October 6, 2019 0 By William Morgan

hey guys Suz here welcome back to
another what’s for dinner Keto
edition video this week we’re cooking
up four new easy keto meals that you can
use to lose weight and stay in ketosis
these are all low-carb meals that are
versions of favorites of my husband’s it
was his birthday week so we did make
sure to cook things that he especially
requested this week as well as one
necessary recipe that I just kind of
threw together to get rid of stuff out
of the freezer if you want to see how we
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videos getting started I made this a
round steak stir-fry with broccoli
peppers and onions just a little
Parmesan cheese thrown on top I made
this because i needed to get rid of
this you can see there’s a little place
it’s a little freezer burnt there so just
went ahead and trimmed that out quick
tip for you guys I like to cut steak and
pretty much any other meat when it is
not thawed all the way if you want to go
ahead and slice it when it’s just a
little partially frozen then it’s crisp
and it’ll cut a whole heck of a lot
easier than it does if it’s thawed out so to
start with i threw some avocado oil
in a pretty nice-sized skillet over
medium to medium-high heat added in a whole
heap of minced garlic and minced ginger
and you just want to saute that for
probably at least 30 seconds till it
gets really fragrant
to that I went ahead and added my meat
and went ahead and seared it a little on
one side before shifting it around in
there and I just cooked it until it was
nice and browned I didn’t like the looks
of it so i added some butter on top to give
it some extra flavor flavor
steak and butter is so good to that I
added this little bag of peppers and
onions this is some stuff that kind of
got a little questionably thawed after
the hurricane so it didn’t thaw all the
way but it was stuff that I wanted to
go ahead and cook so that’s why I’m
kind of just throwing this recipe
together off the top of my head
after those cook down you can add some
soy or some amino coconut aminos liquid
aminos of course your sea salt and your
pepper and then I just threw in a little
bag of this organic broccoli from Costco
it’s one of our staples and put a little
steamed up it was good to go this was
delicious it was even better the second
day after the flavors kind of settled in
together and here we go all plated up
like I said hers put some fresh shredded
Parm on it super super delicious next was
one of my husband’s special requests
these are beef like taco taquitos they
were gonna be tacos but we made them
taquitos so to start with i took about
a pound of ground beef and just chopped
it up and browned it and then I added my
own taco seasoning to this I actually
had a little bit left over that was
pre-made but for you at home you can use
whatever your favorite taco seasoning is
I usually just do it by hand and I just
throw in like onion powder garlic powder
a splash a bit of oregano a bit of
paprika and a ton a ton a ton of
cumin a little bit of chili powder maybe
some red pepper flakes you get the deal
so after that was cooked I preheated the
oven to 375 and I measured out I’m just
I’m using some Mexican style cheese for
this just because again I want to use
that up I didn’t want to shred new
regular cheddar but I’m measuring out a
third of a cup each into little circles on these
half sheets and I’m gonna put them in
the oven at 375 for five minutes and
then rotate the racks and cook them for
another five minutes
to make my shells now I ordered these
little taco shell stands from Amazon
with the hopes that I could dry my
cheese cheeso cheese shells for Keto
on those and I just ordered like
the $8 set instead of the $20 like here
you go this is the taco shell maker and
I usually just do these over a wooden
spoon on our wine rack but i didn’t
feel like pulling that down after the
fact I was really kind of throwing this
dinner together quickly it’s very simple
dinner so I said what the hell we’ll
make it taquitos instead and just roll
these right on up so I just put my
little filling in there just like I
would for tacos I didn’t use guacamole
this time I usually do but just putting
this little bit in did make it easier
and I was able to just roll these right
on up and then the cheese just kind of
stuck to itself and they were absolutely
I fixed myself three but I was actually
only able to eat two of these my husband
on the other hand housed them
there you go all plated up
next up was my husband’s favorite recipe
of the week and a new recipe that I
cooked that I actually found online by a
woman named Jennifer Banz and it is keto
meatloaf stuffed with cheese it’s
made with chorizo and ground beef so to
start with I’ve preheated the oven to
350 you see all my ingredients assembled
here just kind of prepped everything to
make it easier to film put in my ground
beef here you go I’ve got about a pound
of chorizo as well put that in use my
meat chopper to just kind of chop those
up together to incorporate them before I
get my hands in there to this I added
one egg and then I added this is about a
quarter of a red onion that I chopped up
and I opted for a cup of almond flour
now the recipe said you could use a half
a half a cup of coconut flour instead
but I didn’t these are my dry seasonings
so it’s 1/2 a tablespoon garlic powder
1/2 a tablespoon onion powder 1/2 a tbsp
smoked paprika 1/2 a teaspoon salt and
1/2 a teaspoon pepper and once I get all
of that good stuff in there I went ahead
and started incorporating it I also
added 2 minced garlic cloves to that you
want to make sure you don’t overwork the
meat either when you’re mixing it up
guys so I’m just gonna take half of that
mixture and put it into the bottom of a
loaf pan and then I had cut up into
chunks some sharp cheddar cheese that I
just had in the refrigerator that kind
of needed to get rid of as well and you
kinda want to make sure there’s about an
inch clearance on each side so that the
meat will seal around your cheese and it
won’t ooze out everywhere and I kind of
stacked mine because I wanted you to be
able to see it like I’m gonna have a
little bit of height on it when you cut
into it and once I got that in there
just took the other half of the meat
mixture and went ahead and started
placing it gently just around the cheese
I filled in the edges first it’s just
kind of form like a brace for the cheese
and then put the final little bit on
and once you have that all filled in and
patted down I just popped this in the oven
like I said at 350 and I cooked it for
45 minutes
and it came out perfect but you know you
might want to use a meat thermometer
double check but 45 minutes was great
for me and here it is all plated up with
just some steamed broccoli that I just
made in the microwave and put a little
bit of rotisserie chicken seasoning on
it and I put a little bit of low carb
salsa on the meatloaf this was my
husband’s favorite favorite meal of the
week and I will link it down below in
the description box of course next up
this week was my favorite meal of the
week look at this this was so freakin
good it’s keto shrimp cauliflower fried
rice I don’t even like shrimp fried real
rice as much as I like this recipe I
scarfed down an entire huge bowl of it
as soon as I made it so to start with
I took about a tablespoon of olive
oil I’m using a pretty large saucepan
here just because I like to be able to
mix my stuff easy and I don’t want the
grease from this bacon popping out all
over me the recipe only calls for 2
ounces of bacon I cook more than that
because I like bacon and it only called
for a half a pound of shrimp and I did
put a pound in it because I also like
shrimp but you fry your bacon to that I
added two eggs that are previously
beaten and as soon as you add them to
that hot grease left over from the
bacon they’re pretty much cooked it
was pretty cool looking as I did it
after I cooked those I removed them with
all the grease that I cooked em in
I kinda let them absorb it and removed
them to a dish add a little bit more
olive oil and went ahead and added my
shrimp like I said I did almost a pound
of shrimp instead of the recommended
and so and this was a recipe from Keto
Vale and I will link it down below so
obviously I added my salt and pepper
I’m gonna go ahead and put a lid on to get
the steam to help these cook and I
cooked my shrimp for just like two
minutes maybe three minutes because they
were still kind of frozen and then I
stick those to the side empty out my pot
more olive oil to this I added a
tablespoon of minced ginger and about
the same of garlic minced and then I
used four cups of frozen cauliflower
and just cook that until it’s all the
way soft and mixed and fragrant and all
that jazz then after you have that cooked
pretty well you can add everything back
in I just crumbled that bacon with my
hands it was so crisp added my shrimp
back in without the juice the eggs back
in and then I also chopped up about
three scallions like green onions and
added those in as well and then you just
mix mix mix and you’re gonna add your
liquid aminos or coconut aminos or soy
sauce it called for a tablespoon and a
half I used two and then just cooked it
on down this was so freakin delicious
here it is plated up I did put as you
can see there I put a tiny bit of like
dried chives on top it’s just for
garnish for the picture yeah it’s like a
little fancier but this was so good and
if you’re looking at like everything in
it but the kitchen sink it was so
delicious alright guys there’s our
recipes for this week and that’s what we
ate all week to stay in ketosis do me a
favor and comment down below any
favorite recipes you have I’m always
looking for new ideas new keto blogs new
you know resources because most of the
recipes that we cook on here are just
curated recipes from other sources of
course there’s always at least one that
I just kind of throw together that’s out
of my own head but mostly we like to take
other people’s expert opinions and
advice on this and just test them out so
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