so I did measure it
and once it got nice and heated up I
went ahead and added a couple teaspoons
of minced garlic and then I added the
half a cup of diced onion as well as all
of the white portion of the green onions
that are chopped up and then I’m just
gonna saute this on down until my onions
are just a tad bit translucent
I didn’t cook them all the way all the
way down because I wanted this recipe to have a little bit of a crunch to it
like an egg roll would then I’m just
adding about a pound to a pound and a
half of ground pork and use my meat
chopper to mix it all in and get it nice
and brown
to that I’m adding ground ginger I just
use dried ginger here half a teaspoon
sea salt black pepper and then I am
adding a tablespoon of sriracha this
just gives it a tiny tiny bit of spice
and mixing that all down until it is
nice and browned and all that added the
whole entire bag of coleslaw mix I think
it was a little more than she calls for
but I wanted the extra veggies in there
and then added three tablespoons of
liquid aminos and a tablespoon of rice
wine vinegar and just kept cooking it I
did opt to once I got it all mixed up put a
lid on it so I could keep that steam in
there to really just wilt that cabbage
and get it cooked down and well
incorporated once it’s all done you’ll
be able to tell the coleslaw is nice and
tender and then to plate it up I just
topped it with some sesame seeds and
then I topped it with the green onions
it did have a little bit of spice to it
I think more so from the green onions on
top then from the sriracha that’s in it
i didn’t even attempt to feed this to
my kids because I wasn’t sure about the
spice level and honestly I didn’t even
want to share it because it was just
that good and my favorite again
Kyndra Holley’s recipe from peace love and
low carb we’ll link it down below
she is a keto genius as far as I’m
concerned and we’ll be cooking multiple
variations of this in the future so
you’ll probably see some adaptation of
this again next up we have the most
high-calorie keto meal of the week
oh my gosh this is another one of
Kyndra’s recipes it is keto chicken and
waffles Wow
wow wow wow wow wow this knocked my
husband’s socks off as he loves fried
chicken so to start with I took about a
pound and a half of chicken breast I
just went ahead and bought the chicken
tenders I soaked them in a cup of heavy
in a bowl overnight just so they would
retain the moisture because I am using
coconut flour and coconut flour just
like coconut flour will dry up anything
you put it on I feel like so in one
shallow dish I just have a quarter of a
cup coconut flour and in another one I
have a large egg beaten all the way and
then I have two cups of crushed pork
I just always do a big batch of them at
once in a food processor and to those I
mixed an half a teaspoon of garlic
powder a teaspoon of onion powder and
1/2 a teaspoon of smoked paprika and
then I just dunk the chicken from the
cream to the coconut flour to the egg to
the crushed pork rinds and then I’m just
laying them on parchment on just a
regular baking sheet I do have my oven
preheated to 425 and I cooked these for
25 minutes just because I don’t take any
chances with chicken and I feel like the
25 minutes was perfect they were nice
and crispy and all the way done but
still nice and moist on the inside
and while they were in there baking I
went ahead and pulled out for this I
used a Belgian waffle maker because I
wanted a big thick waffle I went ahead
and plugged in started preheating added
2 cups of almond flour to my bowl and
I’m adding 1/2 a cup of heavy cream 3
large eggs I added a tablespoon of
granulated swerve 2 teaspoons of vanilla
extract a teaspoon of baking powder a
half a teaspoon of cinnamon and 1/4 a
teaspoon of sea salt and then I just
started mixing that up to make my waffle
batter now that is the exact recipe for
it I followed it but I got mixed it
I was like this is entirely too thick to
make waffles like this you know won’t
even spoon in much less pour so I did
adjust the recipe and add another splash
of cream to it I don’t really know how
much because I just added what has left
in my container and then I went ahead
and added a little bit of water just
gradually to that as I made it and kept
mixing and adjusting until I got it to
this texture here which is still too
thick to pour but with it being keto
you know I know that they probably do
need to be a little thicker so I left it
at this consistency and then I just used
a ladle and just put a big ol ladles
worth into that hot Belgian waffle maker
this is a presto I think flip one I will
try to find it and link it down below
it’s so freakin cool you put it in and
then you do the handle and flip it it
has a timer on the side I cooked these for
about five minutes there’s what it looks
like finished and just for presentation
sake I’m gonna pile a bunch of this on
the plate but my husband and I did split
it so I used the choc zero maple syrup
which is a monk fruit based maple syrup
I will link that down below as well it
is my absolute favorite keto maple syrup
and I just cut the Belgian waffle into
pieces and stacked it
by this time my chicken was done in the
oven and i also added that and then on
the side I added some Frank’s hot sauce
and sriracha to see which one I would
like best my husband prefers it without
the hot sauce but I like the combo of
the hot sauce and maple and the sriracha
was the winner here guys this is so
freakin good
next up because that was such a
fattening recipe I just cooked some fish
and a mixed salad so this is North
Atlantic pollock this is actually from
this is pre-seasoned I didn’t realize
that when I got started but I had it in
the freezer I wanted to use it up that’s
the macros those are the ingredients
same stuff I usually season stuff with
onion powder garlic powder salt pepper
usual suspects but they also use like a
green and red bell pepper which I
thought was cool so you do get six about
six ounce fillets in the box I only
cooked three I did not thaw them out
all the way but semi thawed I cooked
them for 25 minutes on 375 and I didn’t
add any additional seasoning so that’s
what they look like pre cooking and
here’s what they look like post cooking
not a large difference and then I just
served them on a bed of super greens
with some sliced roma tomato on the side
and some primal kitchen Italian dressing
and again I didn’t feed this to the
kids because I made them chicken
nuggets and like french fries in the
airfryer so if you like these recipes
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