The Keto Diet | What I Eat Everyday On Keto

October 25, 2019 0 By William Morgan

back to my channel so today I’m just in
the kitchen because I love comments in
my last video I was going to actually do
a little video about why I actually
every day on the keto diet so if you are
new here do feel free to subscribe down
below and hit that next patient bail so
that you know every time I upload a new
video so yes we all don’t have a look at
the things like eat and the bits and
pieces that I do actually have in my
cupboards and in my fridge as well so
that you can see what I eat on a daily
basis doing keto so let’s get into the
video so as you can see on my side here
I do have a lot of bits and pieces that
you’ve probably never seen before so I’m
a nutritionist I’m that health
specialist I have just done a lot of
research on the keto diet and so that
you’re aware I do actually do a clean
keto plan so I try not to do with dirty
keto unless it’s the weekend on make up
like some bacon and maybe a little bit
of dairy so a little bit of cheese but
pretty much throughout the week I do
tend to do a clean or strict key to my
plan so a few things here that I do have
I just take you through these bits I
tend to use these mealy on everyday
basis and these are my my key things to
keep me going on this plan so I’ll just
take you through my oils so I have extra
virgin olive oil which are actually
really really likes offices salad
dressing and sometimes I do actually mix
it with something else but I’ll show you
that in a second
the next one is my MCT oil so if you
have never ever seen NCTE oil it is a
pure coconut oil and you literally have
a teaspoon of it and absolutely
brilliant for you know proper
non-standard or adding as a little bit
of dressing or vegetables or whatever
else you need to so it’s great if you
need a couple of that on the keto diet
just parsley brilliant and then I do
have a new addition to my oils it’s an
avocado oil so unfortunately I do
actually really dislike avocados so
instead I’ve got me some avocado oil so
I tend to put this on salads and things
like that but what I do actually do
my oils if I take to mix them this is it
on unopened tin because he was almost
empty so I bought a new one but this is
tahini so if you’re gonna have any nut
when you’re actually on the keto diet
you want to have seeds you want to limit
your nuts cashews even in an athlete
they class as a fruit so don’t eat
cashews but tahini is absolutely
brilliant it is quite thick and you can
taste a little bit strange and dry mouth
out a little bit so that’s why I use my
oils and I attempt to get different
receptacle and popping a couple of
tablespoons of tahini on it
mix it with some oil and then you get
like a really nice salad dressing so
good so that’s what I do with that I
have some apple cider vinegar as well so
I’ve not actually opened this one I’m
just finishing up one that I’ve got over
there but this really really helps with
digestion so it’s brilliant to have this
on one of the videos that I had watched
on YouTube mix it with some water pot
from lemon in it and it’s just really
nice but even though it can be a little
bit so is the digestion so that’s why I
got that and then I think rock salt so
salt is really bad for you
no it really isn’t so isn’t bad for you
unless it’s taking Sol Sol steak there
on your table salt go for rock salt with
ketone you need to keep up on your
electrolytes in you magnesium and all of
that just so what I tend to do is I tend
to pop a little bit of pink Himalayan
rock salt into a bottle of water so I’m
just rainbow this is my bottle that I
use every day from Aladdin really nice
if you do like having like fruity tasty
things there is a diffuser which goes
with this and pop it in there but I
don’t like fruity water so I don’t use
it but yes this is a bottle I use I use
spoon of teeth Malone rocksalt strick in
there you can already taste it you know
and that’s my electrolytes I tend to
have for about four or five of these a
day minimum so if you’re on Keith’s diet
you’re gonna get thirsty so definitely
stuff up on a water bottle tea coconut
oil if you are going on to Quito you
want one of these get yourself down
Costco and buy yourself a great big cup
of coconut oil because you use this for
cooking everything won’t you persuade
people to do you go through but stuff
but if you can’t have dairy do to the
protein evil – pulls out all of the
sugars and the lactose and the process
part of booked up everyone says what is
not processed but it goes the milk goes
through a processing stage to get the
butter so it is technically processed
and if you want something that is um
fine and natural coconut oil is
absolutely brilliant on that stuff so if
you want it to know speech a little
secret about shopping in Costco if
you’ve got a Costco card buy yourself a
gift bag shop if you’ve got yourself a
gift that your dad’s going to toss go
it’s sponge gift voucher without having
a membership there you go sneak in it
yeah get yourself some of that I
actually found this in Morrison’s
okay so firstly let me go through why
I’ve got turmeric here turmeric is
actually really good for helping boost
what we call brown fats and predictions
brown fat Oh leave it Thomas De Niro
down below you’ve got some absolutely
brilliant videos about keto the things
that you should be eating should be
eating for an off that white fat and all
that jazz just to help you kind of get
lunch your healthy kind kicks a little
bit but turmeric is really really good
it actually aids
turning your white side anybody which is
the bad into a brown fat which is the
fact that kind of produces the energy
and then start
great downs yeah I’m not a nutritionist
or a scientist Thomas olara did explain
it a little bit better but that’s why
I’ve got turmeric I try and have a
teaspoon of turmeric a day at the moment
so I’ll just pop it on salad or mix into
my food whatever else but one way you
can actually get turmeric into year is a
little bit quicker
I found this in Morrison’s coconut oil
with turmeric so super happy with this
and some actually opened it on a really
really hot day to kind of jump all over
the kitchen and the kitchen with yellow
I’ve still got this and you know that I
can you know but yes so that’s really
really good for cooking in it’s just
like a little bit extra – I’ve got
boring vegetables which is quite nice so
really happy with that and such a good
fine so if you go to Morrison’s and you
find this definitely get it so we spoke
about tahini the next one is my coconut
butter so take a look one up to replace
what’s up because on the ketogenic diet
some people really really push dairy and
through my research again no
nutritionist here this is through my
research and things that I’ve watched
you’re not actually supposed to have
much dairy and keeping it diet why
because it has lactase and what is
lactose lactose is a sugar and the whole
point in being on this Keith genic diet
is to reduce inflammation and reduce
your insulin spikes because that makes
you put on weight so you want to reduce
all that and stick healthy so that you
don’t get that weight gain I’m saying
yet laughs and you’re healthier and your
circulatory system is healthier your
brains healthier just all of your
insides are a lot healthier so you can
actually use this instead of butter and
you know I don’t really bake looked on
the keto diet I know that lived and does
because you have to have a few other
bits and pieces but because I am
intolerant egg there’s a lot that I
can’t really have have sorry to
introduce bits and pieces by laughing on
key tape
see if I can get away with it but it
isn’t once a week then it’s that but
this is just really really nice I won’t
just throwing it in with a bit of
vegetables and just mixing it around
quickly it does burn think of a really
careful with that the coconut oil
doesn’t burn this burns but yeah I do
actually really like it so if you want
to thank what the difference between
segments what’s a coconut oil is coconut
oil is oil that’s been extracted from
the coconut the butter is actually
coconut itself and it smells divine
I just wish you could smell it oh but
yeah you can use that as like a sprite
so if you really want some bread and you
make pita bread you can use that instead
of butter and the next thing that have
which we actually use for cooking in our
so if we need any sauces or downwards to
make you so he took bread that he likes
me then we tend to use and the flour
that’s extra fine and it’s just a bit
poofy if you know I mean so it’s bit
nicer than than not extra fine it’s just
it works really well and the other thing
is we sometimes make things from fat
bombs which I just said like a ball of
fat pretty much but they’re chocolate so
if you are going for you tonight and
you’re worried these no long helicopter
and you crave chocolate all the time
this stuff is pure cacao powder so it’s
just an it’s like for your chocolate and
you complete that with right coconut oil
and other bits and pieces I’ve got the
recipe is so I’ll show you that in a
minute and you can make like little
balls there like that bombs and you can
just you know if you feeling mundo
you’ve not got enough fat in that day
you can have one of those so it’s quite
good you’ve seen it sounded Morrison and
a lot of people say on there
we’ll make yourself I wanted to try it
it’s cauliflower right so obviously
being Quito you can’t have right so
don’t make it yourself you just get
cauliflower stick it in a blender boom
but I thought I would actually just fly
it see if I might take there’s no point
wasting I didn’t like it so I did have
to point to them kind of like it so eat
that one then I’ll stop my friend but
nothing but everything that’s my
cupboard that we use pretty much every
day other than the almost now he’s
baking so one moon days I’m just gonna
show you couple of the recipes that I’ve
got before I takes my fridge so I really
want to try this it’s a peaceful girl
student I really want to find out I’ve
not tried that yet and that’s some diet
doctor and they have quite a lot eating
recipes on there so really want to try
that one one that I do actually quite
like a hub going avocados at the minute
I should have actually done it with the
ones that went I don’t want to eat them
and use it alcoholic brownies I haven’t
even made this before and they’re
actually really really died and even if
you’re not keto you’ve got to make these
because they’re just really really nice
and the next one this oh yes the fat
ones these are the keto balls here so
these fat ones are amazing so it takes
35 minutes to make them in total and
they’re just absolutely brilliant
love it memorize a couple in his brain
that he uses all the time
so now what I’m gonna do is I’m going to
shame a bridge bridge remember we are at
my fridge and I’m just gonna open it and
show you what’s pretty looks like when
you’re on a keto dummy there we go so
there’s a few bits we can actually see
down here which I’ll show you in a
but I have my salad up here and smoked
salmon obviously smoked salmon but that
is actually
leftover that’s actually leftover curry
sauce and because I’m gonna say that I
like it I can just pop it in with my
lunch and have it with my lunch so for
that but this said I’ve got some extra
thumbs got apples you’re not really
supposed to eat through of them berries
on the keto diet but he has to have
apples it’s the only fruit he’ll eat and
he takes it to work and I’ll forgive him
for it you can have an apple but there
is some butter right in fact because I
do still bake so I’ve got some butter
there for when I actually do my baking
so taking all that you can Oh anything’s
kind of life so you need some bacon in
your life so you shouldn’t really have
dairy as I’ve mentioned dams are still
have his soy milk which is here and you
to really help civilian either with it’s
very difficult to digest but he doesn’t
like almond and I’ve come off soya onto
almond thank you happen that why do you
have very careful families that we
actually have lots and lots of broccoli
I have a cauliflower there that I’m
gonna use to make the cauliflower juice
and then in this bottom drawer because
was a hot bowl of water
got my salmon that’s my little drawer
and then this drawer here which you
probably can’t really see so I’m just
gonna tilt this camera down so you can
see it this drawer
I’ve got some meat in it so I’ve got so
much meat in there so a little time to
learn to you for my last order
we’re actually ordered some of the
Dexter beef which is the best beef I’ve
ever had like seriously oh my god if you
want to order B from lunch you do it
because the density is phenomenal I’ve
heard so much about it and I’m so glad I
got a box of it but I also got lamb and
I got pork as well so I’ll actually show
you how much I spent on my last order
with them sorry I’ve been doing a box
and guys the reason I’ve been doing
unboxing is because the meat landed at
half past ten dad got back at half past
eleven and it just had to be straight in
fridge because it was one of the hottest
babies so it just went straight in the
fridge but there’s some of it there yay
so I spent lots and lots of money 200
215 pounds but it’s worth it because
it’s just amazing amazing if you see
more videos you’ll know that I
absolutely love to meet from none to you
so go to the website and order by the
way this video is not sponsored
I just support them because they’re
amazing and if you live in yorkshare
they are actually opening a store in Han
Lee too so if you are in Yorkshire you
can see some amazing meat then get
yourself down there follow them on
Facebook and they’ll tell you all about
their opening times and there are some
dates bre-x video is not sponsored
I just support these guys a hundred
percent the door of my fridge I’ve
dairy-free butter which we don’t really
use anymore to be honest and we’ve got
cheese got some mozzarella which it’s
like the hard mozzarella so I can use
that in some baking your fonts
yet and not ignore these I do still have
pushed scotch in there I’ve gone syrup
that is because I use them for baking so
then it’s got pepsin back but the keto
diet if you’re doing the dirty keto or a
lady kitto will allow for things like
this because they are under the table so
Who am I to really argue massive garlic
some onion which you’ve gotta be careful
with onion if you’re on the keto diet
cut too much of it because it’s hard to
see McHale it’s just really clean really
high in carbs be careful almond milk and
then we moved in so that’s still there
yeah so that’s everything that’s
actually in my fridge at the minute I do
have a freezer that is actually full of
the rest of the amount you meet but I’m
not going to show you that but it is Oh
literally oh and it’s gonna last us for
ages but yes but if there’s currently
what’s in my fridge that is it for
everything that I eat pretty much on a
daily basis on the ketogenic diet so is
a strict or clean keto diet and you know
precise code Firewise which is packet
eat I’ve seen tend to have as much great
produce as possible so this one of the
reason why I buy the stuff from Manitou
I want to make sure that I’m buying good
quality dudes at all times there I have
in the past when I’ve been waiting for
an order and we’re now and had to go to
a supermarket and buy some meat and I’ve
just I wanted threatened things it cooks
terribly it tastes terrible and I was
just like you know what I just I’ll just
turn vegetarian for a week while I’m
waiting for these guys you know because
sometimes down a bit terrible with my
ordering now I’ve gone over a couple of
weeks left until needs make an order and
now yes say that is what I eat on my
ketogenic diet so
a clean or strict keto diet there are
other ways that you can do keto as I’ve
mentioned previous video if you’ve not
seen it why I start on the keto diet I
will link it above for you so you can go
and watch it but that is it for this
video if you do have any questions do
feel free to get in touch I’ll also link
some YouTube channels down below that do
actually specialize in keep the
nutrition and things like that so if you
do want to have a go at the keto diet
and change your lifestyle fall better
all of the information is down there for
you to you know go crazy with yeah have
a follow go crazy with watch some videos
but thank you guys so much for watching
and I’ll be back next week with another