What I Eat In A Day Keto I Keto Chips In Oven (Quick Easy Keto Snacks)

October 26, 2019 0 By William Morgan

hey YouTube family welcome back to my
channel I hope all is going great for
y’all y’all because today has been a day
um it is two o’clock y’all and I don’t
even go work out today y’all at all
today’s video is going to be a
Keto What I Eat In A Day type video y’all um I have been doing any minute fasting so
I’m going to place right here y’all
proof of my intermittent fasting and I’m
just I’m feeling great about it y’all we
are we’re doing great over here like
I’ve been saying y’all we are over here
being a consistent queen yeah I have not
had like an actual meal today y’all I
did break my fast with these
Mission Meats beef sticks umm I stole this from
my mom’s Keto Krate y’all know she gets
the nibbler plant and I’ve been having
Coke Zero I’ve been drinking a whole lot
of water today mm-hmm so I have to go to the PO Box just to check and see if
there’s anything there and then we’re
gonna come back home and whip some stuff
become Chef Unique yeah
but any of my love’s let’s stop talking
and let’s get on the road for you
alright y’all so first meal of the day I
have three chicken wings with some hot
sauce over there that’s Hyden then I
have two eggs and some broccoli into
drinking just having some water and Coke
Zero currently watching this show on
Netflix called baby and it’s actually
pretty good y’all I’m obsessed
okay so a nice little keto friendly
snack that does not take long at all to
me it’s so simple if I can do it you can
do it period
so we are gonna make some kale chips
let’s go so the ingredients that I use
for my kale chips y’all are just simple
ingredients you just you probably have
this already at the house so you have
some salt some pepper some olive oil you
can’t use coconut oil but it may have a
little bit of like coconut flavor to it
so if you don’t have olive oil you can
use avocado oil that’s good we have
kale of course duh and then we have
some lemon now if you don’t have lemon
that’s okay you don’t have to have the
lemon y’all see this the main thing
you’re leaving is the middle stem it is
a part of the kale that looks like oh
I’m not gonna use it this is my
preference I mean do whatever you want
to do cuz this is your thing
this is your recipe okay happen alright
now so we are going to go ahead and put
our oven on 350 all right so my kale is
already washed I Pat it somewhat dry and
now for the fun part the ingredients so
y’all it took me like ten hours just to
open the olive oil today was Upper by
today and my upper body it’s not working
well with me right now but yeah so we
are gonna use two tablespoons of olive
oil just put it in there see just so
simple now you guys we’re just gonna put
a little bit of black pepper I put more
salt then pepper on it because I like my
kale chips be a little salty I hope
y’all can see that great it’s really not
that much pepper on there now it’s time
for some pink Himalayan sea salt okay
y’all so now we are gonna mix all this
goodness together and then I’ll come
back on here okay y’all so we have our
first kale victims on the parchment
paper make sure as you can see I have it
where my kill is not touching one
another we’re gonna put this in the oven
for about maybe 10 to 13 minutes and the
main thing we want to make sure that the
edges are brown and so yeah I’ll be back
on here to talk to y’all there and just
see what it looks like
okay y’all so here’s our delicious kale chips
y’all as I told y’all it’s not
hard to make it all now if you don’t
have lemons that’s fine you can just
start eating them now and if you do have
some lemon just sprinkle it a little bit
all over get the seeds out too but y’all
get I’m saying y’all I’m over here
eating and talking to y’all obey the
lemon just gives you a little extra song
you got to put a whole lot let me dip it
a little bit
y’all just so good I need to start
making worthies cuz it’s like it doesn’t
take long to make nor is it hard to make
so yeah I’m gonna start making these
like probably every week now basically
yeah that sounds fun yeah okay YouTube
family so we’re in the car we’re about
to go to Zumba class but while I’m over
here driving y’all I’m gonna have some
of my SmartSweets Peach Rings y’all
they’re so good Okay let me tell y’all
nutrition facts so they are 80 calories
0 grams of fat 33 grams of carbs 28
grams of fiber so that’s 5 grams net
carbs 3 grams of total sugars and 0
grams of protein and this is plant-based
as well so just in case you’re like
vegan this would be great for you of
course y’all while we’re in zumba class
we’re gonna be sippin on this cold
refreshing Greenville water
it’s harder and harder every day so yeah
I’m about to have just a couple more of
these peach rings and I’m gonna save the
rest for tonight y’all
I made it safer tomorrow yeah but this
is what they look like just in case
y’all know a gozar zone mm-hmm so y’all
for tonight’s dinner we are having a
nice little keto friendly homemade
dinner right now so we have one big
piece of steak yes God thank you so much
cuz it looks so good and then I have
some broccoli
y’all just a look gone may elf like I am
proud of this like I made this Who am I
y’all the Lord is so good he’s
magnificent I’m about to have these so
delicious dairy-free butter pecan and no
sugar added coconut milk ice cream yeah