October 3, 2019 0 By William Morgan

what’s going to everyone John Venus here and Leo is joining me today and we’re going to dive into a new topic today which is the top five reasons not to go vegan be ready for it yeah let’s do this number one vegans always in the end developed some sort of nutrient deficiency or develop some sort of chronic disease so yeah that is probably one of the most used reasons not to go be you know one of the biggest concerns people have and in my opinion is probably the most understandable concern obviously people don’t want to make such a drastic change to their diet if they’re thinking that they’re going to ruin their health because of it but in the end of the day this concern only comes down to educating yourself on the nutritional contents of different foods so things that people are concerned about are things like iron zinc calcium omega-3s which actually are only produced in plants things like vitamin D vitamin A vitamin K things as well that our body synthesizes it by itself so we’d not need an exogenous source of these nutrients such as cholesterol carnitine creatine in the other day you just have to look these things up and see that there are plenty of ways of getting these nutrients in without having to consume an animal you can enter your food in the diary food diary app like My Fitness Pal for example and just track your food you can see all the you know micronutrients are you getting and it’s really simple you can get everything from plants unless you’re eating Oreos and cereals and french fries all the time then you know if you’re eating varied and whole foods there is no way you’re gonna get a deficiency number – my body doesn’t react well to the vegan diet that is another one which is in principle understandable if if the person actually believes that their body is not compatible with the vegan diet imagine somebody tries vegan diet for two to three days and they get a huge stomach ache they start vomiting you know something like that and then they attribute that to the vegan diet or even more extreme cases people eating vegan for months or even years and then they start getting deficient or they start getting sick so most times when this happens it’s not because of the vegan diet is because of your vegan diet so you cannot say vegan diets don’t work for you you can say that the diet that you were eating does more free so obviously like John mentioned earlier if you eating french fries Oreos just junk food obviously you’re not going to be very healthy you’re gonna be vegan but not very healthy so it doesn’t mean that you’re not compatible vegan diet just means that you have to clean up your diet a little bit more balanced yeah there’s a ton of different vegan diners you know low-carb even the low-carb ketogenic vegan diets there is a high carb low fat those Rotarian processed junk food vegan diets raw like it can’t just say like the meat diet you know people eat meat that’s the meat diet and it might be the case that you have tried you know the vegan diet and coincidentally at the same time you became sick that doesn’t necessarily mean that you got sick because of the vegan diet you know at some point I ate chocolate and the next day I got a fever I’m not going to say it’s because of the chocolate that I have a fever you know try a different kind of style you know do some more research there’s so many different options just give the environment and the animals and the pilot a chance try it again number three and this is the reason that a lot of hunters will give as well as the ones from the village where me and Katherine we’re living in we had to regulate wildlife so it doesn’t go out of control and they don’t spread diseases okay so there this is one of the reasons that at first you you hear it and you’re like okay yeah that sounds kind of logical you know but when you actually start thinking about it’s not really a very good good reason at all because when you think about it animals have been around on the planet for hundreds of millions of years we’ve only been walking around with rifles shooting them down for a few hundred so the animals have done pretty well over the last few hundreds of millions of years before we started messing around in their business so some people just say yeah look at you know how it’s supposed to be hunter-gatherers you know killing the animals regulating nature but there are a lot more animals and humans even on that stage so it’s not like you know we’re seven billion people we can’t just you know be hunting animals and that system doesn’t work anymore we can’t just live in the past we had to you know adapt to our current environment and current situation the world has done fine without us regulating you know the animals for millions and millions of years so why try to change it number four it’s just the way it is culture tradition probably the hardest one to overcome because even when you know what you’re doing isn’t right it’s people find it very hard to overcome the barrier and just climb over this ladder of tradition and and go against what everyone else does and it’s just it’s the social aspect of it it’s the expectations of family and friends you know we all know that tradition doesn’t really mean anything in terms of right or wrong we’ve done many things in the past many traditions many cultures and even today there are some traditions that are absolutely uh ethically appalling you know so there’s no reason to justify an action just based on the tradition but I definitely do understand that some people find it difficult but it just comes down to you have to be brave enough to break the tradition and be the one making the step towards the future you know back in the days were you know slavery was completely normal for thousands of years if you had a version of itself living back then you would think it’s completely normal so it’s all about perspective it’s all about making a choice realizing opening your mind number five there is no reason to go vegan as long as you get your meat and animal products from a sustainable place that kill the animals in a humane way obviously everybody would like that the animals have a good life that they have a good death but the reality of it is as long as it’s an industry that is producing mass producing meat you know that’s just not going to happen if you’re killing if you’re taking a life of an animal that actually wants to live and has its own you know unique existence and his own perspective on the world and a mind that we as humans will never ever understand I don’t see how it can be right no actually I know of a humane way to eat animals okay so basically you adopt a cow you adopt a cow and you call them whatever you want and you know you raise them you cuddle them you put in to sleep whatever for twenty years or however long the cows live and then right before it dies you ask the cow you know do you want to be cremated do you want to be buried or do you want to be eaten and if the cow says remove them then you can go ahead and eat it after you know it’s dead that’s the most of your way to do it so if you want to go ahead about it that way be my guest we’re gonna be eating one cow every 25 years if you’re willing to kill your own pets which most people aren’t alright guys so these were pretty much the five reasons you know the best reasons not to go vegan that we could come up with it’s challenging because all them seem so obviously you know stupid but you know everyone you know has their own reasons and they you know try to stick to them to defend their own beliefs and we’re just we’re not trying to bash anyone we’re not trying to say that you’re stupid or anything like that it’s just you know about opening your mind and we came from the same place as meteors we you know thought it was necessary we thought you know vegetables were for weirdos or whatever and it’s a process it’s a change of perspective and a realization of what is right and what is necessary so anyway guys this is leo my brother and his channel be linked in the description box below make sure to subscribe to this channel a lot of informational videos on food science and whatnot anyway guys as always thank you so much for watching I appreciate your support leave a like button and share this video with your friends that might need to hear this message and as always I’ll see you very soon peace out Oh