What I eat in a day keto weight loss

November 2, 2019 0 By William Morgan

If you like to know what I eat in a day of Keto eggless vegetarian indian eating, keep watching. Hello friends, You are watching the Thamizh Penn channel. It is your no.1 favorite channel for weight loss, nutrition and health coaching. If you are new to this channel, a quick introduction about me. I was like this 7 years ago with 95 kgs of body weight. I created my own diet plan, followed it and lost 30+ kgs. Now, I am at 63-64 kgs. In this channel, I share the diet plans I followed, tips, tricks, nutrition advice, keto diet details, research information and many more. I share all these details absolutely free for you. Today’s topic is about what I eat in a day on a keto indian vegetarian no egg diet. I have given the link to download today’s chart that breaks down the calories and macro nutrients of today’s diet. It is a free download. You can click the link and download it. Many of you have been asking about why I have not posted a video for this week yet. You might have seen the nation’s baby Surjith, who passed away right in front of our eyes. I know that it affected you and all of us to a great extent. We were seeing it in the television and were unable to do anything. All of us were in tears including me. I did not celebrate diwali. I did not want to post any videos and divert the attention. That’s why I did not post any videos. I am still recovering from the shock. It is still bothering me. Let’s pray and hope that there is no more such accidents in the future. Sorry for being unable to post videos. I am sure you understand since you were also in the same state. Based on your comments in the community tab, I understand that you probably have not lost weight or gained weight. Let’s think that this challenge is just 2 weeks and starts today. Let’s try and get back on track as soon as possible. We will have all these in our life. Festivals and following our culture is not something we can do away with. It’s ok. Do not worry. We can always get back on track. Let’s not worry about bad eating days. If you have not tried the Keto diet yet, give it a thought. Many people have lost weight and attained many health benefits with the keto diet. If you have not done your keto shopping yet, check out the links in the description box below. Please see if you can try Keto and IF for 2 weeks. I have shared a video on keto diet that talks about its benefits. If you have not seen that video yet, I will leave the link to the video in the description box below. Let’s get started without any further delay. I start my day with a cup of water and my thyroid medications. 30 mins later, I drink my keto coffee. I add heavy cream and sweetener to my coffee. I am a tea/coffee addict. I drink 1-2 cups of tea/coffee in the morning and 1-2 cups in the evening. Only 1-2 cups per day is advisable. I use Erythritol for my coffee as a sweetener. It does not give an after taste like Stevia and tastes just like sugar. Milk has carbs, so i add heavy cream to my coffee. I start my cooking after I drink coffee. My husband prepares nice masala chai. He adds sugar sometimes and forgets to add my sweetener. For lunch, I am having cauliflower rice, cabbage curry and spicy vatha kozhumbu. Except for the cauli rice, the rest are all what I prepare for the family. You can prepare cauliflower rice by grating cauliflower in a grater or food processor. Then you can steam it and your cauliflower rice is ready. You can also buy it ready made from the store. I have added ghee to my caulii rice here. I am going to mix the vatha kohumbu with the cauli rice and have it for my lunch. I had mentioned egg-less in my intro. Please ignore the egg, it was added my mistake. My husband had soaked the egg in the vatha kohumbu and i got it by mistake. Cauli rice with ghee and cabbage poriyal is very filling. You will get the taste of a typical south indian food. You will not feel like you are in a a diet. Try this and let me know how it works for you. I also had some curd. You can mix 1 part of cauli rice with vatha kozhumbu and the second part of the rice with curd and have a complete south Indian lunch if you like it that way. It was a fulfilling meal as it had veggies and fat. You can have aviyal one day, keerai masiyal one day for the veggies and it will satisfy you big time. In sambar, keep an eye on the dal, as they have both proteins and carbs. For dinner, I prepared Keto chapati. I have shared several keto chapati recipes. One with almond flour, with flax seed flour, combos and so on. Check out my earlier videos if you have not seen them yet. For today’s chapati, I have used almond flour, coconut flour, xanthan gum, salt and curd. I mixed all these ingredients and made a dough. After 5 to 10 mins, I made individual balls ad rolled them in between a Ziploc cover. I then cooked them in a tawa like how you cook a regular chapati. I am layering avocados and tomatoes and eating 2-3 of these chapatis as a wrap. I also drizzled some leftover vatha kozhumbu for the spiciness. These chapatis do not have carbs. Try this and let me know if it works for you. If you feel like eating a dessert after lunch or dinner, you might like this keto halwa. This keto halwa will not spike your insulin levels. You can prepare this keto halwa and refrigerate it and eat it for 1 week after your lunch or dinner. To 1/4 cup ghee, I am adding 1 cup almond flour and 1/2 cup coconut flour. After roasting them for few mins, I am adding boiling water and cooking them well. After the mixture is cooked, I add cardamom powder and finally I add 1/3 cup of erythritol sweetener. I keep it in the fridge and eat it for 1 week. Each serving has only 100 to 200 calories and very little carbs. Today’s recipes that I prepared for me did not take a lot of my time. Just take those few minutes to cook and eat something healthy. It is not bad if you eat this keto dessert on your diet. You can eat it without any guilt and without messing up your carbs. Give these recipes a shot and let me know how you liked it. Comment and let me know what is our current weight and what is your desired weight after this 2 week challenge. Also, checkout the chart for the calories and macros of the recipes shown in today’s video. I will see you soon with a different topic. Until then, take care. Bye.