Tim Tams:  USA v. Australia! Do they taste the same?

Tim Tams: USA v. Australia! Do they taste the same?

July 19, 2019 26 By William Morgan

Hang on mate, it’s not a cookie, it’s a biscuit.
What’s the difference?
Ah, maybe we should find out.
I’m already going that there seems to be a slight
variation in coloring on this Tim Tam
versus this one. And the congealing of
the chocolate is a little bit different
all right this looks fresh
indeed this looks a little dated like
maybe it’s been shipped overseas?
This is the Australian Tim Tam.
–You are correct.
It is, you’re right
hi-five live folded.
I think that’s the Australian, and
that’s the U.S.
I think that’s the U.S., this is the Australian
That one is pretty sweet. I feel like
this one was almost sweeter than what
I’m used to in Tim Tams
Australian. — this one is Australian.
There’s nothing written on it.
I thought it was like the envelope in the [bleep] Oscar’s.
Check it out, they are totally smaller.
The chocolate in the center looks a bit
pinker on the possibly Australian Tim Tam
They look pretty similar.
-Yeah, right.
I definitely reckon that one is Australian
Confidence is high.
Good job. Nailed it!
Cookie or biscuit? I feel like a biscuit is for gravy.
and cookie sounds like something you’d have a dozen of at one sitting.
that is true . Where as a biscuit you’d have with gravy at breakfast
so you have to start with the corners.
The corners? You bite off
this corner. Just a little bit like that
and then you bite off the opposite
corner. We really should have an
Australian explain – this is multi-step process
then you stick this in and you suck
up through the straw like a straw so
yeah so you stick in this end this one
you have to suck the tea up through here
but then you have to move quick because
it disintegrates pretty fast
that’s what I was going to ask okay.
Ready? okay let’s go
That’s awesome!
You can buy Tim Tams in America now?
That’s right. Thanks to strong U.S.
Australia bilateral trade you can now
buy Tim Tams in America.
In fact, Australia exports over 17 billion
dollars worth of goods to the United States
Wow, that’s a lot of Tim Tims.
That is a lot of Tim Tams.
how I would do a Tim Tam slam without
knowing what a Tim Tam slam is?
OK. me give me a second okay
I think a Tim Tam slam would be like this.
Slam it.
Nope? Okay
And then you take it and you just dunk it in there.
And you say, one two three
– one two three
Tim Tam slam!
is that what you’re supposed to do?