What is SWERVE Sweetener? | Thrive Market

October 10, 2019 0 By William Morgan

When it comes to the keto diet, we were
keto before keto. In the early 2000s we
were creating a protein shake, and the
protein shake needed to be sweetened
naturally – and it was like what are we
gonna do? What are we gonna sweeten it
with? So that’s how Swerve was born. We started playing around with ingredients,
putting those things together mixing
them in that protein shake, and it tasted
phenomenal. So we decided well what’s
next – take it out of the protein shake
and start selling it on its own.
What makes we’re super unique is that
blend of erythritol and prebiotic fibers
that have really optimized it for baking
and cooking. That’s what really makes it
zero calorie, and the ability to be
non-glycemic. So not impacting your blood sugar as well. You can use Swerve
anywhere you would use sugar. I don’t
think I could count all of the favorite
ways that I love using Swerve. It could be
just a traditional recipe where we’ve
removed sugar and replace with Swerve, or it could be a full Keto recipe like
peanut butter and chocolate fat bombs.
You can’t go wrong. That’s probably my
go-to on a regular basis, those peanut
butter and chocolate fat bombs and I’m
not even Keto! If you think about it,
we want our sweeteners to taste like
sugar. Swerve tastes like sugar. It’s
incredible! if you like sugar you like Swerve.