Week 13: Keto Costco Grocery Haul 2019 & Walmart Grocery Haul

October 14, 2019 0 By William Morgan

Hi guys. So I’m back with my hall and this
hall is from Costco. I didn’t even unload
it out of the box yet cause I figured I’m
just going to show it up to the camera. Anyways,
I was just listening to a video by go Quito
with Casey and she mentioned that the list
that I purchased for nine 99 that that is
the official list that dr Eric Westman is
endorsing has signed stamped approval, put
his name on it is linked to his account proceeds
go to further keto research. So if you go
online and you try to Google and find his
food list or whatever, it’s been modified.
So that one that you’re going to find is an
old one and I think it’s a couple pages long, even. His that you purchase is one page. Anyhow!
But you can find that information. Just click
on the link below.
So anyhow, this was Costco, very expensive.
I had to grab my receipt cause I don’t even
remember how much it was. It was $152.57. This is for a family of two. Myself
and I have a teenage son and unfortunately
I didn’t get everything that was on there.
I’m going to have to go to Walmart after this.
So actually you’re going to see two grocery
hauls today and my son is washing my car right
now. So as soon as he’s done washing the car
and I’m done filming this, I’ll go to Walmart
and pick up the rest of the items. It’s only
like five items or something like that. So
it’s going to be a very short haul. Let’s
start with the biggest and bulkiest. Some
of you may not like LaCroix. I like LaCroix.
And this one right here, this is a variety
pack and I’m gonna work out my biceps now that comes
with 12 tangerines, six Berry flavored and
six cran raspberry. I love all three of these
flavors, so I thought it was a good deal.
$6.99. Typically I’m paying $4 anywhere from
three to $4 for a 12 pack. So I think 24 cans,
that’s OK for $6.99.
So all of these foods are approved, stamp on
it by dr Eric Westman. I think there’s one
that is not on there, but I’m sure he would
approve of because at the time when he made
his list, the product didn’t exist. So I’m
sure he would also give it a stamp of approval.
So we have the four or five Oh five chicharrones.
And this one is the chili. Yeah, classic
chili and salt. So, yum you could have pork rinds. Okay. So here we have a hundred percent
grass fed beef patties. This is five pounds
and they’re one third of a pound each for
the patties. It’s 15 patties raised without
antibiotics or hormones, 80% lean and 20%
fat. So that’s even better than the typical
85% fat ground beef that I would buy.
And what is great about this is you don’t
have to limit yourself to just hamburger patties.
People think, Oh, they’re premade patties.
We’re stuck with hamburger patties. There
have been so many times when I have defrosted
the hamburger patties in my fridge and was
able like I’ll take four of them and make
it into a one pound ground beef stack so that
I can make taco meat or whatever it was that
I needed the ground beef for, so you’re not
limited to this. I just thought this was nice
’cause they’re already premade. They’re easy
for me to just throw into a pan or the air
fryer and we have a quick dinner. My kid loves
hamburgers. I love hamburgers. I got the thick
cut bacon. I think this was $10.89.
something like that. It’s a two pack. You
can have bacon. I got some more of my folio
Parmesan cheese wraps.
I just, I think I have one left from the last
haul. Got some of these. Everyone has been
talking about or buys these pickles on keto
from Costco. I think these are relatively
cheap. I want to say they were like five or
$6. It just looks so cool. Like they’re fresh
and it has like all the dill and spices and
everything. On top of it. They’re just convenient
because I’m not one to like eat like big old
dill pickles, but I could handle a couple
of Spears. So this will be nice and it’s one
spear is one carbohydrate. So I probably will
have like maybe one or two a day, something
like that. They still have this chunky guacamole
at my Costco.
They don’t have just the plain avocado cups,
which is what I want. Just want plain avocado
cups. Because I waste whole avocados all the
time. So I prefer these little mini cups.
But all they have is the chunky guacamole.
So I’m stuck with that. Again, I’ll take it.
I mean I still like it. And then I saw Nicole
Burgess talk about these. These are green
Ridge farm naturals beef snack stick. They’re
huge. It’s 110 calories for one. I think it
has one carbohydrate. Yeah, one carbohydrate.
It does not contain any sugar, so that’s good.
It’s just beef water, sea salt, celery powder,
vinegar, garlic, natural flavors in natural
sheep casing. It’s interesting cause there
be sticks, but it says it’s in sheep casing,
whatever. I’m down to try it. So this is the
product that I was thinking that I’m sure
Dr. Eric Westman would approve of these.
So these are those egg thins and cauliflower.
I think they make another one. And the protein
one, I think the protein one actually does
have carbohydrates in it, but this one does
not have carbohydrates. Zero carbs. Basically
I can sit down in one sitting and eat like
one whole package because there are only eight
calories per one. Oh sorry. It says serving
size is five of them and there’s 12 in a package.
So they’re eight calories, zero fat, zero
carbs. So I’m sure he would give his stamp
of approval on this. These are great to use
like a crepe. You could stuff it with, you
know, heavy whipping cream if you wanted to.
You could make a quesadilla, a little thin
taco, whatever. So I love these things and
that’s why I bought them. I picked up some
more of this pulled pork.
Really, really enjoyed this last time. Even
though I ended up having to put some in the
freezer because we didn’t go through it all
after I opened it, which was great because
I pulled it out and used it last week. I had
two servings I think in the freezer, so I
pulled it out last week and used it. Love
this stuff, it’s so good. It’s like this is life.
I picked up my manchego cheese. I talked about
this in my last Costco hall. Well I bought
like a variety pack and this is so this one
is just a big old manchego one. Come on camera.
There you go. And Oh my gosh. This cheese
is heaven. I love this. Manchego is a Spanish
cheese by the way, and it’s sheep’s milk that’s
been aged for six months. So yes, very good.
Then we’ve got pasture raised eggs of course,
always gotta have my eggs. The last thing,
so this is tri tip steak
And this was, it’s $21 but it’s almost four
pounds. It’s 3.89 pounds. So I probably will,
there’s six slices, six pieces, so I’ll probably
freeze it in the freezer in twos. So that
there’s one for my son and one for myself.
Love beef, loves steak. And actually the reason
why I got this, cause I really wanted to buy
a ribeye. The ribeye was going to be a little
bit more expensive, probably about $10 more.
But Ibotta had a thing where if you bought
tri-tip steak or tri tip roast, you automatically
got $4 back. So that’s the reason why I went
in, leaned this way. So that is it. That’s
the Costco haul.
I will be back with the Walmart haul.
I am back with my Walmart hall now. So all
of this was worth $25, but I only paid $5
because I use Ibotta. And if you’re not using
Ibotta, why not? I will go ahead and post
a referral code down below. You download the
app, you can use my referral code. I do get
a little bit of kickback for it. I’ll get
credit towards next accumulation. So how Ibotta
works is when you’re going to shop
somewhere. So let’s say you’re going to go
to Costco, then they have a bunch of items
that they’re trying to promote. If you happen
to buy that item, and purposely I will buy
that item if it looks like, if it’s a good
deal. For example, earlier I bought that tri-tip
because there was a $4 back, Ibotta credit.
Sometimes it’ll be buy two, get one free.
And basically it’s like they reimbursed the
paid price of the product. And we have all
kinds of deals like that. I’ve been using
it for about a little bit over two years.
And then what happens is when you earn a credit,
so the minimum amount that you can cash out
is $20. You can actually load it into your
PayPal, Venmo or you can use it for gift cards
for various stores. So usually I just load
it onto a gift card for Walmart because I
go there so often and then just end up using
it towards a purchase. So here’s mine. I’m
on camera. There you go. So as you can see,
my lifetime, I’ve earned $140.45.
Right now it says I have $0.45 cents left in
my little credit here that you’re always working
towards $20 since I just cashed out, there’s
only $0.45 left in there.
But anyways, if you’re not using it you should
because it’s great. Like I said, I’ve earned
$140. Anyhow. Let’s get on with the Walmart
call. The first thing is, this is not keto.
This is for my son and it was just, I think
it was $2.94. Yeah, it’s 20 grams
of carbs for one pudding cup. But I bought
myself some treats and you know, you have
to kind of do the same for your kids. So my
son absolutely loves putting snacks. He likes
jello snacks. I haven’t bought them for him
in a long time, but since I was going to buy
my myself some jello, sugar-free jello, I figured
I would buy him some pudding cups. I wasn’t
sure if he would like the sugar free pudding
that they have. And actually there was still
like 14 grams of carbs in the sugar free pudding.
So I just bought him the regular one, but
I bought two packages of these sugar-free
jellos. This was the only brand that they
had at Walmart. They didn’t have the Jello
brand. I did not even look at the ingredients
in these. I just bought them because they’re
on the approved list for Dr. Eric Westman.
Another thing that I could not find at Costco
is I needed to get some low carb or sugar
free jerky. Jack links did have a zero carb
jerky, but for some reason my Walmart was
sold out even though online it showed that
they had it in stock. They didn’t actually
have it in stock when I went there. So this
was the only other option. This brand, I’ve
never heard of it before, but it does say
it’s 100% natural, no gluten, no nitrates,
no artificial colorings, no preservatives
no MSG, zero grams of sugar, zero carbs.
It’s two grams of fat for one ounce serving.
And this was kind of expensive. This was like
$10.94 or something like that. That’s for eight
ounces. So it’s not very much. The thing I
really don’t like about this. If you look
closely, there you go. They’re all like little
pieces so you don’t get, you’re not getting
strips of jerky, you’re getting like little
bite sized pieces. That’s the only thing that’s
kind of a bummer of it. Another non keto
thing got my son his bread from there. It
was $4.97 at Walmart. This caught my eye.
Had no intentions of buying any more kind
of sparkling waters or anything since I just
bought that big batch of lacrosse. But when
I was looking for the beef jerky, I went down
the like soda aisle and saw that they had
the clear American. So these are the Walmart
brands of their like sparkling waters and
ice I guess. But this caught my eye because
it’s huckleberry.
Alright. Huckleberry, huckleberry, anything
is my absolute favorite. Now I live in California
and it’s very difficult to come by huckleberry
items. The place that I work serves ice cream
to our patients and their family members in
the afternoon and sometimes they have had
a huckleberry ice cream. I went to Yosemite last year and they had like a whole little
shelf in one of their gift shops. It was all
huckleberry items, huckleberry syrup, Huck
huckleberry, chocolate huckleberry bars of
soap, like everything that you could think
of that was huckleberry. And I just frigging
love huckleberry. So I ended up buying seven
of these and I really hope that they don’t
let me down and that they taste good. So that
was, like I said, I only paid $5 cause I used
Ibotta. I guess we will see you onward with
the week.