July 28, 2019 5 By William Morgan

why I am going Ktoo and what the heck is
ketogenic diet that’s what I’m gonna
talk about today hey guys welcome to my
channel my name is Iva Scelfo and if you’re new
here my channel is all about weight loss
and health lifestyle so if you’re into that
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consider to subscribe. so what is
ketogenic diet ketogenic diet is also
well known as the a low carb high fat
diet which basically means your body
depletes itself out of glucose and it’s
forced to use fat as its fuel I will try
to explain it easy your body always
prefers glucose over fat to use as its
fuel so because when we eat
carbohydrates our blood glucose levels
rises rapidly also spikes up our insulin
and insulin it’s basically the hormone
which is responsible for storing fat low
carb diet helps stabilizes these spikes
when your body can’t use glucose as its
fuel anymore your liver will start
producing ketones and uses fat as its
fuel so how many cars should you eat a
day well that will depend on every
person but in general it’s 20 grams of
net carbs some people can stay in
ketosis and eat 50 grams of net carbs
but to be sure and saved just stay
within 20 grams so what are the net
carbs well net carbs are actually all
Carbohydrates you eat – the fiber while
the fiber is carbohydrates which your
body cannot digest therefore it cannot
spikes your insulin so fiber here is not
the enemy so how fast can you get into
well that will vary person to person but
in general it takes somewhere within two
to seven days to get into ketosis state
which is the states where your body
start using a fat as its fuel
so how can you get into ketosis faster
well you can really reduce your daily
intake of carbohydrates two-barrel a
minimum that helps also fasting helps
you can look into intermittent fasting
and follow your eating window I will
talk more about intermittent fasting and
my experience with it in another video
so what should your macros be well that
will vary person to person again
depending on your age gender weight
height and exercise level but in general
you should be eating within 65 to 75
percent of fat 15 to 30 percent of
protein and 5 to 10% of carbohydrates
there are many great keto macro
calculators online and ruling some links
down below and also there are many great
calorie trackers apps for your phone
which you can use and that will
definitely help you especially in the
beginning so can you eat as much as you
want on this diet well no it always
comes down to calories in versus
calories out you can’t eat whatever you
want you have to burn more calories than
you actually give in to your body well
it’s simple as that so what can you
actually eat well you’re going to eat
high fat moderate protein and very low
carbohydrates so most of your diet will
be healthy fats like avocados coconut
oil grass-fed butter egg yolks full fat
cheese for protein you can have beef
poultry pork fatty fish nuts and seeds
and your main source of carbohydrates
should be from vegetables like leafy
greens and above ground vegetables fruit
is not allowed on a keto diet
except for berries so you can still have
your strawberry chia seeds putting no
problem so why I want to get on board
with this keto lifestyle well the truth
is my body doesn’t really respond well
to carbohydrates I’ve
25 pounds since following a plant-based
vegan diet I also noticed some mild
gluten intolerance some mild rashes and
stuff and I always feel bloated and
tired and I have a real binging problem
with corpse I could binge on pasta and
Brad it’s just it’s just not healthy
relationship so I tried the keto diet
before for about two weeks and it suited
me well so this time around I’m
determined to really jump right into it
and explore all the benefits and I’m
really excited to start and I’m really
happy that you were here with me I’ll be
documenting every step of my journey so
you welcome to join me and if you do
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