Week 13: Keto For Women Over 40 | Dr. Westman Food List Plan

October 17, 2019 0 By William Morgan

Hi guys and welcome to the vlog.
This is week 13, so I’m just over the hump
of my 3 months on the ketogenic diet.
By the way, I’m Sara otherwise known as sarasayshi.
I follow a ketogenic diet and this is my personal space
where I vlog weekly grocery hauls, what
I ate for the week, my weigh-ins, anything that’s keto related.
If you would have watched my video
from before and I will put the link up here
for you.
That was my week 12. I did an experiment where
I ate 200g of fat, 60g of protein and 15g
of carbohydrates for 7 days.
Now I am going to try something that is recommended by Dr. Eric Westman.
How I found dr. Eric Westman was through Go Keto With Casey.
She’s a woman who I think she’s in her early
60’s and she has had a lot of success with
the ketogenic diet. She’s lost, I think 85
lbs something like that.
And I really admire her.
1.) because she is an older woman and
was able to lose it without any exercise.
Naturally, when you’re older the hormones
are different. The diet doesn’t work the same as
it does maybe for someone who is in their 20s or
And I’ve realized that for myself because
I was following a ketogenic diet 4 years ago.
It’s so weird to see how lean I got with keto
4 years ago versus what a struggle it is this
time around 3 months into it.
I’m always trying to find someone who is older.
She works with Dr. Eric Westman.
He’s her personal doctor, he’s become quite
the popular doctor here on Youtube as well.
So Dr. Eric Westman, he’s got like a one page
guide that you can follow. I purchased it.
It’s $9.99. There will be a link below the
proceeds go for further research on the ketogenic
diet and you’re helping out a great cause by
actually purchasing it and not just Googling
it somewhere or trying to find it on a Youtube
vide. And be honorable, anyhow that’s my little spiel.
I decided to purchase this food list because
I need structure.
So there’s no like derailment for me.
But looking at Dr. Eric Wrestamn’s guidelines,
I know that this will be sustainable for me
and I can do this long term. So, I’m going to give
this a four week go.
I will be updating every week. I will be vlogging
through out the week.
I don’t think I will be vlogging every single day.
Maybe it will just be like Monday, Wednesday,
Or Monday, Wednesday, Saturday.
Just quick little updates on how things are
going with maybe a little bit of showing foods
that I am eating.
Because I don’t want to make these, I keep making these really long videos
so I am trying to avoid that.
I will however; be blogging everyday in my
And the blog will be down below so I’m going to
give this a go.
Last week’s weigh in was 193.4.
Today’s starting weight on the Dr. Eric Westman guidelines is 192.6.
So, we will see what I weigh at the end of
this week.
So, I’m going to do some grocery shopping
and I think I’m just gonna go to Costco today.
Because I really don’t need very much. I know
I need to stock up on some eggs and we need
Maybe some more cheese, I could always use
more cheese.
Oh my stomach is growling right now.
[Laughter] I’m sorry if you hear my stomach growling,
I am ready to eat.
I already went to the gym.
I am certain, certain that this is going to
There’s no calorie counting. Uh let’s start
this week!