October 15, 2019 0 By William Morgan

hey there it’s Susan Peirce Thompson and
welcome to the weekly vlog
the cookbook is here oh my gosh oh my gosh two big boxes
arrived at my house
two big boxes and I opened it up and
twelve of these were in each box boop
boop boop
the cookbook is here hardcover ah no
jacket fold
you know jacket folding thing it’s so
beautiful oh okay so this vlog is coming
out on October 9th the cookbook is
published on October 22nd which is a
Tuesday I don’t know if you know this
but books are always published on
Tuesdays it’s a thing I don’t know why I
should I should ask I don’t know why but
book publication dates are always on a
Tuesday anywho in this vlog I’m gonna
tell you all about the cookbook and in
particular how it pertains to you like
what what relates to you around this
book because there’s a lot like if
you’re interested in Bright Line Eating
in any way shape or form you should care
about this okay so it’s so exciting
can you tell I’m excited okay it’s it’s
really pretty so first of all let me
tell you about the history so this is
kind of funny
a while back I don’t actually know the
date I shot a vlog saying there will
never be a Bright Line Eating cookbook
like all of you people asking for a
cookbook stop asking because you should
just keep your food simple and you know
we don’t do recipes and like just
steam your green beans basically you
know it’s not complicated
you know weigh your food like chicken
green beans salad you know
oatmeal yogurt blueberries like there’s
no need for a recipe and then what
happened then then in January of this
year I shot another vlog saying I’m
working on a cookbook okay okay so I did
I get from there to there
well if I’m really honest if I’m really
the biggest factor was that fake Bright
Line Eating cookbooks made by people who
I don’t know how they sleep at night but
that’s not my business I’m gonna keep my
eyes on my side of the street keep my
eyes on my own plate but fake Bright
Line Eating cookbooks started to come
out on Amazon stealing our trademark and
and and giving people like really bad
guidance like people would write in
what’s with the Bright Line Eating
smoothie cookbook why are you making that
and we’re like um there is no Bright
Line Eating smoothie cookbook I mean that
that one got published the day the book
Bright Line Eating got published it was
ridiculous but then others you know put
out cookbooks with like honey and maple
syrup and the recipes and were like
some folks published Bright Line Eating
cookbooks literally with the same
recipes that they used for the paleo
cookbook they put out and the keto
cookbook they put out and the you know
whatever and so the confusion amongst
people who were just honestly used to
having a cookbook with whatever diet
program they would start right like
they’re used to like starting a plan and
they get the the plan in the book and
then they get the cookbook and they
would go on Amazon Amazon even started
to bundle the book Bright Line Eating
with some of these fake cookbooks and we
can’t control that like we’d write into
Amazon hello
that is not our book you know we write
into Amazon all like we had lawyers
writing into Amazon like these books are
can you please not but Amazon whatever
they’re in the business of making money
by selling books and they just sell
whatever books people want to make okay
so that was the biggest factor actually
was not out of indignation or anger at
the people who were publishing those
books although I’m sure you heard the
heat of my voice I did have you know a
part of me that felt reactive about that
but motivated actually by protecting and
serving the people in our community who
would be led astray by misinformation in
those books and so that was the biggest
factor that led me to think well in a
perfect world everyone would be steaming
their green beans but then but then I
realized well wait a second there are a
lot of legitimate reasons for someone to
want recipes right like I had to realize
my mom taught me how to cook when I was
a little girl like when I was 5 years
old my mom and I went to a hardware
store and bought a wooden step like
ladder can you picture a stepladder like
that goes up you know waist high or
something or knee high and it’s got like
you know two little rungs and then a
little platform we bought a wooden
little ladder and we painted it multi
colors like on our back porch and when I
was five years old I would stand on the
top platform of that and stir pots and
you know I knew how to carefully baste
broiler chicken you know with soy sauce
and lemon juice to make it delicious
under the broiler and watch it carefully
to make sure it didn’t burn when I was
five I knew how to cook I knew how to
steam broccoli I knew how to make
spaghetti I knew how to I knew how to
cook and that’s not everybody’s
experience so I had to reflect deeply
that I legit could have made
Thanksgiving dinner at the age of nine
like it was so funny because um you know
my mom and dad got divorced when I was
four and why am I saying all this
sometimes I just start talking about
stuff in the vlog but I don’t intend to
but I think this is relevant like my mom
and dad got divorced when I was four and
my mom had a significant boyfriend in my
later childhood years and I ended up
talking to him out of the blue you know
how social media allows people to
connect up that you know you’d never
think I ended up talking to him when I
was like 33 years old and he said to me
he said you know what I remember most
about you and of course you know like I
was 8 to 10 years old when he was my
mom’s boyfriend and I’m holding my
breath like what’s he gonna say what a
intense thing to say you know what I
remember most about you and I said no I
have no idea what and then I’m holding
my breath and he said your cooking
like I used to pick you up sometimes
after school and just sit in the living
room and read a science magazine and you
would like go to work in the kitchen
making dinner for all of us for when
your mom came home from work and you
were like eight years old and you would
whip up these huge amazing meals he’s
like that’s what I remember most about
you your cooking so anyway that’s just
a reflection that I got that reminded me
yeah I I had an unusual skill for or you
know training and cooking because my mom
loved to cook and her mom before her
loved to cook my uncle is a gourmand of
the real my grandmother knew Julia Child
just saying so not everybody has that
experience like a lot of people come
into Bright Line Eating and you know a
book like this with actual guidance not
just recipes but actual guidance on like
if you don’t know how to cook if you
don’t feel comfortable in a kitchen how
do you actually do this Bright Line
Eating thing right like if you’re not
here’s the introduction it’s just this
book is so beautiful like if you’re not
somebody who you know chapter five all
about vegetables right like if you don’t
have a lifetime of experience cooking
vegetables if you get a bunch of carrots
home from the grocery store and you’re
like what do I do with these now do I
wash them first or put them in the
fridge do they need to be sealed in a
bag or in a glass container how do I
what do I do with these carrots to get
them in a salad like you know this book
really takes you you know roasted
cauliflower charred green beans
cinnamon winter squash like you know if
you don’t have if you’re running out of
vegetable ideas in Bright Line Eating
so I just started to think like and this
is part of the invited versus included
discussion that I started in a vlog over
the summer like it has to do with
listening to our community and realizing
that we’re not all the same we don’t all
come from the same background and really
like sharpening my ears to the reality
that not everybody has my same
background or experience we all come
from different places and for some
people the process of like eating whole
real food which does involve going to
the grocery store more often than
they’re used to and spending more time
in a kitchen than they’re used to is a
daunting thing and the question of like
how do I do that and what do I do
is a daunting thing so we resolved to
make a cookbook and then we had to make
a cookbook yeah so the making of this
book was torturous I won’t lie like
bordering on nightmarish but as is often
the case with difficult life experiences
it ended up being amazing and like just
right you know like it was hard so what
was hard about it was unlike the first
book which was just pouring out of me
you know and very much based on the
bootcamp that had been going for a while
and this book was a crowd-sourced effort
and I first of all really need to thank
the hundreds and hundreds of Bright
Lifers whose recipes case studies before
and after pictures and food preparation
and menu tips are reflected in this book
this was not a book that I said what
recipes do I make let’s put them in a
cookbook because the truth is I hardly
make any recipes I actually do just
steam my green beans but the question of
like well what do you do for a Bright
Line Thanksgiving what do you do what do
you bring to a potluck if you’re a
Bright Liner or what what do you do when
you’re tired of the vegetables you’re
eating or just you know hey I want more
food ideas we sourced from Bright Liners
and Bright Life well Bright Lifers
really so if you don’t know Bright
Lifers are people who’ve completed
either the Bright Line Eating Boot Camp
or Reboot Rezoom those are the two
courses that feed into Bright Lifers and
then at the end of those one of those
courses they decided to join Bright
Lifers we have about 5,000 Bright Lifers
right now and we’re a very tight-knit
community it’s unbelievable how how warm
and tight-knit our Bright Lifers
community is the recipes featured in
this book are from Bright Lifers and so
the crowdsourcing part was hard um there
are two people who worked on this book
full-time for a long time and thank you
– Julia Carol and Nicola Kraus you’re
amazing thank you to Nat Denkin who
found the references like he did for the
first book I love you Nat you’re amazing
scientist extraordinaire you might think
we’ll Susan Peirce Thompson aren’t you a
scientist don’t you know the references
and I’m like no I was a professor for a
long time and I
to a lot of conferences and what I did
was I extracted stuff and and I’ll say
like oh yeah blah blah blah statistic
may or may not be accurate blah blah
blah statistic uh I don’t know where I
heard it but some ten years ago I was at
a conference somewhere and somebody said
blah blah blah and then Nat Denkin will
be like right okay I’ll go chase down
that reference for you so thank you Nat
oh look at this Moroccan carrot bowl let
me see here I don’t know I know the
lights are kind of Moroccan Carrot Bowl
this did I tell you already how
beautiful this book is oh my goodness
and there’s um there’s Bright Lifers
before and after stories all through the
book where are some in between chapters
here we go these are amazing and you
know I gotta say this book is on my
coffee table right now and I just keep
flipping through it because yeah the
before and afters are just look at this
look at this wait where’d she go Lisa oh
my goodness can you believe this can you
see that
unreal anyway and then so here’s her
story here’s her numbers all through the
book so thank you to everyone who
contributed and my team oh my gosh so
what happened all through the process of
making the book was emergencies came up
like wait who is testing the recipes
didn’t we have a process for that oh my
goodness and then my team jumped in
formed a subcommittee started cooking
started testing the recipes wait who’s
taking pictures of the recipes I thought
Hay House was handling that oh no
they’re paying for it but we have to find
the photographer oh my goodness how long
do we have to do it a week awesome and
then my team jumped in and like started
this process so thank you to my team
lots and lots and lots of people on the
Bright Line Eating team at various
points formed emergency subcommittees to
handle certain things yeah it was an
intense book to make but now that it’s
out and
I don’t know if you notice I’m wearing
the outfit that I’m wearing on the cover
of the book that was a fun photo shoot I
just wanted to be simple right barefoot
holding an apple like weight loss made
simple so let me tell you about this
book itself and how you can use it so
there are a few features of this book
that make it different from any cookbook
I believe that you’ll ever find one is
that I cover in the first few chapters
science on how the brain lowers its body
fat setpoint so you can actually get
into a right sized body and how the food
you eat relates to the lowering of that
body fat setpoint so the first few
chapters are all science and some of it
is science that’s in the first book and
some of it is new science then there’s
all these recipes breakfast recipes
recipes of lunch or dinner like on a
plate where you would have protein
vegetable fruit or fat grain so recipes
related to just putting your food on a
plate and then bowls warm bowls and cold
bowls so if you do lunch and dinner and
you just want to throw everything in one
big bowl maybe it’s a warm bowl maybe
it’s a cold bowl it could be lunch or
dinner but those are basically the
chapters vegetables breakfast vegetables
plate you know recipes for food that
would go on a plate recipes for warm
bowls recipes for cold bowls so that’s
kind of different too and we have
another feature here every recipe oh my
goodness look at this Jennifer you’re
killing me good grief look at this Oh
crazy anyway because the book is in
color the before and after pictures are
so impactful right okay we have tips
from Bright Lifers like how they store
it like here’s a page of tips you know
from from Bright Lifers like how how
they store their vegetables in the
fridge or different tips
for trav- you know what they do with
their food when they travel and stuff
like that but we have um this feature
where let’s see here we have bells like
how much is this recipe gonna ring your
one bell two bells or three bells so one
bell recipes are like really safe for
you if you’re a 10 on the susceptibility
scale or you’re just starting with
Bright Line Eating and you want to
protect your brain and let it heal then
you look for the one bell recipes and we
always put those earlier in the chapter
so you can just they’re the first ones
you encounter and then later in the
chapter we put two bell and three bell
recipes that might ring your clock a
little bit because they’re a little
sexier a little fancier or they have
sexier ingredients in them like nuts or
nut butters or whatever and but like if
you’re like okay I want to make its you
know I’m going to a potluck and I want
to make something kind of fancy then you
can look toward the end of the chapter
and those recipes will have like the
three bells
but you’d been like that’s cool I’m just
bringing it to a potluck it’s fine so
it’s the only cookbook on earth I
believe that is segmented by how the
recipes are gonna impact your brain so
if you look through the book like I do
and you’re like whoa that food is way
sexier than I would ever eat doing
Bright Line Eating it’s like well yeah
those are the three bell recipes right
there are one bell recipes too and then
the other thing we have is the whole
book is segmented for whole food
plant-based versus omnivore eaters so if
your whole food plant-based don’t feel
like you’re left out we absolutely
thought of you and if you eat meat and
dairy we thought of you too and it’s
very clear how that sort of works in the
book and we also have meal plans by
season so if you don’t want to plan if
you don’t want to do the work of
planning what to eat check this out
here’s the omnivores weekly meal plan by
season winter
week one week two week three week four
and then you can wash rinse repeat if
you want and then for the omnivore we
move on to spring meal plans all laid
out for you recipes are already in the
book and then we do it all over again
for plant-based eaters spring winter
spring summer fall amazing oh look at this so
great so you can use this book if you
want to completely take the guesswork
out of what to do with your food you can
also use it if you’re like what’s the
deal with a crock-pot the insta pot how
do I make yogurt how do I you know make
homemade beans to save a ton of money
all that’s in here too so okay let me
share with you now what the button down
below is about and what we’re doing to
launch this book so it’s October 9th
that this vlog is coming out the book is
published on October 22nd so let me
share what’s happening if you click down
below you’ll go to a pre-order page and
you can either pre-order the book there
or if you’ve already pre-ordered the
book here’s what happens on that page we
have a couple of really great gifts for
bonuses gifts whatever you want to call
it free things for you that we thought
ahead and we thought you would really
like if you buy this book so you buy
this book maybe you already did or on
the page if you click down below you can
pre-order the book and then when you
enter your order number your transaction
number your receipt number whatever you
want to call it you enter it in on that
page if you already pre-ordered the book
just go online to your account with you
know let’s say it’s Amazon or whatever
just go to your orders list find where
you ordered the cookbook and just copy
the set of numbers that is your receipt
number or your order number if you did
it through Barnes & Noble or whatever
just copy the order number
paste it into the box and of course if
you’re ordering from the page fresh
right now just notice your receipt
number copy it paste it into the box and
then you get the gifts so two gifts one
is a set of videos and PDFs of what I
eat I’m pretty streamlined with my food
and I’m very neutral with my food like
my night like on my nightly checklist
is like on a scale from one to five how
high were my food cravings today and
like every day I’m like one like
non-existent non-existent I don’t have
any food cravings I don’t have any food
cravings I don’t have any food cravings
my food is neutral if you want to know
what I eat to make my brain calm like
that and if you want to see me actually
in my kitchen actually in my pajamas
actually at breakfast making my food
yeah and I even show the actual products
that I eat and you know not to promote
them or whatever I don’t get any
kickbacks or whatever was just saying
that’s what I eat like here that here’s
what I buy here’s what I eat and it’s
tailored to the weight loss food plans
so that if you’re still trying to lose
weight and you want to just eat what I
eat that’ll work
of course at maintenance I add some food
and so forth but but the videos are
tailored to the weight loss plan so if
you want to know what is Susan Peirce
Thompson eat that’s the first bonus the
second bonus check this out you’re gonna
love this ready the second bonus is the
audiobook for free because remember at
the beginning of this book there’s
science right so that’s content I
recorded the audiobook in my voice if
you want to hear the audio book for free
that’s the second bonus so I thought you
might like those free gifts you buy the
hardcover book you don’t have to buy the
audiobook that’s pretty cool oh oh do
you have a Kindle because if you have a
Kindle the first book Bright Line Eating
the first book is on $1.99
or all of the month of October just
saying kind of book month here at
Bright Line Eating that I mean Kindle did
that we didn’t do that but just saying
okay now once you put in your order
number you will get the opportunity if
you want to buy the science bundle so
this is something I created that I’m
super excited about it’s the ten best
scientific lecturers I’ve ever given and
I spent months and months and months and
months preparing these and the science
bundle is $97 which is incredible
because again yeah like the time that it
took to put into those if you want me to
explain to you the most important
critical cutting-edge science that
relates to you and your happiness
well-being flourishing relationships
food addiction not the story I tell in
the book not the story you always hear
me say around dopamine and leptin and
all that but a whole new absolutely true
absolutely cutting-edge story on like
what’s the deal with why some people are
eating out of control and can’t lose
weight and other people are naturally
thin what’s good what’s the difference
between those two brains I have a whole
new scientific lecture on food addiction
it’s amazing what are some of the other
lectures Oh on habits and productivity
and circadian rhythm and timing and how
you should be structuring your day to be
productive and happy and well and
there’s so much in there if you want
that you have to order the book and put
in your order number to even get an
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so you put in your order number you get
those two free gifts bonuses whatever
and then you get an opportunity to order
the science bundle of course if you’re
in the Bright Line Eating Boot Camp right
now if you just signed up for the Food
Freedom Boot Camp you got that science
bundle for free I told you in that
launch during registration week that
that science bundle would be available
for sale at some point later this month
and now it is okay
what else do I need to say Oh
starving October 22nd the day the book
comes out I’m gonna go with my family
LIVE on Facebook
Cooking with the Thompsons so I don’t
know if you know this but one of my
daughters Alexis wants to be a chef just
saying she’s most mostly used to cooking
sugar and flour her grandparents
you know bake with her okay we are going
to open this book and prepare dinner for
the Thompson family night after night
Cooking with the Thompsons starting
Tuesday October 22nd so watch for your
email around that if you’re not on
Facebook I don’t I honestly don’t know
if we’re gonna put it anywhere other
than in our Bright Line Eating Official
Facebook group it’s probably going to be
the live streaming in there but I’m not
sure yeah if you really want to know you
can write to support you can go to the
and ask closer to the fact but yeah
if you ever need support around any of
this stuff the way to get support from
my team if you have questions or need
help you go to the URL
web browser and then you have to scroll
down to the bottom of the page and
there’s a big yellow button that says
still not finding what you’re looking
for contact the Bright Line contact us I
don’t know what it says at the bottom we
might reorganize that page at some point
so just to make it even easier to figure
out how to contact us but right now that
is the way that you contact us that’s always
going to be where you go I think that’s it I’ll
see you on October 22nd the day the book
gets published live published widely or
whatever tens of thousands of copies
have been printed bookstores have bought
them up not all of them but but orders
in the thousands are already placed by
Barnes & Noble and Amazon and all these retailers
you might be able to find it at your
local Barnes & Noble you can certainly
find it on Amazon click the button down
below to go to the page there’s a video
of me on that page if you’ve watched
this in its entirety you don’t need to
watch that video because it just
reiterates a lot of what I just told you
just pre-order of the book put your
order number in the box get your two
free gifts those videos of what I eat
and the audiobook for free and then
decide whether you want that science
bundle or not the ten best science talks
I’ve given ever I think that’s it okay
that was a lot super exciting the second
Bright Line Eating book is now out
October 22nd super excited I am under
contract to write three more books with
Hay House and we’ll think about that
later for now super enjoying this
cookbook it’s gorgeous and and I
personally am excited to make a lot of
the recipes in here I’m curious what
recipes Alexis and I will choose to make
she and I need to have that discussion
now that the book has arrived okay I
love you so excited and thank you again
to everyone all the Bright Lifers
especially who made this book possible
this book is really yours this is the
first book that comes from our
collective experience I love you I’ll
see you next week