The Portfolio Diet – The Portfolio Diet Explained

October 4, 2019 0 By William Morgan

don’t think of the portfolio diet as a
diet think of it as an investment in
lower cholesterol studies have shown
that the portfolio diet plan cuts
cholesterol as well as powerful
cholesterol-lowering drugs with no side
effects the portfolio diet isn’t
designed as a weight-loss diet its focus
is unloading cholesterol but there’s no
reason why you can’t incorporate the
foods in the portfolio diet into a
weight-loss plan when you invest in a
retirement portfolio you spread your
money across several different kinds of
investments the idea is to maximize your
benefits while minimizing your risks the
portfolio diet calls for the same kind
of investment in cholesterol-lowering
foods just as you wouldn’t bet all your
money on a single stock Jenkins says you
shouldn’t bet your health on a single
kind of healthy food as your cholesterol
count goes up so does your risk of heart
disease the safest way to lower
cholesterol is by diet but until
recently experts thought that most
people really couldn’t significantly
lower their cholesterol by diet alone
the portfolio diet recipe for lower
cholesterol focuses on four kinds of
food the portfolio diet substitutes soy
based foods for meat the portfolio diet
incorporates as much sticky fiber as
possible those on the portfolio diet
take three daily servings of the natural
psyllium product Metamucil many use it
to thicken their sign milk oats and
barley replace other grains preferred
vegetables include eggplant and okra the
portfolio diet replaces butter and
margarine with plant sterols enriched
margarine u.s. brands include pinnacle
and take control and Brent’s in other
countries are bracel and flora proactive
plant sterols are also available in
capsule form as dietary supplements the
portfolio diet includes nuts results of
studies have shown that people who
religiously follow the portfolio diet
can lower their cholesterol if your goal
is cholesterol reduction this is a very
adequate plan if your goal is weight
reduction this may not be it if your
goal is reducing your risk of heart
attack the
Turanian diet may be better be sure to
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