What Bodybuilders Eat for Lunch | Fouad Abiad’s Easy Meal

November 4, 2019 0 By William Morgan

I got a lot of shit for this last time too –
guess what I don’t give a fuck I like my
Pam use it on my frying pans keep
everything from sticking I don’t think
it’s gonna kill me okay guys I am Fouad Abiad and I am gonna teach you guys
how to eat big and make sure it tastes
good you guys have to learn to find ways
to make the food taste better so that
it keeps you going
so what we’re gonna do is make lunch and
we’re gonna have chicken and potatoes so
this is an air fryer it’s basically a
deep fryer but only takes like a
tablespoon of oil to fry all these
potatoes so it’s somewhat healthy but it
makes potatoes taste good so I can smash
five of these things get like 150 grams
of carbs without even blinking an eye
very simple we’re just gonna cut up our
potatoes it doesn’t matter how you cut
them up it doesn’t matter if you make
them into fries or cubes or whatever it
doesn’t really matter the machine
doesn’t know the difference just get
them in there I think it’s important to
know your body I think it’s important to
know what your body likes to use for
energy and what it digests well and I
think you should be able to find
something that your body seems to like
it seems to use well you eat it half an
hour an hour later you’re digested you
feel like you could eat again if you
have to
those are good foods if you eat
something and it takes you three hours
to digest it you either
ate way too much food or you ate the
wrong kind of food potatoes are cut up
all we’re gonna do a little bit of salt
and we’re gonna do some olive oil okay
so you supposed to measure like a
tablespoon I don’t really care so I’m
just gonna pour a little bit of oil
and a little bit of salt it’s done close it
turn it on and then we go about
25 minutes I’m just gonna do all the
work itself so while that is cooking
we’ll start making the chicken chicken
can taste like shit so I like to cube it
and make it in a frying pan seems to be
a lot easier since it takes a lot better
that way too
so I have some fresh chicken breasts
that I washed and cleaned this morning I
got a lot of shit for this last time to
guess what I don’t give a fuck I like my
pam I use it on my frying pans keep
everything from sticking I don’t think
it’s gonna kill me a little bit of pam
cooking spray and then simple and now
look scissors the cutting board I cut
potato on it I just wash it with water
and it’s clean I don’t like cleaning up
after like chicken juice and all that
shit so it’s simple I just cut it with a
scissors right over the frying pan
there’s a little trick I learned from
watching Jay Cutler videos I watched Jay
Cutler video he’s sitting at home
cooking breaks out the fork in the
scissors I didn’t even realize like
that’s such a good idea I’m like I’m
sitting here messing with knives and
cutting boards and I’m gonna soap
everything down after hopefully some kid
will watch this and realize this is the
way to do it and then I can pay it
forward okay so that’s all the chicken
we’re gonna cook a little bit of salt a
little bit of pepper and cover that shit
you got to cover it if you don’t cover
it the juices will evaporate cause you’re not
cooking with any oil so the juices were
the chicken will evaporate and it’ll be
done on the outside it won’t be done on
the inside you’ll burn the shit out of
your chicken so make sure you cover it
so that the steam helps it cook and that
way you don’t need the oil so you can
see like with the cover on it I have a
little bit of liquid here it’s gonna
keep my chicken from sticking also when
I put the lid on you can see like it’s
already half cooked so it’ll cook a lot
faster with the lid on it I used to be
this guy that like oh I don’t care what
it is I’ll eat it because it’s body
building used to put like fucking tuna
with oatmeal I didn’t care and I thought
I was being hardcore and just being
stupid take a minute and learn how to
cook and learn how to do things the
right way and learn how to make food
taste good and I said to see you guys
in the last breakfast video you’re not
gonna make it if you just try and eat
bland chicken and rice every day every
meal of the day for 20 years you’re not
gonna make it you’re gonna eventually
you’re gonna get sick of bodybuilding it
just sucks I don’t do this anymore I
can’t maintain this diet and you’re not
gonna want to do it so like I stressed
in the last video it’s important you
guys have to learn to find ways to make
your food taste better so that it keeps
you going
eventually when this is halfway done
cooking or a little bit more than
halfway done cooking you want to take
the top off and just leave it off
because as you can see now there’s a
good amount of liquid from
steam creating the you know this little
pool of water you want to leave the top
off and let it cook the rest of the way
and this will also get the water to
evaporate and kind of brown the chicken
a little bit you know you don’t want to
boil your chicken so I just turn up the
heat a little bit and now you can cook
the chicken and get rid of this water
all at the same time you don’t have to
go to cooking school you don’t to make
shit look pretty it’s just experience
some people are too intimidated to cook
oh I don’t know how to cook I don’t know
how to make that I don’t know how to do
listen go on YouTube type in something
type in how you want to make it or just
trial and error man just play with your
food try and figure out ways to make it
taste better okay so listen very
important okay it’s a scale get yourself
a scale because I know in the offseason
I say eat as much as you can and yeah
you do have to eat as much as you can
but the reverse can happen to in the off
season sometimes you get so full and so
uncomfortable eating that you start
eyeballing your food but it actually
becomes smaller and smaller and smaller
because you’re so full and don’t feel
like eating use a scale it keeps you
eating the same amount whether you’re
hungry or or not we’re just going to do
6 ounces of chicken 6 ounces and 1/8 and
it’s like home fries
okay so that is one pound exactly so I’m
gonna smash a pound of potatoes and six
ounces of chicken and I’m gonna use
these two sauces to do it
condiments are a must
okay and I know you’re saying Oh
condiments have sugar condiments have this
stop crying okay it’s the offseason
we’re eating to grow a little bit of
sugar is not gonna hurt but it’s gonna
help me get this down in a hurry so
ketchup for the potatoes I know it’s a
lot of ketchup don’t fucking run your
mouth and then this is tunnel barbecue
which is a restaurant windsor actually
Tunnel barbecue barbecue sauce put that
on the chicken good old barbecue sauce I
got that from Ronnie that’s why I use
all that barbecue sauce cuz Ronnie
got huge and he did it so I’m
doing it too very simple okay we have a
good meal here this is a really good
post-workout meal not that I’m having
that for a post-workout meal now but if
you’re gonna have a post-workout meal
this is a really good post-workout meal
why because we have some quick digesting
protein like this is after you’ve had
your shake okay you have your shake
first an hour later hour and a half
later you’re gonna have a real meal this
is it gonna have some fast digesting
protein with the chicken and we’re gonna
have a pound of potatoes and carbs a
little bit of sugar from the ketchup in
the barbecue sauce not a lot of fat so
this is all gonna get shuttled back into
the muscle and get us ready for tomorrow
so there you go