TRICK OR MEAT! … Keto Halloween is Around the Corner

October 16, 2019 0 By William Morgan

(door squeaking)
(bouncy music)
– Oh wow.
Look at what you got.
Y’all made out like bandits this year.
– Mom it was awesome.
– Come on, let’s go trade treats.
– I get first pick.
– All right, but you have to
do it on the kitchen table.
– Yes.
(children giggling)
(children cheering)
– Oh, I’m so excited.
– [Boy In Spider-Man Costume]
Yes, gonna eat all of it.
(chairs creaking)
(children excitedly murmuring)
(light thudding)
– Uh, what’s all this?
– Treats daddy.
– Look how much we got.
– You want some?
– Don’t people normally give
out candy for Halloween?
– Candy?
No way.
– Yeah dad, haven’t you heard
that candy’s really bad for you?
– Yeah, that’s why we switched to keto.
(dramatic drumming)
(bouncy music)
– You wanna trade this for your butter?
– Sure.
– How ’bout this for your bacon?
– [Boy In Black Costume] I’ll
trade you a hard boiled egg.
– I mean, so did everybody
in the neighborhood
switch to keto?
– Duh, where have you been?
(air whooshing)
(doorbell ringing)
– [Children] Trick or meat!
– Wow, you guys look great.
An egg for you, some
sausage and bacon for you,
and some guac for you.
– Thank you so much!
(children excitedly yelling)
(air whooshing)
– Ew, how did this
Snickers bar get in here?
– Ew.
– [Boy In Spider-Man Costume] Yuck.
(air whooshing)
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(air whooshing)
(bouncy spooky music)