WHAT I EAT IN A DAY! (Gluten Free Dairy Free)

October 29, 2019 0 By William Morgan

hey everyone and welcome back to my
channel one of my pictures that is right
up there literally fell off my bed in
the middle of the night the other night
and like slid down my wall it sounded
like a literal home intruder was
punching the wall above my bed I freaked
out a little bit anyway sorry for the
awkward background welcome back to an
updated what I eat in a day as someone
who has a wheat intolerance dairy
intolerance egg intolerance yeah you’re
probably watching this video for one of
two reasons number one you have food
intolerances or you think you may have
food intolerances and you aren’t sure
how to navigate that light or even how
to find out if you do I get questions
all the time from people with digestive
issues basically asking how I found out
that I had these food intolerances and
how I live my life with them so I am
gonna address that for a minute in this
video or number two you clicked on this
because you want to lose weight or more
importantly you want to eat healthier
live a healthier lifestyle and as
someone who’s constantly on the go it
can be really hard to not only like fit
the time into my day to cook and eat
healthy but also to just figure out how
to cook and what to cook and what to buy
especially because I honestly don’t love
cooking I love food I don’t love the
process of cooking food at however I
finally feel like I figured out a really
good system for all of this how to make
my life completely easy and not even
think about the food part of it so I’m
gonna share my tips with you guys here
and hopefully it helps this video is
actually sponsored by hellofresh
they have changed a huge part of my life
in this regard because I actually never
thought that I’d want to cook every day
you guys this is not just like an
ordinary sponsorship I literally love
hellofresh and I wanted to make a whole
video about it anyway so I feel like
this fits perfectly into kind of this
what I eat in a day videos were actually
just gonna start with that I was so
skeptical of all these like meal
delivery services and then when I
actually got hellofresh got the meals
cooked him and ate them I was like oh my
god this is actually incredible they
taste so good they don’t have a lot of
calories they’re easy to make all the
ingredients are just bundled up right
for you comes with a meal card that
shows you like the exact step-by-step
instructions super easy to follow on how
to cook the meal and a bag that has all
the ingredients for that meal as someone
who is gluten and dairy intolerant I
just chose the classic Fox these ones
didn’t have dairy I think one of them
had our cream for the mashed potatoes
and I just substituted it out for like
dairy-free butter I love that they have
the cow
counts on them so that you kind of know
what you’re eating I think the part that
shocked me the most you guys was just
how freaking amazing the food tasted
like I guess I shouldn’t be that shocked
because when I cook I cook pretty basic
things that don’t have like a ton of
flavor but usually when something tastes
literally so good I associate it with
being unhealthy like buttery fried oil
like all these things that would make a
super unhealthy meal but be delicious
this I was like so shocked because the
sauces taste so flavorful and so good
and then I look at the calorie count and
it’s like not that much at all so I like
to cook the hello fresh meals for both
lunches and dinners and the nice thing
is I ordered a box that serves two
people so it’s either two people are
four people for me I just got the two
person one so actually every meal that I
cooked I ended up having a whole nother
meal as a leftover
so I’m like cooking two meals in one
little sitting it’s pretty sweet I am
literally cooking challenged and this
was so easy for me I had honestly a good
time doing it because I think part of
what bogs me down is the prep work
it’s like measuring everything and
cutting everything this is all done for
you sometimes have to cut things but the
proportions are completely as they
should be for the meal so you’re someone
who’s constantly on the go or you don’t
love cooking like me or you just want to
eat healthier meals and you don’t really
know where to begin you don’t know which
ingredients to use I highly recommend
if you go over to the website it’s
really easy to pick a plan I will link
it down below and if you put in my code
Adrienne Finch 8 you actually get eight
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love to do like cooking videos I think
would be super entertaining like cooking
with my crush I don’t know okay so
moving on to some things that I would
typically eat in a day or a week and
also some tips for just how to navigate
cooking eating healthier being on the go
being an entrepreneur or someone who’s
busy or someone who has a tough schedule
to fit in hours of cooking tip number
one is when it comes to grocery shopping
I highly recommend picking a day to do
this and sticking to that same day every
now I personally think grocery shopping
is a ginormous waste of time so if
you’re someone who wants to do grocery
delivery by all means do it the stores
that I like to shop out the most don’t
do delivery except hellofresh of course
but for all my other basic ingredients
they don’t do delivery so I have set
aside a specific day I go on Mondays and
it’s mostly because I don’t enjoy it
it’s like I feel like it’s a waste of
time but on Mondays I’m like fresh ready
to go I have more energy and I just want
to get it done so that my meals for the
week are like ready to go and by the way
I’m not like a meal prepper at all I buy
ingredients that I know will work for
certain meals and then I tend to find
more frozen ingredients than fresh which
I’ll talk about in one second so number
two as I just said I recommend buying a
lot of frozen food more so than fresh
food now I even mean like produce like
mushrooms and vegetables this will vary
if you’re someone who has a family or
you live with your boyfriend or
roommates and you guys all cook together
this is different but I have again run
into so many problems with food waste
whenever I buy produce I’m not someone
who knows how to just like throw things
together that are in my fridge and make
a bomb meal out of it like I don’t have
that gift so I end up throwing away a
lot of stuff which is not only a waste
of food a waste of time and money this
makes my life so much easier because if
I’m ever out of town I know it’s not
gonna go bad even if I’m in town I know
it’s not gonna go bad and the frozen
food tastes just as good number three is
that I don’t let myself sacrifice taste
because of my allergies now a lot of
people have the misconception that
gluten-free bread is like nasty now
listen it used to be pretty nasty but
nowadays these types of intolerances are
so much more common and I feel like the
types of gluten-free bread and
dairy-free butter and dairy-free creamer
and milk all taste so much better now
and now I do recognize that I live in
Los Angeles where we have a ton of
options for people with food
intolerances or preferences but I highly
recommend just looking around the
grocery stores in your city and trying
out different products at first it might
seem like okay I’m buying all these
different things but once you find
something that you like that really
works for you stick to that and part of
having a food intolerance is it is a
learning process like you just do have
to try as many things as you can you may
cook something with almond milk one day
and realize that literally didn’t taste
good and you can make me find a
dairy-free like creamer or something
else to use instead so just experiment
around that has helped me so much I’ve
tried so many different types of thing
that are dairy-free and gluten-free and
I finally found the ones that I really
love so I’d know on that if you’re
someone who loves treats I highly
recommend google searching for like good
gluten-free or vegan bakery again with
la there are way more of these but I
guarantee there may be a diamond in the
rough in your city and once you find one
that’s like your go-to and it’s worth it
so just look around be resourceful so
I’m just gonna list some of the things
that I like to eat for different meals
because I think that anyone with a food
intolerance is probably wondering how
the heck I even survived when I have
this many allergies and good question
but here are some of the things that I
eat for breakfast I like to either do
like gluten-free waffles
smoothies or like potato scramble
without eggs I’m allergic to egg I do
eat me I just don’t eat dairy or wheat
for lunch I’ll do my hello fresh meals
or sometimes like a salad or anything
that was left over from dinner I tend to
have some leftovers when I cook dinners
both the hello fresh meals and my own
meals and then for dinners I love to
pretty much stick anything frozen into a
gluten-free pasta or a rice – I’ll do
like a shrimp pasta I’ll do turkey
polonaise I’ll put a bunch of vegetables
and just put like dairy-free butter and
garlic I will also tell you guys
literally put onions and garlic and
everything if you like onions and garlic
put it in everything it makes everything
just so much more flavorful there are
also some really dope seasonings you can
get from like Trader Joe’s or other
stores that really make things taste
amazing that’s another thing I really
like about the hello fresh meals they
come with like chicken stock concentrate
and other types of seasonings that taste
so good and sometimes all like keep a
little bit extra of the seasoning and
just save it and put it on another stuff
and tip number five you guys this is
huge and I only just started doing this
take multivitamins like take daily
vitamins I know it’s bad that I only
just started doing this but something
that people always ask is like are you
ever missing certain nutrients from your
food allergies and I feel like the
answers honestly no because I’m pretty
much getting my veggies my fruits my
carbs still but what I do notice
especially with the lifestyle I live now
I workout and exercise
very frequently and sometimes I don’t
replenish the vitamins in my body the
way that I need to I’ve actually
developed some symptoms from that like
some hair thinning and other things so I
just recently started taking a
multivitamin this is just a foolproof
way to make sure that you guys are
getting the nutrients that you need cuz
I feel like obviously that’s important
so I recommend taking one every single
day okay
so in an effort to not make this video
go a thousand years long because it’s
already long I’m
actually gonna talk fully in depth about
how I found out about my food
intolerances in another video on my blog
channel so go subscribe to that so that
you can stay tuned it’s gonna be long
and in depth because there were so many
different steps I took and I can
recommend what types of doctors not to
see you what types of doctors to see but
I’ll give you the brief like one second
rundown basically I had stomach problems
for a long time I was nauseous very
often I had pain I did not know what was
going on turned out well I went to a GI
doctor they told me I had acid reflux
which was true so I went on medication
for acid reflux but the medication ended
up wiping out all the good bacteria in
my system which caused even more
problems it caused my intestines to be
super sensitive so then every time I
need anything it felt nauseous it felt
painful so I was basically back at
square one then I went to a naturopathic
homeopathic doctor who really took a
look at like what I’m putting into my
it turned out that my thought was
extremely damaged from eating foods that
I was intolerant to without knowing I
was intolerant if you think that you may
have a food intolerance the number one
mistake that people make is that they
just eliminate that food and if they
still feel crappy then they say okay
it’s not that but what happens is when
you eat foods that you’re intolerant to
your gut becomes completely inflamed and
it gets bothered by everything so you
actually have to heal your gut first
then stop eating the foods that you
think you’re intolerant to because if
not you’re still gonna hurt so you’re
not gonna be able to tell which thing
you actually have an allergy to I
recommend doing a blood test doing a
stool test going to a naturopathic
doctor was the thing that honestly saved
me I actually had an intestinal
infection on top of all that because I
had been eating these foods for so long
and didn’t know that I was intolerant so
again I’m gonna go way more in depth on
this in another video so subscribe to my
other channel too what the Finch
that’s my blog channel and I’ll talk
about it more there but leave any
questions that you have below so that I
can answer those in that video are you
guys that is all for this video thank
you so much for watching let me know
again if you have any questions and
remember if you guys want to check out
hellofresh which I highly recommend I’m
not even joking it is so great you can
get eight free meals by using the code
Adrienne Finch 8 and click the link down
below and without further ado that’s I
don’t know why I’m saying without
further ado that’s the end of the video
thank you so much for watching I’ll talk
to you later