What Makes Animal Foods So Toxic? Biomagnification Science

September 14, 2019 0 By William Morgan

Viewers of my channel lifting the veil gonna be having a chat with Mike the vegan on YouTube
Hello, and I really respect what he does. His videos are really informative
He’s one of my go-to channels for us as far as health and nutrition information
goes my favorite thing that he does is he does this series called diet debunked which is basically
destroying the illusions of so many fad popular myths in the health and nutrition community, especially things like the
The supplements industry things like fad diets such as blood type diet
things regarding saturated fats and other major
controversies that are going on in the health and nutrition field and
for my viewers for you guys who may be new to my channel the most
important thing that I’ve come across as far as health and nutrition is
bioaccumulation and
It’s something that is highly important for everyone to understand. It’s a major aspect of science and environmental health
issues, but nobody really understands how important it is and how it really impacts us in our day to day lives not
Just from things like household pollutants
But things that involve environmental pollutants coming directly into our bodies through what we’re eating diet and nutrition, okay
You’ve probably heard of some chemicals like dioxin and PCBs and they fall into that category of persistent organic pollutants
And basically most of these are industrial contaminants that essentially they sort of end up being just released into the atmosphere
From you know smokestacks things like that
manufacturing and then they end up in the water supply they end up in just kind of like a low kind of
Particle dust level, you know, basically everywhere especially around areas with larger levels of manufacturing
And so what happens is, you know ends up into the water for example
and then if IO accumulates to the plankton and then the fish and then other animals, and so we see for example that about
You know 80 million times
Bio accumulation occurs between the water and maybe like a large
Sea mammal and it’s almost that high in just like your generic fish
And so these are chemicals that are very harmful a lot of them as you mentioned our endocrine disruptors
So they’re screwing with your hormones and this has so many effects and so many diseases
Especially, you know diseases like diabetes and those are the study which hopefully you can link
Mentions that about 95 percent of persistent organic pollutants come from animal fat, that’s because they’re stored in fat
They’re stored in our fat and so, you know eating a standard American diet
Especially you’re just gonna be dumping these into your body. And so, you know, it’s not just fish
It’s other things as well, you know
there’s bioaccumulates through feed and we also have interesting just
Just factory farming sort of processes that occur which are just really bad
like for example, well
We’ll take fish and we’ll grind up like the extra fish and then we’ll put it in the animal feed because you know
What else you’re gonna do with it and then they’ll feed it to the cows or whatever and then they will
Spray that many where on the field and so then it ends up in you know more of the crops and then they eat that
As well we get these crazy cycles of bio accumulation of these toxins the conflict between the fish meal industry and the local people
Besides the fact that the industry exhausts the supply of small fish which form a key part of the whole ecosystem
the factories emissions pollute both the air and the water
Biologist Romulus Aquila describes how the fish meal factories release untreated waste that destroys life on the ocean floor
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She was imprisoned for her work but released with the help of Amnesty International
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Tiger prawns and farmed salmon are inexpensive to buy in stores
Because someone else has already paid the real price and you know
another very important thing to mention is the obesity in aspect the idea that since these are endocrine disruptors they can for example
End up boosting your your estrogen and things like that and fat storage and there was one study that was done on
some rats and I normally don’t you know, I don’t support these types of studies, but they took over six months they took
Rats that were just fed normal food and rats that were fed some of these obesogenic
toxins and the same amount of calories and the ones that were fed the toxins ended up with 36 percent more body fat than
The ones that weren’t exposed to the chemicals and so there’s these crazy
just processes in our body that get completely messed up through this and
It’s just totally messed up and diabetes
for example those with the highest levels of pollutants in their blood have 38 times the odds of
Diabetes and that’s from the same study. I was talking about earlier
Yeah, that’s that’s insane especially the the amount the sheer scale of the magnification
You know this accumulates by orders of magnitude as it goes just one level up the food chain
So this is one of the main things why I like to drill this into people. Is that every time I talk about
Pesticides and toxins in the environment and in our food, you know
Everyone’s aware of how harmful processed foods are and as well, as you know, everyone’s aware of how harmful factory farming is as well
But never I talk about pollutants environmental toxins and things like that a lot of times
I also get people, you know warning how dangerous well
you know plants have
pesticide plants have pesticides
Plants have a lot of toxins on them as well and a lot of pollutants in the soil
The main factor of that is that in order to limit our exposure to environmental toxins
The best way to do that is to eat the lowest on the food chain that we possibly can which is plants the plant kingdom
Because each level of magnitude that you’re eating higher than that you are
magnifying these environmental toxins by
Serious orders of magnitude by millions you mentioned. What is it?
Eighty to a hundred million times the magnification level. Well, let’s let’s review the chart
you can throw this chart in your video, you know, we see water in terms of
Milligrams or concentration of PCBs in milligrams per liter or milligrams per kilogram of body fat when they get to the animals seawater
starts at point zero zero zero zero
zero two and then you know things like phytoplankton end up at eight and then you know
You go up to invertebrates like starfish and you’re up at 5 at 11 five or eleven and fish is one to thirty seven
I mean thirty-seven compared to point zero zero zero zero zero two and then marine mammals again, you know up to like 160
So it’s just crazy that you know
They say every the general rule is every layer you go up on the food chain is about ten times the concentration
But you can see here. It’s just it’s a little bit unpredictable and it’s just completely crazy
You know, it’s it’s just you never know what you’re getting basically. Yeah, yeah
So again just to clarify
For everyone that these are usually these these are both fat soluble and water soluble toxins in the environment
And so for fat soluble
it’s stored in the fat cells or in the tissue cells of these animals basically in all life forms, you know, every one is
again, whenever we talked about this, at least when I talk about this on my social media platforms, everyone is so concerned about
The horn the eggs Aegina storm owns early in other words the added hormones to things like beef and cattle and things like that
But I always, you know drive the message home that it all animals have hormones
I mean animals require hormones to live and so it doesn’t matter what we’re adding into these animals
Although that has a huge factor to it, but regardless of any added, you know
Antibiotic shots or an any added vaccines into these animals or any anything added that we do to these animals
animals that already have these accumulated in their system things like fat soluble toxins as well as
That water soluble toxins as well
Although water soluble toxins can be more readily excreted out of the body and detoxified out of the body through natural processes
Using the liver and the kidneys and you know our internal organs, but the fat-soluble toxins are obviously stored in the fat cells
Which involves also interim io cellular lipids which as you were mentioning incorporates highly into diabetes
Which is a major factor as well, and since we’re on the topic of discussing
The oceans in the waterways. So a lot of these toxins these come from things like industrial
These are industrial chemicals. Let’s talk about
briefly which
Specific chemicals that we’re talking about things like dioxins. We got BPA a by speen all a
product of plastic
Therapies. Yeah, we got PC PCBs, which are polychlorinated
There you go. Yeah, they’re I mean again, this is another
Ender can disruptor we’re looking at various carcinogens
We’re looking at you know things that have some have bromine in them which is, you know, a carcinogen as well
And they’re just they’re just generally toxic things
I mean the things you don’t want in your body and so, you know and and there everybody
You know things that would come off of you know
like some type of chemical plant or through the
Refining of oil and things like that and they just and they’re in the air too
But you know, mainly they make it through they make it through water
Or end, you know, the health effects are pretty pretty crazy, I mean we
Like again think think about how how that 36% extra fat
You know your body body certain body storing over 30% more fat just from a toxin, you know, that’s that’s crazy
And that was um that they gave those gave some pregnant mice and found another
You know in another study how that amid more fat was
Tributyl 10 and that’s just another another thing that bioaccumulates and seafood, you know
Their studies showing that it’s higher in like shrimp and crabs and and there’s just there’s just so many chemicals out there
involved in all of our modern industrial
Processes and there’s just the more the more
Sources you get these bio accumulated toxins from the worst
You’re gonna be off no matter what and in it can mess with all sorts of growth hormones
and of course
You know just estrogen in general and fat is just I mean most people are trying to lose weight at least in the u.s
So, mmm-hmm. That’s one say yeah exactly the endocrine disrupting industrial toxins in fish
Don’t just affect our gonads, but other glands too like getting thyroid disruption from the flame-retardant
Chemicals which literally just settle out of the atmosphere
such that even fish who only swim around Antarctica are
Levels in the United States though are higher than anywhere else in the world
Researchers recently looked at us retail salmon
And where do you think they found the most
contamination six choices wild-caught with skin wild-caught without skin
organically farmed salmon with or without skin or conventionally farmed salmon with skin or without
The differences were really marginal but the worst
Organic farm salmon with skin
the wild-caught was least contaminated note also that it didn’t really seem to matter much whether you took off the skin which
Suggests that the toxins are actually concentrated into the fish muscle itself
Aren’t the only new industrial toxin or finding in fish. This year researchers looked at the amount of poly chlorinated
methylenes, in fact that sucked out of the butts of New Yorkers in liposuction samples
Where in the diet was it coming from?
Out of about 50 to daily nanograms 50 came from fish
What’s the bottom line?
Until safer and more renewable sources of long-chain omega-3 fatty acids plant-based sources become more generally available
it would seem responsible for physicians to refrain from
Advocating that people should increase their intake through fish, but it is available now
There are a half-dozen brands of microalgae derived DHA on the market now
I just showed this one because I found it to be the cheapest
and it’s a hundred percent bio equivalent to what’s in fish a safe and convenient source and
Less likely to go rancid than fish oil as you
Can see on little handout that came with this DVD
I recommend people take about two hundred and fifty milligrams of microalgae base DHA every day
Which is about five times the average American intake
Okay, so
So in the seafood, you know
We most people have no idea
but you and I both are well aware things that specifically the toxin BMAA is
Concentrated in it’s a it’s a what cyanobacteria it’s a neurotoxin produced by the cyanobacteria
So in other words the the green algae that’s found in the ocean or is a blue Kerr blue-green algae cyanobacteria
On his first day of life an infant is hospitalized with seizures
The researchers concluded that his mother’s daily spirulina use starting in the fourth month of pregnancy was likely to blame
I’ve talked previously about the liver and nerve toxins present in many spirulina supplements
but the supplement company swear up and down the spirulina doesn’t produce these toxins, and they may be right but
If spirulina doesn’t produce toxins, how is it that toxins have repeatedly been found in spirulina supplements
It appears to be
contamination of spirulina with toxin producing blue-green algae
So for example, if you look at the new u.s
pharmacopoeia safety evaluation of spirulina
They conclude that the available evidence does not indicate a serious risk or other public health concern when?
Spirulina is properly identified formulated and used
But that’s the catch you collect spirulina in some open lake and you have no idea what other algae are gonna crop up
The researchers report all sorts of adverse reactions and people taking spirulina products
But they attribute these issues to non spirulina algae toxin contaminants within spirulina supplements
Known to be toxic to the liver and cancer-causing
so unless there’s in third-party testing of each batch with which no company could presumably afford to do I
Continue to encourage people to avoid spirulina products
It’s called betamethasone
and it’s
Basically believed to be the sole cause of this als
outbreak in Guam while back they had 100 times the incidence of ALS as the rest of the world and
They basically traced it back to they were they were
Killing these flying foxes like crazy and the flying foxes were eating these cycad nuts and the cycads were growing in this
Cyanobacteria rich sort of watery soil. So like for example the
cyanobacteria level was 72
Micrograms per gram the cycads were you know, they went up a bit and then the flying foxes were even higher
The left free levels of BMAA were just exorbitant like three thousand five hundred and fifty-six
milligrams per gram and and the people, you know in their brains and you know
They’re you know bonded to their proteins was about six hundred and twenty-seven
Micrograms per gram so you can just see these this high level of this toxin
Which you can induce ALS like symptoms in in monkeys again a super cruel thing to do
but it just goes to show there’s also studies showing that they actually
Fry your motor neurons and that is exactly what is happening in ALS is your motor neurons?
Your motor neurons are just like dying. And so that’s a huge one. And that’s a study which you can also link
So basically, this is not just it’s not just um these cycad nuts and these
You know these flying foxes. It’s actually in just normal seafood
we can find studies where the levels are very comparable to these flying foxes in blue crabs and
Also various shrimp, you know different areas. It depends, you know, and this is all connected to the algae blooms
You know, we’re throwing 39 billion humans worth of solid waste in the u.s
Into the Gulf of Mexico from animal agriculture and then we’ve got all of the chemical runoff and that’s just creating this blue
So one of the major causes of this is really is just shit, you know
we got 39 billion billion humans worth of
crafts going down the you know into the Gulf of Mexico and all around the US because
Animal agriculture. Just totaling up all the Popular’s from Senator. Tom Harkin’s official report
It was thirty nine billion five and a half times the population of Earth worth of solid waste coming from animal agriculture
You know, that’s really high nitrogen really high phosphorus all of that in combination with all the chemical fertilizers going down the, Mississippi
Etc creates algae buthe algae blooms which you know means a ton of that cyanobacteria
Making a bunch of that BMAA
neurotoxin and then so we have studies off the coast of Florida right there in the Gulf of Mexico showing that you know,
things like shrimp and crab
Animals, like shrimp and crab can have the same levels of BMAA as those flying foxes in Guam that were literally inducing
ALS and so basically we’ve got this big ALS bomb wherever we have
These algae blooms, so it’s pretty it’s pretty horrible and no one really talks about it
You know, I saw even and gets I’m secure enough that there’s a guy making a documentary about it
And I don’t know if he ever was able to able to get funding even because it was you know
It’s just like a little too obscure and the ALS is like I’m not very common disease
But you know just being exposed to neurotoxins like this
It’s bad and then just as a sort of indicator for you know how easily we can be accumulating these toxins up
You know, it’s a food chain. It’s just it’s pretty astounding
Well, that’s that’s that’s definitely a very shitty matter and my perspective this would definitely affect fresh water ways
For example like the Chesapeake Bay
Hudson Bay these these smaller
Waterways a lot more easily than it would be to things like open harbors open base things that have access to a lot more
water circulation and the Chesapeake Bay is actually an ALS cluster, you know, people are eating this blue crap crab all the time and
They’re basically just eating eating BMAA depending on you know
What time of the year it is?
When that when the crab was caught and how much how much crap was dumped into, you know into the waterway that that given
yeah, exactly and
So that that’s specifically the blue crab which is a fresh fresh and as well as saltwater crab as well
But you know, we’re not talking about things like Alaskan king crab, although in the Pacific waterways. We have a whole different
Factor with that which is the Fukushima radiation and things like that
So that would probably also be a huge factor to consider as well
Absolutely, and we don’t know when we’re if you’re buying fish in the store
Can you even know if it came, you know if it came from a radiate radiation?
you know containing waters or we don’t really know and
Basically, that’s why one of the many reasons I just don’t eat fish
Yeah, yeah exactly
it’s I mean
so it’s best to eliminate our exposure to
These extreme sources of bio accumulated toxins as much as we can. I mean, that’s the best we can do
so also also about specifically the Pacific waterways or
even Atlantic waterways things that one of the most popular, you know sources of meats would be would be tuna and
Again, I remember I saw not too long ago from dr. Greger on nutrition facts. Calm was
He mentioned that one kids this I forget which study it is
I’ll have to go back and look that up and link it later on
But just the equivalent of one can of tuna fish per week
Was the equivalent of up to a hundred?
vaccinations worth of the the levels of mercury that were exposing ourselves to so literally just one can of tuna is equivalent to
Massive extreme doses of vaccinations levels of mercury, which is yeah really puts it into perspective there
I mean that that’s huge for so many especially for my audience for my viewers who are much more conspiratorial minded
But there were very conscious of what we’re doing to specifically our children, you know through things like vaccinations and things like that
But we’re completely unaware of this far more concentrated source
Which is through tuna fish or fish in general because we know or see food in general not even seafood
But even just any type of marine marine food whether it’s freshwater or or saltwater
I would say if you’re afraid of mercury in vaccines. Then you should be shitting your pants about mercury in fish
Because just you just gotta look at the numbers sometimes and it’s it’s just it’s out of control
yeah, exactly and then not even to mention the pathogen aspect of
things like a
Specifically raw fish, uh me the most popular consumption of fish would be raw fish
There’s a person ik worm and fish called, Anisakis
This year we learned that about two-thirds of retail fish samples came up positive for them
This is what they look like. They’re really quite small actually
You can see two here kind of peeking out us from sushi
People eat fish raw parasites are always a concern
But the unique thing about these worms is that our bodies can be so sensitive to them that the worms can trigger an allergic reaction
Dead or alive even if they’re cooked
So we’re finding some people that are allergic to fish really aren’t they’re allergic to the dead worms in the fish
In fact because we feed so much fish meal to chickens
You can have an allergic reaction to a parasitic fish worm and not even eat fish at all
So things like sushi
So of course and then I remember seeing studies about the the sources of the sushi is just a huge corruption
There’s like nature’s. Yeah, there’s there’s just
Mislabeling across the entire, you know
Especially these sushi restaurants very very high levels of mislabeling depending on the city
And so you can think you’re eating alone are three fish and just go and be eating like the highest mercury fish
And so it’s just yeah
And then I forget where I saw it whether it was one of your videos or someone else’s video
but the fact that even in some of the they tested even in the highest quality sushi restaurants
like literally 5-star sushi restaurants
And and they were they were freakin feeding them like just it wasn’t even the the actual type of fish
That was it was supposed to be that it was labeling. So again the miss labeling issue
I mean as its and how would you possibly I mean?
Of course
You can really know what type of fish you’re getting but the best way is to I mean do we really need it is it?
Necessary. I mean do we really need raw fish?
I mean, what’s you got to get your omega-3s from the fish oil, right?
The contaminants have been talking about are just from how polluted our planet has become
It’s not like they’re deliberately adding them to fish
But fish farmers do feed about two dozen human
Antibiotics to their fish to keep them alive in such
stressful overcrowded
Environments they also had to figure out a way to make grayish fish flesh look pink
Which it is naturally when pulled out of the ocean. So the aquaculture industry feeds farmed fish
artificial coloring
This is from the drug company, Roach
Fish farmers get to pick out the color. They want to dye their flesh like paint chips
the possible human health consequences
You can get a rare condition called
gold dust retinopathy
The coloring potentially crystallizes in the back of our eyeballs which can lead to problems down the road
Yeah fish oil is is another it’s another way that we bio accumulate toxins again, we’re talking about the you know
95% of these persistent or getting pollutants being animal fat. You’re literally taking a
pill of animal fat and so it’s pretty sketchy and I definitely I
going back to the idea of requiring fish though, you know, we have the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics the largest organization of
Nutrition professionals in the world and they say you don’t need to eat fish. You know, you don’t require it
You can get the omegas that you need for all stages of life
from plants and so, you know looking at oh
you know the largest organization of experts and you
know that combined with all the pollutants is just it’s a good idea to stay away from fish if you’re really worried about
Getting enough DHA. You can take algae based DHA which is way way WAY lower on the food chain
That’s where the fish get it fish are by accumulating DHA from the algae along with all the toxins
So just go straight to the source there
I think just to summarize what we’ve been talking about though is essentially that there’s this sort of I don’t even want to
Doesn’t quite qualify as the conspiracy, but just something that people are just completely unaware of yet people get an idea
There’s may be some mercury and some fish like tuna mercury there’s a connection there, but it goes so much deeper than that
You know everything up the chain of Agriculture up to you know, how we’re farming animals. It’s all connected
into you know how toxic the Gulf of Mexico is and trust me the the farmed fish are
By no means less toxic. In fact, the average is more toxic because they’re being fed
You know these this feed that’s sprayed
And so there’s so many toxins that we don’t even have time to talk about, you know
List hundreds of toxins pesticides and things that bioaccumulate as well, you know, so yeah
It’s just it’s just better to just stay away from anything anything like that that can bioaccumulate, you know, yeah
definitely and again, we mostly covered the the
marine life the marine sources of toxins, but again
Obviously this goes into the land it goes into the land agriculture as well
Because obvious every animal eats low on the food chain, but then it you me late SAS
We get higher and higher up into the food chain, so it’s best
I mean, we don’t even need the nutrition from the third party source being the animal we can get it directly from the source
Which is the plants itself?
Which is the amino acids the building blocks of nutrition?
So we can get it directly from there rather than eating animal protein and animal fats which Harbor all of these
Harmful and damaging toxins as well as as well as whatever specific
Nutrients that they may have that may be beneficial to us
So most people don’t consider their health and diet and nutrition as a whole as it is a whole item
They don’t wait an egg has as a high source of protein therefore. It’s it’s a health food, right?
What about all the negative aspects? What about all the toxic byproducts of all of these food products that we’re putting in our bodies?
Absolutely and speaking speaking to the land statement
we didn’t talk much about land, but I have a video on bone broth and in it, you know, I show a study where
Organic chickens still have a considerable amount of lead in their bones from bio accumulating
From eating chicken feed and stuff like that. These are organic. This is organic. And so it’s just better, you know
It can be free-range as well and humane young, you know
all of these other label Olivia marketing terms know that yeah, you’re not gonna get grass-fed chicken – so
Dr. Greger also just did a recent series about lead toxicity and again it accumulating in our bones and lead
Bioaccumulate over if there’s no way to detoxify lead out of the body
So it will accumulate in the bones and then you can also auto and auto and toxify yourself
through the lead leaching out of your bones through later on throughout your life and
Most of this LED exposure that we’ve had was early on in our lives especially for people who are older
Since you know, I’ve been around before the 70s when LED toxicity was far more
Concentrated in our in our in our environment through the the gasoline and everything
So I’m glad you brought that up because I did want to also, you know throw that out there as well
So yeah that basically covers everything that I I believe I had off the top of my head that I wanted to cover I think
covered everything that we wanted as well in the notes and in the studies and again all encryption below and
Where can we find more of your work Mike? Well, I’ve got my youtube channel Mike the vegan Mike like a microphone mi see
My videos are all based off. All my claims are peer-reviewed research or the best sources available
You know, you’ve got all the links in the description in case you’re skeptical about what I’m what I’m saying
And so, you know, feel free to go check it out if you want and yeah, I appreciate you having me you having me
Yeah, perfect. Yeah, it’s it’s a pleasure to have you Mike
I hope we can possibly do this again in the future regarding certain other controversial topics
Maybe some maybe some topics regarding
Diet myths and nutrition myths as well
And again, of course going through some of the peer reviewed clinical research
so that way it’s we’re not going off of
specific author’s claims or some random health blogs claims and that way we can observe some of the science and
Compare notes and see what the proper conclusion to come to about. Some of those things is solutely sounds great. Yeah
You’re buying fish in the store can you even know if it came you know, I think