October 24, 2019 10 By William Morgan

alright guys you see how I lined this
with the with the bacon right now let’s
see the way from say with some beef I
might try something a little different
here then what the recipe showed just
because I bent you out into left field
and you should also if you so desire but
let’s moist down in here what should I
say a little bit more alright that’s not
going to work the way that was hate your
food the girl don’t like her food to be
touching each other yeah but I guess in
this kind of meal she’s gonna be alright
with it right
I mean if you don’t like you feel
touching each other it’s like you don’t
want your mashed potatoes touching your
peas do you want those kind of people I
can kind of understand that but how do
you eat stew is that all right if it all
touches each other what do you think
girl give me input all right
so now come over here all right people
there is the outcome what do you think
about that now if we can entice the girl
into setting the stove for us again do
you know what be set back
manual universal sitting for something
or other oven seven probably
look at the girls blue shark she
wouldn’t get it and I cold shirt yes sir
what when I say 48 yeah and rainin I
said but it would look better if it was
my shark just laying on my floor beside
her dad she fucked me and I 350 yeah for
how long 45 minutes
you know this is going to make a mess in
the oven well we thought about bacon
about taking it out raining it
no it didn’t I’m going to see I’m going
to come on training halfway through I
don’t trust the youtubes all right we’ll
get back to you hey my eyes are burning
it’s the onion she loves onion morning
good people good morning you bastards –
I hope you’re having a good day I call
them bad people well we know anyways I’m
making up a good milla day this is
another one that the internet meals I’ve
looked at nothing oh my gosh I gotta
have it
let’s hope it’s better than the last but
it could all go south all because you
remember I’m cooking it the girls she
just don’t cook you know well one we got
we’re gonna head some bacon and we go
we’re gonna wrap our record and him
bacon we’re gonna smush some ground beef
into it we’re gonna push some veggies in
there in this case we’re gonna put green
pepper and onion I’m not put salt tomato
slices in there Toby’s for fun
we’re gonna cover it all with cheese
they won’t fold our baking in it’s gonna
be a meat pie in a way it’s gonna be
awesome it’s not gonna be round so it
might be funky but we’re gonna eat it
anyway hi blackberry cobbler a little
cobbler instead of a by blackberry comes
we’re having a meet cobbler what have I
discovered so far is that the 350 he
isn’t hot enough for this at least not
in a convection oven and the 45 minutes
we’re already close to 40 minutes and
we’re not anywhere near done but I
definitely had to drain some grease off
of it
no one talked about that in the previous
video hmm guess they just showed you the
happy moments so let’s stick it back in
the oven and see where it goes okay
folks this is what it came out to be
five minutes yes ma’am at two hours to
cook this kind of convection oven they
said 45 it took two hours and it’s a lot
more than I was anticipating I mean this
is a huge amount of food so don’t make
the whole recipe unless you’re really
hungry it’s like I’m looking at four
meals here out of this pretty easily
let’s see how it comes out
there you go let’s move over to the
table for a taste tester what do you
think are y’all been touched over for
I’m looking at inside of it I think that
you might want to put the bacon on the
bottom and brown it just a little bit
it needs salt bit so far my one bite was
good all right there you have it guys
the creation of the day try it at your
own risks thank you