The Keto Diet Series (Part 3) – (سلسلة الكيتو دايت (الجزء الثالث

October 6, 2019 0 By William Morgan

Welcome to the Keto Series
This video is specifically made for me to answer some of your most frequently asked questions
I have chosen to answer the most-repeated questions you had in this videos
If you have any other questions that I haven’t had the chance to answer in this video
Please don’t forget to leave them in the comments section below
and I will do my best to answer them in future videos
onto the first question…
the first thing to avoid is
number two is
third is
meaning anything with Grains in it should be avoided completely
number four would be

The second question you had for me is

studies have shown that our bodies can handle being on the Keto diet for
anywhere between 60 to 90 days
it’s very safe and absolutely healthy for our bodies
to remain on it from 60 to 90 days
following the 90th day however
We can begin what is called a “Modified Keto Diet”
meaning we slowly begin to alter it
altered how? as in we have 2 to 3
days of complete keto dieting
and for the rest of the week, we have a more balanced diet that we may have been used to prior to keto
how do we go about this?
by increasing our starches ever so slightly, our protein intake slightly and lowering our fat consumption
this is called a “Modified Keto Diet”
this diet allows our body to maintain all of the results we’ve achieved on the keto diet
without losing any of our progress and accomplishments
and at the same time not feeling as constrained by the diet as we had been at an earlier stage
especially knowing that the Keto diet
is not an easy diet to follow
especially not for everyday life
so as I said, what’s recommended is a 60-90 day period
followed by what is called a “Modified Keto Diet”
Keto for 2 – 3 days and then a
balanced diet suited to our body type
and the third question is
Three basic simple steps can help us instantly following a “Cheat Meal” to get back into Ketosis
First thing is
Fasting or Intermittent fasting can help us significantly into going back to a state of Ketosis
the second thing would be
any form of High-Intensity Interval Exercise
be it sprints or any other HIIT exercise can help us get back into Ketosis quickly
and most importantly, the type of diet
take your starches down to zero and hike up your fat intake to 90%
and consume 10% of protein
These are 3 very simple steps for those who have gone out of Ketosis
for whatever reason be it a “Cheat Meal” or otherwise
this can send them back into Ketosis without any stress or feeling like their effort has gone to waste
Another question is
As I said in the previous videos, for the first 3 to 4 days we should have very low-intensity exercises
but following that, if I wanted to be in Ketosis and building muscle mass
yes, you can
The most effective and scientifically-proven exercise to perform during ketosis is
Not High-Intensity
So if we had to choose between weight lifting and moderate-intensity exercise such as running
or a walk using 50-60% of my heart rate
has been scientifically-proven to send us into a state of ketosis much quicker than any other exercise
Why? because moderate-intensity exercising
where we use 50 to 60% of our heart rate
can cause fat mobilization
meaning it moves our stored fat quicker from our fat cells, therefore, helping our body to use stored fat for energy
much more efficiently from any other form of exercise
this is not me promoting the disregard for weight-lifting exercises it’s just an answer to the question
of what is the best form of exercise to perform on the Keto diet
To help me to reach my goals which as I said is moderate-intensity exercise
using 50 to 60% of my heart rate
50 to 60% plus some weight training is fine
but that is the best form of exercise to perform
in the next and final video of the Keto series,
I’ll provide bonus tips
a free gift of a sample Keto diet plan for you to try out
Where to eat out if you’re on the Keto diet
and answers to your questions regarding the DNA testing kits to find our if keto is for you
Watch me in the next video, Goodbye (Salam!)