Vegan Keto intermittent fasting day

October 14, 2019 0 By William Morgan

Came back from morning swimming. Before I go to work.
This is 조지 오웰의 “동물농장”, of course in English. I loaned this book from school’s library; it is due tomorrow, but only read a half.
Gotta finish it.
The letters are big and have illustrations. My kind of book.
But I didn’t have time to read because I had to get ready for work.
Decaffeinated coffee this week.
First meal to break the intermittent fasting should be almost 100% with little protein, doctors’ say.
But never fat with carb because carbohydrate triggers insulin so that cells are taking up the sugars as well as fats. But fat alone does not influence insulin so much.
I am having high fat breaking fast meal. Cocoa butter, 100% black unsweetened chocolate, walnuts, brazilnuts, pecans. This little jar has 700 kcal, almost all fat calories.
I went to a campus dining place called Burrito Bowl with a student.
We had salad bowls.
They were big and pretty good!
He is from Nepal.
Staff were kind.