Tortilla a la francesa

Tortilla a la francesa

July 29, 2019 100 By William Morgan

Welcome to our channel
Today, we will make a French omelette
Of easy has nothing
First of all, light the fire
For this omelette a we will need
A fork and a bowl
First of all shell two eggs
First of all a little salt
We slowly beat them
For a long time

We want it to be smooth on the outside, that’s why we beat a lot of time
At this time we will stop beating
Expand the oil with a little paper
Now we can lay the eggs
Important! mid fire

Stir continuously so it does not snag
All over the pan
So let’s get a juicy omelette inside and smooth out

This is the moment we stop mixing

Cover the whole pan so there are no holes

Separate the sides
To make sure it’s not stuck
And now we start to wrap it
But with a lot of love
Little by little because otherwise it breaks

Now we wrap it on the other side
When we have the two equal parts, it will be time to turn the omelette

Now you have to mold it
Raise the fire a little so that the omelette moves
We close the ends well
And to the plate
We cut it so you can see that it has been smooth on the outside and juicy on the inside
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