The Truth About Weight Loss | Dr. Nick Delgado

September 13, 2019 0 By William Morgan

this is dr. Nick and I
going to share with you from over 40
years of experience how to get in great
shape get a six-pack set of abs
oles get the slender hips and thighs for
the ladies and really understand the
science of fat metabolism and how to
achieve your ideal goal for many of you
are going to be watching this on an
online course and so you’re going to get
an insight in great detail but I’m going
to give you a summary right now about
what you’re about to learn in this
special online weight loss course there
are really basically six principles to
get six-pack ABS it kind of easy to
remember and we’re gonna go through the
whole idea of super foods rapid fitness
using the mind for late laser focus
concentration number four how to reduce
fat effectively getting proper rest and
sleep to optimize your hormone levels
and overall the actual hormone levels
themselves based on herbs and
supplements and how to balance that out
really I think the first part of this
session is to understand the myths about
weight loss because is it really you
want to reshape your body and reduce
body fat or you just want to lose weight
because if you just want to lose weight
most of these fad weight loss programs
depend on you not thinking about the
fact that the digestive tract when it
fills up with food has basically
somewhere between seven and ten pounds
of weight so if you’re eating foods with
little or no fiber it’s gonna appear
like you’ve lost some weight initially
in the first month or two
furthermore if you’re losing weight
through dehydration through restricting
water intake or even starvation and
you’re losing fat or you’re going
through too many fasting programs your
body starts setting up a signal that it
wants to retain body fat for future use
it’s actually the opposite all these
fasting programs because if you eat only
one meal a day for example sumo
wrestlers are notorious for being way
overweight and they want to gain weight
and their body sets up the stage to
alter hormone balance so when we look at
these Kido Kido Kido diets ketoacidosis
you do encounter fatigue they even kind
of slow you down people talk a little
bit less because they have less energy
they’re losing water it’s really a fake
kind of weight loss and then you might
may lose as much as seventeen pounds but
it’s not really
directly accelerate accelerating the
rate at which you burn fat legitimately
and keep it off so when you measure
calories and you burn food in a bomb
calorimeter it burns the fiber along
with the whole food so when they imply
that high fiber diets have as many
calories as these meat and cheese and
eggs dairy products with no fiber that’s
not true high fiber diets actually have
because the absorption of fiber is
little or none in terms of chloric
absorption it’s actually your friend to
eat foods very high in fiber even if
they seem bulky and filling and more
satisfying indeed there is a genetic
component to reducing body fat and if
you were one of the enforcement persons
who had what we’ve been born with more
than 300 billion fat cells compared to
those with only 30 billion fat cells
will remain tend to thin throughout
their life maybe for in primitive times
during starvation you would have
survived more likely if you’ve been born
with more fat cells to store the fat but
in current times most people store it
far too long and have a great difficulty
in losing it particularly if they have
that genetic tendency so we’ve got to be
even more diligent if you have those
genetic tendencies so remember fiber is
your friend all the foods that are
highest in fiber will fill you up and
it’ll cause a temporary weight gain on
the weight scale but over weeks and
weeks and months you’ll tend to see the
net effect and the benefit also foods
that are very rich in water content like
fruits and vegetables that’s a lot of
extra water and if you’ve been on a
high-protein diet you might suddenly
gain a lot of extra water weight that’s
why keto people are so afraid oh don’t
break your keto diet don’t eat 20 grams
of fructose or glucose or whatever it’s
gonna mess up your whole diet it’s just
gonna mess up your water balance it’s
not going to change the rate at which
you burn fat so learn about the body is
7080 percent water and as we get older
we become more and more dehydrated you
don’t want to accelerate dehydration and
worse than the body function so eating
more starch resistant carbohydrates is
your best friend plan on reducing about
a pound a week which is four pounds a
month and over six months that’s 24
pounds a potential solid fat by doing
the right principles that we’re going to
share with you remember it’s a myth that
fruit is fattening fruit is a sugar it’s
partly fructose actually made up a
little bit more of glucose and that
glucose is burned efficiently in about
two calories per minute because the
fiber slows its absorption the fructose
you’re often told that it’s somehow is
stored in the liver as glycogen which is
true but it can be used at a later time
as needed and it’s easily burned and
liberated particularly during intense
and active exercise fruit is very
filling there’s only say example an
apple only 23 grams of sugar of which 13
grams of it or fructose compare that to
coke 16 ounces of coke 52 grams of sugar
of which about almost more than half 30
grams is fructose so coke is completely
different the soda pops the fructose
enters the body very quickly it it’s
industrial fructose it has no
polyphenols so it doesn’t stabilize
blood sugar whereas apples they absorb
very slowly because the fiber of slows
is absorption and the rate at which it
burns is stable because the polyphenols
stabilize blood sugar there’s no rapid
highs and lows apples are very
satisfying whereas coke sodas or not I
keep comparing to Coke because all these
fast foods using industrial fructose and
man-made sugars that’s what you need a
boy but don’t avoid fruit you need more
fruit and vegetables and whole food
because they’re high in fiber they’re
rich in vitamin C and and the potassium
and folate they help to reduce
cholesterol study after study shows that
a high fruit vegetable BMP nutsy diet in
the whole state lowers the risk of
diabetes stroke and heart attack fruits
like apples and oranges are more filling
than eb4 eggs fruit in one study of
people eating over 82 percent of their
calories from fruit with nuts they all
lost weight and the overweight people
lost the most so look forward to even if
you have a long way to go over time
month after month you’re gonna reach
your goal effectively and maintain as
you learn this new way of eating if it’s
not been something you’ve ever tried
now again keto diets and paleo diets I’m
gonna lump them together they’re very
attractive because they’re really
appealing to the American appetite I’m
trying to eat more fat more meat more
chicken more dairy more eggs and
that benefits the for food group the big
food industry big producers of dairy
products and meat and cattle and so
forth but it doesn’t benefit your health
study after study shows that these keto
diets are not effective in the long run
so I remember back when I first started
out and I was grossly overweight I had
high blood pressure and I needed to
reduce after I’d had my first TI a or
stroke yes I was only 22 year old 22
years old when I had my first stroke and
I realized I needed to do something
urgently and fortunately I read the book
live longer now by one of my mentors
Nathan Pritikin and it made a big
difference I made a huge change by
eating lots of fresh fruit vegetables
beans and peas and exercising and all
the course of six months I reduced over
36 pounds kept 30 to 40 pounds off over
the course of 40 years this is a success
that not just myself but tens of
thousands of other people that have
experienced is following a whole food
plant-based diet with the proper
supplementation which we’ll cover in a
little bit the average person on dr.
Walter kepner’s diet eating a lot of
fruit and rice excluding all other foods
for that case they were trying to
control for other disease conditions the
average person reduce over 146 pounds in
one year that was reported in annals of
internal medicine by dr. Walter Kempner
and these people sustained all their
nitrogen protein retention on only 20
grams of protein a day that’s right the
body recycles enzymes it digests its own
digestive tract recycles so the body is
very efficient at getting complete whole
proteins and then combining them with a
little bit of protein that’s naturally
present in fruits and vegetables you’ll
be able to sustain this for the rest of
your life and lose the weight now Sheila
was a good example who she followed our
program with NLP I called neuro
reprogramming hormonal bounce she went
on some supplements that balance out her
hormones she went on the whole superfood
high-fiber diet with exercise and her
success 55 pounds lost in nine months
and she kept it off now for
years and years later she’s out of
Canada yes
studies show that there’s a genetic
tendency towards weight gain and there’s
certain monkeys for example that gain
more weight than others and they’ve been
able to measure and quantify both their
percentage of fat based on their number
of fat cells and based on certain eating
habits so you know most most animals
will gravitate to the higher density
higher nutrient rich foods and they
might gain more weight particularly if
they eat a lot of processed foods that’s
when they’re gonna gain a lot of weight
foods without fiber that’s what happens
to humans as well so ancient humans you
go back to plant proteins we were not
paleo now we may have forged we may have
eaten occasional animal product but
overall we were largely plant-based
eating animals more than 40 million
years ago
study after study confirming fruits nuts
vegetables fungus covered the tropical
leaves and they ate all these foods in
it balanced out their insulin they
reduced their fat and this was reported
in Scientific American July 23rd 2012
The Huffington Post talks about
Paleolithic vs. vegetarian humans and so
I think our origin shows us that we
really need to understand density of
foods and what’s a selection at this
point I want to be very clear those
foods that have the least fiber the
least water content the highest chloric
density think of it what is it it’s oils
olive oil margarine butter ghee very
dangerous very toxic ghee is the worst
because it’s a oxidized cholesterol and
intends to worse and heart disease and
cancer risk factor the average serving
per hundred grams or half a cup is over
a thousand calories even up to 1600
calories in the concentrated oils a lot
of calories and not much nutritional
value you can get your nutrient density
from nuts and seeds and avocados and
oils which are very high in calorie but
they also have fiber the fiber doesn’t
absorb it just passes out of the
digestive tract and serves other
important functions so keep in mind if
you’re gonna follow a nutrient density
course reduce use of sugars
reduce maple syrup reduce the
concentrated say pizzas continue fried
whatever Wendy’s and different
hamburgers places McDonald’s you go to
switch over to Whole Foods minimize meat
cheese eggs and dairy product and if you
do eat fish or scallop or shrimp or
Lobster they are low in calories but
they still have cholesterol which can
clog arteries which is not a fat that’s
for another subject on heart disease so
remember high caloric dense low fiber or
no fiber foods with the exception of
nuts and seeds which are high in calorie
there are the only ones in this whole
category that have fiber that is
beneficial the best foods if you’re
wanting to reduce body fat are the
low-density that is low in calorie
density but high in nutrient density
high in water content and that includes
the higher calorie items are only 60 to
120 calories like fruit and tubers mango
banana persimmon or if he potatoes are
good leeks corn lentils peas cereal soup
and salads if you look at fruit apples
watermelon countable there’s only 20 to
60 calories there great eat all the
fruit you want even ten or more servings
of fruit a day is going to sustain you
and help you to lose weight more
effectively if you eat a lot of
vegetables 10 or 20 servings a day
mushrooms cucumbers eggplant celery
broccoli cabbage eat them in soups eat
them in casseroles the more you eat the
lower the calorie level it is because
there’s only 20 to 40 calories so
nutrient density high water high fiber
content now healthy medium calorie foods
to sustain your weight if you want to
gain a little weight yams pinto beans
brown rice sweet potatoes certainly you
can have some avocados soaked nuts and
seeds coconut and almond even vegetable
sushi has a little bit more caloric
density these are healthy foods mixed
into a balanced diet if you’re gonna
rush to lose weight minimize this
category but eat them you know as part
of a good cuisine what about cuisines
cultures all over the world have healthy
cuisines and you can get them with less
added processed sugars or oils keep in
mind Asian Thai Chinese Korean
Vietnamese Japanese food lot of
vegetables some rice a lot of
nutrient-dense fresh food it’s really
good way to go even at
in food you can select more of the
salads minestrone soup I use spaghetti
squash with a fat-free tomato sauce
Greek salad bars and soups or Mexican
food hummus eggplant beans and rice and
fajita vegetables I like to do crock pot
cooking and cooking in large containers
where I have a variety of potatoes and
vegetables and brown rice and curry
pepper and spices all rich in
antioxidants and nutrients and keeps the
blood sugar and triglycerides stabilized
I’ve created a series of products
including lean and fit and it’s a really
a breakthrough product our new improved
lean and fit I’m really excited about
this product has energy inducing gharana
seed it has Irv Anja calorimetry burrata
it these are some things that help to
minimize appetite and increase the rate
at which you metabolize or burn fat
Raspberry Ketones white Poobah cho
garcinia fruit indiana Kempe and prickly
pear fruit and green tea and a variety
of things like kudzu and the RNA DNA
complexes this is a great product you
can take one before a meal with a lot of
extra water this is going to help you to
reduce body fat and get in great shape
so lean and fit is a good go-to
it’ll help with healthy weight loss
appetite suppressant increase metabolism
burn more calories of fat and rna-dna
which stabilizes the whole body frame I
course when I take me to fit I like to
exercise or even without the lean and
fit pyramiding or progressively using a
little bit heavier weight on down to
lighter weights that’ll help you to
overcome fatigue and burn a training
effect where you burn more fat and kind
of stabilize the blood sugar levels so
train outdoors daily whenever you can
outdoors is a great way to get in shape
and it improves your hormonal balance
being outdoors in the Sun muscle
building products the protein peptides a
wonderful product called beet vitality
along with grow young this has amino
acids that stimulates the rate at which
the body builds muscle and repairs and
vitalizes the body and has organic beets
that releases nitric oxide that vassal
dilates improves circulation niacin is a
really great product
and I think you’re gonna find it’s gonna
help grow young is a spray and that has
very essential specific growth factor
amino acids that stimulates the repair
and the strengthening and the rebuilding
the body another category is using h2
molecular hydrogen not only does a boost
a metabolism it cleanses the body
because it hydrates the body better it
is a breakthrough in helping us to
reduce that is selectively to identify
antioxidants or as an antioxidant
identify free radicals that is it
supports anti obesity increases energy
increases saturation or that is
hydration overall so we’re looking at
healthy nutrients we’ve come out with
some whole series of products that help
with estrogen dominance men as well as
women can have estrogen dominance so we
have products that have a proper amount
of dim Dynel methane it has the
nutrients which is coming from
cruciferous vegetables it’s so good for
you it detoxifies the harmful estrogens
reduces chemical exposure toxins BPA and
plastics additives and preservatives so
try one of our award-winning top-selling
products Esther block Esther block pro
or the dim 259 these are some great
products so these products help to stop
the retention of fat the particular
hormones that tend to retain fat and
they detoxify the liver and they improve
neural function or is that has improved
the rate at which your your body or your
brain goes through chemical reactions at
over a billion chemical reactions per
per second neuro insight is a methyl
donor and that’s one of its functions so
as you detoxify these harmful fats and
byproducts and metabolize then using the
methyl donors such as Nero insight is
going to move them through their last
pathway in the proper stages to cleanse
the body I remember Jeff for your life I
did an interview with him and when he
was 54 he was quite overweight on an
animal center diet he didn’t have his
hormone balance by the age of 64 he
balances hormones learn more about diet
and exercise but then he had coronary
heart disease so he switched over to a
plant-based Whole Foods diet and by the
age of 70
evan has solved the problem of clogging
of the arteries
while he’s maintained a good body shape
and looking great as he ages I compete
routinely in strength endurance
competitions and one of the things
written in the newspapers back in
October 2007 was I was challenging the
world record for curl and press and
later I broke the world record for curls
but on that particular event I did break
the world record and that record still
fifty thousand five hundred pounds
lifted overhead in one hour I do it for
Autism Awareness I’m always looking for
research and topics to help kids with
inflammation and toxins and chemicals
and I I gotta say that people who are
troubled by thyroid problems you first
want to look at iodine iodine is very
important to optimize thyroid function
we use a product called rad iodine very
very effective and it’s it’s part of
when you read the work and I’ve
interviewed dr. David Brownstein who has
studied how important iodine is in to
the metabolic process of the body and
thyroid bounce so if you have low
thyroid levels if you’re attending to
have low energy low sex drive poor
mental clarity brittle nose aging skin
slowing of hair growth cold hands or
feet then look into this now the next
besides the iodine you might need a
thyroid replacement
t3 t4 which is the full complex of
thyroid along with Firma products nature
stroyed and some others that we
recommend now when you’re wanting to
lose weight you’ve got to understand
addictions and addictions can be dealt
of course because people tend to over
overuse certain drugs they overuse
alcohol or they overeat and there’s kind
of a unifying factor when Elvis Presley
died it was a tragedy when Robin
Williams died again an overdose type
situation or complications related to
depression so these are hormonal
imbalances what you want to do is learn
about how you balance the adrenals and
this is a good way as you balance the
adrenals to get to an ideal body weight
and achieve your ideal goal we look then
at some of the best ways is to use the
adrenal dmg with the adrenal complex and
various herbs and the
i melted lysine that improves metabolism
and neural insight the methyl donor so
when we look at that when I mentioned
hormonal balance not only do I have
optimum cortisol levels not too high but
not low either it’s really important you
sustain good cortisol levels but you
want to optimize your testosterone test
evita is a great product that has herbs
that helps your body to produce its own
testosterone and generate it effectively
and efficiently and clear what’s called
sex hormone binding globulin attaching
to it to release more of the
bioavailable free testosterone test so
Genesis is a cream that you rub in your
skin and it helps to absorb DHEA
pregnant and some of the plant sterols
androgens that help to restore fitness
and well-being I think many doctors
believe that testosterone enhancement is
one of the keys to anti-aging is very
very important so overall this protocol
rich in supplements rich in fiber you
can add the slim blend protein to your
mix to your drinks along with beet
vitality that combination gives you over
30 whole organic fruits and vegetables
it gives you the fiber that your body
needs in detoxification the variety of
supplements that I’ve reviewed are part
of the Delgado protocol and our online
courses will explain more as we progress
I never forget working with Tony Robbins
1992-93 and we published as I published
a nine-day research study on hundreds of
his attendees and graduates in this case
643 people and not only did we notice
the reduction their body weight within
nine days their blood pressure improved
their kidney function liver function
improved triglycerides came down which
is fat the blood and the cholesterol
itself so I expect that most people over
the course of several months either
going to and understanding the whole
power of the mine and how that works
that’s kind of the next level of
intervention so my books stay young my
book simply healthy some other releases
I have now but you’ve got to ask
yourself the right questions and have a
I can do attitude make exercise fun eat
more plant-based Whole Foods get the
right herb and supplementation and
really attack the balance of aging
related to hormones and stem cells learn
that you know certain foods that you
helps you to feel good and each year you
get better feel good about me I think
that’s kind of the underlying tone so
ask these empowering questions did I
take my supplements today our my
hormones and bounce am i doing cleansing
with the slim blend and live detox which
raw fruits and vegetables and sprouts
are you eating today did you have a
whole blended drink how many salads and
vegetables can you eat today and are you
using the slim blend product along with
this slim tote tote to carry around your
fruits and vegetables each day which I
do on a regular basis and restock your
energy foods and your supplements so
remember 97 percent up to 99 percent of
all decisions are made at the
unconscious level so don’t depend on
willpower learn how to kind of control
through the conscious mind that you will
be able to achieve your goals and just
remember this is not an easy plan it’s
not easy at all to deal with what your
normal habits are but as you make these
changes you can make and accomplish
these goals and we honor that struggle
it may be difficult for other people
they may not bill accomplished with this
program this online program go through
each of the audible podcasts the videos
the notes the downloads and you’re gonna
learn how neuro reprogram will help you
to focus on your goal help you to focus
on your goal so from birth until death
we move in the direction of our dominant
thoughts we can do we must act out what
is planned planted in the mind rich or
poor fat earthen smoker or nonsmoker
so start focusing on those high-level
accomplishments and goals and we have
anything that’s repeated 7 days or more
to 30 days can become a good habit or a
bad habit so each night repeat before
bed I will be in my unconscious mind all
night long and accomplish my goals close
your eyes now for a moment just relax
put yourself in a state and thinking
about where in your past where would you
point if it was behind you and if your
futures in the front or to the side or a
view point that’s your timeline and what
I want you to do is imagine yourself
floating up above this room above the
sky above the clouds and imagine you’re
looking down to yourself a day before
you first started making this
to achieve your goals now I want you to
embed positive thoughts and feelings
into your mind love and healing and help
you as you come back into the room only
so fast as you let go of all those
limonene beliefs and desires and goals
and make them a reality
see yourself reducing your body fat
putting more vegetables into your diet
and fruit and more salads and soups each
day when you have an urge to consume
meat or dairy product use the numbers
counting backwards to be in check 5 I’m
going to eat yeah eight healthy four I’m
going to eat more soup salad fruits and
vegetables three I’m gonna have positive
thoughts too I’m going to energize my
body of exercise one I’m gonna compris
these steps every day as you reduce fat
every few hours every few weeks every
few months as you drink more water eat
fresh fruits and vegetables more foods
that satisfy you you’re gonna save your
results so I love eating whole
superfoods I choose to adopt a low-fat
whole nutrition nutrient density product
program and I love to enjoy this process
as I feel my body and see my body
improving leaner fitter and healthier
and happier so your choice overall if
you go to excuse me certain restaurants
where certain foods are probably not a
good choice I want you to kind of make
some news choices in your life and let
go of those limiting beliefs like I’m
overweight or I can’t exercise or I
don’t have time these are the things
that you can direct your unconscious
mind and here’s a list of some books
that I encourage you to follow how to
direct your unconscious mind and Richard
bounders guide to transformation instant
self-help gnosis by raw a Forbes Robin
Blair in the five-second rule by Mel
Robbins so what will you be like 20
years from now if you don’t change now
you need to make those changes and
progressively as you follow the program
go to Delgado protocol comm for more a
continuation of the online courses
this is dr. NIC Delgado enroll in the
online course called coaching program
that is and we have various courses and
education materials to support you in
your goals thank you very much
be well be strong and
I look forward to assisting you towards
your goals of optimum health