The Keto Diet Series (Part 4) – (سلسلة الكيتو دايت (الجزء الرابع

October 9, 2019 0 By William Morgan

Welcome to the final instalment of the Keto series!
Today, I’ll be giving you a bonus tip, a FREE diet sample for you to try out
And if you’re not sure how to go about preparing your Keto meals, places that cater them
As well as some questions and answers on Genetic Testing to be certain if the Keto diet is for you
Now for the first time which I tend to constantly remind you of …
Please don’t compare yourself to others
What might work for someone else doesn’t
necessarily have to work for you
If you’ve seen someone lose 10, 20 and 25 Kilos
on the Keto diet
Because “It’s the trend” and the diet everyone is talking about globally
this doesn’t mean that if it worked for them it would work for us. It’s not wrong to try it out
but if you’re experiencing a lot of side-effects or feeling like you’re not benefiting from it or not seeing results
or if you’re feeling like this may not be the diet plan for you to follow please stop following it
The second thing is to not go crazy meaning don’t do anything drastic
don’t think that if you start a Keto diet plan without a dieticians assistance
which is something crucial that I must emphasize on
because you might see things on the internet and things that a friend may have shared with you
a diet plan must be safe and studied 100%
so I don’t want you to get carried away meaning if you were given a diet plan don’t alter it as you please
Don’t go increasing the proteins or fats as you please changing around the percentages
because with the Keto diet specifically
you can easily send yourself out of “Ketosis”
hence, not achieving the results you were seeking
Something else I’d like to mention regarding the harsh images you might see on social media
before and after shots
photos of both women and men alike who have allegedly lost 20 and 30 kilos on the kilo diet over 2 years
this is not rational information nor is it scientific
I don’t want you to be tricked or to follow these claims because it’s not necessarily true
and it’s more probably not true
during 2 to 3 years the body definitely changes and our lifestyle changes
and this requires us to switch between multiple eating plans to accommodate these changes
and not solely follow the Keto diet for 2-3 years
so you really have to be careful with the way you’re receiving this information and propaganda
pay close attention to what suits YOUR lifestyle
what suits you might not suit someone else
I’d also like to mention the “Genetic Testing”
so we can find the perfect and best solution for you individually
genetic testing which we can perform at “Quality of Life” Nutrition Center
Can really help you find which type of diet is best suited to your body
will the Keto diet work for me or not? will a low-carb diet work for me or not?
or should I follow a more balanced diet?
whether I’m allergic or sensitive to specific foods
and some vitamins and minerals should i pay attention to consuming or avoiding
or an allergy to a specific food that might affect my weight loss or gain
I highly recommend genetic testing
it has a 90% accuracy rate and can really help us in finding out
what to rule out and knowing which diet plan is suited for me
as a lifestyle change and for the future and not just for the short term
I’d also love to help you in case you would like to try and see if the Keto diet is a plan that could work for you
and you’re maybe unsure of how to go about it or you don’t have the time to prepare your meals
because the Keto diet needs a LOT of preparation
and a specific mindset to know how to shift between consuming a lot of fat
we at Primrose health food shop offer a large variety of meals and desserts that are suited for Keto
sweet treats and a lot of food that we change up daily
that suits someone following the Keto diet
or any other specific meal plan
I hope you enjoyed this series
don’t forget to comment on any questions you might have, subscribe to the channel
and stay tuned for a new video salam