July 27, 2019 59 By William Morgan

hi guys it’s Keila I am back with
another video today I’ve got you
Wendy’s actually haven’t been doing it
first there’s not a closed window right
it’s kind of close but it’s like five or
ten minutes away
this is actually an intermittent fasting
day so I haven’t eaten anything so I got
a good amount of stuff let me go ahead
and open this and do it them now and
then we’ll get to eat I’m looking for my
receipt I wanted to show you exactly
what I got but I guess I can kind of
remember this is just uh I think it’s
the cheeseburger deluxe with no ketchup
and no mayonnaise I’m not a mayonnaise
fan and this is the son of bacon so it’s
the one a little bit smaller than the
Baconator and this one I forgot to say
no ketchup and yeah it’s one of those
things where you can’t get mad if you
mess up but that is a little bit more
carbs than I would like totally fine um
I did I am practicing intermittent
fasting so this is the only meal that I
have I also picked up some nacho cheese
and I’m going to be eating it with some
parsnip chips now I know there’s been a
lot of hoopla and the keto community
saying that this is not a good chip they
have since revamped their nutritional
facts to be more accurate so for 15
chips it’s 9 grams of carbs with 3 fiber
so 6 net carbs so I’m gonna go ahead and
look for that and I have not had
anything today
I’m starving usually when I do
intermittent fasting I don’t eat
anything like I do like a full in a
minute fasting day and like have one big
meal oh my gosh I’m just going to go
ahead and count out the chips cuz I know
myself I definitely don’t read this I
think I’m gonna eat the regular deluxe
sandwich first and I just got that both
lettuce wrap mmm
so yes this whole combination fire I
actually did want to address something
in my last month long video
the Buffalo about Wild Wings one I
mentioned that I didn’t want to act
black and there was a couple of people
that actually we’re very offended by
that so I did not mean to bend offend
anyone showing you guys me eat I am
being a hundred percent like
authentically lean so if I were to say
that in front of my sister I’m gonna say
in front of you guys and it’s funny
because I know that there’s other people
that think like that which I’m not
saying that that was right to say which
is why I thought I needed to address it
and then I realized that you guys don’t
know too too much about me so I wanted
to do a story time of the first time
that I was ever called the n-word
nothing is very fitting hmm
first before I go into it if you guys do
like three times and want me to make
more of them haven’t really done that
many story time video jet let me know
give me some feedback guys so as some of
you guys may know I’m a military child
star crook primarily in Germany in Japan
but in my early earlier years I was
actually born in Mississippi lived there
till I was about six and then moved to
my mom was finishing up her degree so
while my dad was deployed we decided to
stay in Arkansas the school that I went
to though I was the only black girl it
was um
my sister’s only black girl in Paris
school and middle school and in
elementary school I was only that girl
so we were in a predominantly white town
I just thought it was more convenient to
where my mom was going to school I also
have some buttermilk ranch and some
creamy sriracha I think this is like a
spicy mayonnaise
I’m thatis a mayonnaise fan back GERD I
pick it up to show you different sauces
that they have hmm guys I’m sorry I’m so
hungry I’m slowly telling you guys a
story but so we have just moved to
Arkansas from Mississippi and I think I
was gay I was in second grade and I was
the only black girl in this school I
didn’t think anything of it because
and growing up into a military
background my younger years I was with a
lot of different cultures and trying
think anything of it but moving to
Arkansas and an all-white County you’ve
definitely realized really fast that you
are different because you don’t see
anyone not the teachers none of the kids
no one looks like you which honestly I
didn’t even notice until someone called
me the n-word
so everything’s normal
there was always this one kid that would
always pick on me I never thought
anything of it I wasn’t the type to
confront anyone because I was only in
second grade and I think he was in
fourth grade at the time and he had like
a brother or a friend or someone that
was always with him so I’ve never really
stood up for myself so he’d always pick
on me we rode the same bus so you know
we’d always have to wait for the bus
together because we had the same stop so
this one time he got I guess a little
too happy or maybe he heard something on
the TV or heard something that his
parents said I’m not sure but there’s a
big hill going down like I walk down a
hill to go home and they lived and like
right next to the stop so there was
really no need for them to like go down
the hill but they’re like walking down
the hill as I’m walking so I’m like
going a little bit faster
little nervous and they keep like
walking I was like they never walked
this way i like i wonder what’s going on
late no matter what i did and like
they’re taunting me one of the boys he
brought his bike because they lived
right there so he was like riding up and
down the hill and like taunting me and
then all of a sudden all I hear is go
back to where you came from nigger and I
was just like I didn’t at this point I
was in second grade I still was afraid
you know of like confronting this fourth
grader because he’s a couple years older
than me I’m new here like I haven’t been
even at this ole for six months at this
point so I run home and I’m not sure if
I was the first person home but I knew
that my mom had the night shift so she
went to school during the day and she
worked at the night so sometimes I would
have to either be home alone or like go
to a neighbor’s house and wait till my
sister got home so that way she can
watch me so I just remember like calling
my mom like crying and saying like I’m
scared like these people they called me
the n-word and they know where I live
like I didn’t know what to do so I just
like ran home and my mom she like left
work it took her like it takes her like
30 minutes to get home come straight
home and went straight to the parents
because like I said they were there they
lived right in front of the bus stop so
I knew where they were at with where I
always saw them go into the house so I
showed my mom exactly where they are mom
knocks on the door
praise her praise her little heart
knocks on the door she’s like you know
we just moved here we don’t want any
trouble you know my my daughter isn’t
doing anything to you guys and like you
know we don’t respect you know as
calling you calling us that and if it
happens again we’ll have to take it to
authorities and I got like my mom like
handled it like a champ because I think
she knew that was the first time that I
really felt different there like I never
really expressed that I felt different
cuz that you didn’t like it occurred to
me that I was different but no one
around me like in my classes and my
teachers they never made me feel like I
was either like less than or different
so up into this planet I was oblivious I
think that was the moment that I
realized that racism is definitely real
I mean this was back at the light in
1999-2000 something I thought I was yeah
look 98 99 so yeah it’s just especially
with recent events occurring it’s just
ever more prevalent that people are more
vocal with their racist remarks you know
I’m not there they’ve always thought
that and now they feel like they’re
stiff enough to say it now that we have
a very vocal president or if you know
they just want to be a part of something
and being a part of destruction is
better than working on yourself
you live time I have windows in forever
I think a lot of Wendy’s big video I had
I was in Japan this was months ago
I’ll definitely leave that link in the
description and probably up here
somewhere but that was Japanese Wendy’s
and I was clowning American Wendy’s but
this is actually pretty bombing when
this is the only place that like they’re
faking it just dick I will say there are
some that slacking on the sauce and I’ve
not been in that ranch mmm that was good
I think I ate that like the fastest ever
thank you guys so much for watching as
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ahh literally the whole time something
in my teeth
it works