Wendy’s Keto: How To Order Keto At Wendy’s (Full Menu)

October 16, 2019 0 By William Morgan

god I can’t remember the last time I
went to Wendy’s okay so we have our
Baconator right here I kind of always
wanted to try Baconator I’m gonna show
you how to turn any burger into Keto
step number one open your car window
step number two what’s up guys Carlo
Macapinlac hear from
NewbieFitnessAcademy.com and in this episode
of keeping it Keto we’re gonna go to Wendy’s
okay so when I was doing my
research on this I was kind of wondering
like maybe I should actually get a salad maybe get a sandwich and then I thought to
myself I’ve never had a Baconator before
so guess what we’re getting today
God I can’t remember the last time I went
to Wendy’s
hi Carol how are ya
ah can I please get a Baconator nope
just the sandwich that’s it
okay so we have our Baconator right here
God I’ve always wanted to try a Baconator
okay so let’s see what a Baconator looks
Wow look at that
it’s a half pound burger with six slices
of bacon go figure
now you’re probably wondering dude
that’s not keto I know
so here’s what we’re gonna do I’m going
to show you how to turn any burger into
Keto step number one open your car
window step number two you’re gonna grab
your burger you’re gonna open it up you’re
gonna grab the bun you’re gonna toss it
out the window I’m gonna grab the bottom
bun toss it out the window as well don’t
worry I’m gonna clean that up after okay
and now we’re just left with our keto
Baconator would you look at that we just have
our burger patty six slices of bacon and
some cheese one quick note you guys I
forgot to order this without ketchup so
that’s my bad so definitely order it
without the bun and without ketchup
but let’s give it a shot anyway mmm
I’ve actually always wondered why
Wendy’s makes square burger patties does
anybody know? I want you to comment below
this video but this is really good you
guys this is a lot of bacon you are
biting into like six slices of bacon
every time
hmm good job Wendy’s the burger patty
is actually cooked perfectly here the
bacon is nice and crispy seriously now I
know why this is so popular
okay Wendy’s you win okay so that was
surprisingly good now let’s look at some
numbers a Baconator a regular Baconator
has 940 calories 41 grams of carbs Wow
56 grams of fat and 57 grams of protein
it’s almost a thousand calories for a
regular Baconator now if you take out
the bun it goes down to 750 calories and
here’s the good stuff 5 grams of carbs
54 grams of fat and 50 grams of protein
so if you take out the bun all of a
sudden it becomes keto right it only has
5 grams of carbs and has a lot of fat
and has a lot of protein and that’s a
decent amount of food that’s a half a
pound of burger patty and six slices of
bacon and a slice of cheese and mayo
and again don’t forget to order it
without ketchup now let’s look at a few
other options on the menu here all right
so we’re just on the Wendy’s website
here and we’re just gonna go through
these categories one by one real quick
let’s start with hamburgers this is
pretty straightforward here you can have
most of these just without the bun one
quick note though anything with crispy
onions you can’t eat the crispy onions
because the crispy onions are breaded
but other than that yeah you can eat
most of these without the bun and you
should be perfectly fine to keep it keto
next chicken wraps and more okay so
here’s the thing with any fast-food
chicken product okay if it’s deep-fried
it’s a big no to keeping it keto just
cuz the breading contains carbs and
that’s definitely gonna put you over
your daily carb limit let’s say
something like this one the grilled
avocado BLT chicken sandwich this is
perfect to have without the bun so
you’re gonna have your avocado your
lettuce your cheese your grilled chicken
bacon and tomatoes that’s actually
sounds like a really really good meal so
that is definitely something that I
would order and again you just can’t
have any chicken nuggets unfortunately
maybe a four piece if you’re really
really low on your carb count for that
day and you might be able to get away
with it but definitely no sauce alright
next this is a dead giveaway when you’re
trying to keep it keto when you’re
eating fast food ordering a salad is
your lowest hanging fruit when it comes
to just keeping it safe and you know
staying on keto and I did some research
on these salads and the best salad that
you can order from Wendy’s
is the Southwest avocado chicken salad
so it’s got lettuce pepper jack cheese
diced tomatoes cool creamy avocado
applewood smoked bacon and grilled chicken
breast hot off the grill and they use
their Southwest ranch dressing and if
you look at the nutrition just scroll
down here right so it only has 17 grams
of carbs with seven grams of fiber so
that gets you a net carb count of 10
grams so that is perfectly keto and it
looks pretty good now the rest of these
salads yeah they’re super high in carbs
like this one for example this spicy
buffalo chicken salad
they use their crispy chicken here and
it has let’s see what does this have
yeah there’s croutons and carrots and if
you look at the nutrition on this bad
yeah it’s 46 grams of carbs so that’s
definitely a big no-no taco salad
obviously you can’t have a taco salad I
mean you can’ have it just have it
without the tortilla chips next let’s go
under fries and sides yeah most of these
are just not keto at all except for the
Caesar side salad here just make sure
you eat it without the croutons and next
breakfast yeah you can have most of
these sandwiches just obviously without
the croissant or the biscuit like this
one for example you can just order a
sausage egg and cheese biscuit just
don’t eat the biscuit if we go to
classics here pretty straightforward
again have this without the bun coffee
we’re fine there sides and more yeah
none of these are keto beverages guys
I’m just not a big fan of drinking my
calories and I’m also not a big fan of
artificial sweeteners I’ve just done so
much research on this especially like
something like diet coke
for example destroys your gut microbiome
and it’s directly linked to obesity so
it’s just something that I would stay
away from especially if you’re trying to
lose weight
frosty definitely not keto bakery we’re
not even gonna go there kids meals yeah
if you want to put your kids on keto
just have them eat these things without
the bun and then their value menu I
think these are all the same as well
again just go no bun on these and I
think that pretty much covers it and one
last tip here for you guys just make
sure that you’re tracking your food when
you’re eating out
you know I mean it’s a good idea to
track your food in general and I use
MyFitnessPal to track my food it’s
unbelievably powerful and it just keeps
everything organized and it keeps you on
track so you can stay on keto even if
you’re eating out now at the end of the
day I’m not advocating that you eat fast
food every day here okay because let’s
be real the quality of the meat from
fast-food restaurants is just not good
trust me
Wendy’s ain’t using grass fed and
grass-finished beef on their burger
patties that’s just not how it works but
it’s all about trying to make the best
out of any situation right like
sometimes you know we try our best to
eat grass-fed grass-finished beef right
we try to prepare our own food but
sometimes you got to eat out right
sometimes you’re in the middle of
nowhere and you have no other choice but
to eat at Wendy’s and as you can see it’s
perfectly doable
you just have to modify it a little bit
you know there is always a way to make
any food Keto and that includes the
famous Baconator who knew ok the next
question then becomes how are you
actually supposed to eat if you want to
lose weight because let’s be honest 80%
of your body composition is determined
by your diet
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