The Institute for Integrative Nutrition Student Experience

November 12, 2019 0 By William Morgan

(upbeat music) Hi. My name is Sharon Stevens. I’m a graduate and an Integrative Nutrition health coach. Today, I’ll guide you through a brief overview of our course and show you how and why this school provides an education unlike any other. In 2009, Integrative Nutrition became an entirely online program, making it flexible and accessible to all. The learning center, which contains all of your course materials and lectures can be accessed from a desktop computer, mobile device, or tablet, giving you complete control over when and where you learn. Audio and video lectures are led by Integrative Nutrition founder and director Joshua Rosenthal, along with some of the world’s leading experts in the fields of health and wellness, business, and marketing. The entire curriculum can be accessed from the modules timeline, where you can watch lectures, take tests, listen to live web classes, and you can even filter your timeline based on your interests so the content that intrigues you the most is prioritized. Let’s look at some specifics. The health coach training program is a one year curriculum divided into 40 modules. Each module contains recorded lectures, supplementary materials, skill building activities, and assignments. And for those of you who crave live interaction, we will periodically have bonus live web classes where you can connect with your fellow classmates, IIN staff, and some of your favorite guest speakers. You may also have the opportunity to attend one live conference during the year. There are specific graduation requirements that you must fulfill in order to complete the program. These are online tests, health history submissions, and group coaching calls. You can also take advantage of our accountability coaching program, where you pair up with a classmate, practice health histories, and support one another over the phone, internet, or in person. And you’ll the opportunity to join or even lead student study groups within your local area. Sound good so far? Here’s what we’ll cover in the curriculum. Throughout the year-long program, we will introduce you to many cutting-edge nutrition concepts, modern day health issues, health coaching skills, and also verse you in business development. The entire curriculum centers around two primary concepts. Bio-individuality, the idea that there’s no one right way of eating that works for everyone, and primary food, which is everything that feeds you that doesn’t come on a plate, including relationships, physical activity, career, and spirituality. With bio-individuality and primary foods as the basis of your education at IIN, you’ll learn there’s a lot more to healthy living than just the food we eat. Along with the IIN curriculum, you’ll receive access to two exclusive online libraries: the reference library, and the dietary theory library. The reference library gives you a chance to explore alternate topics surrounding the curriculum such as hormone health, food toxins, food politics, and many more. The dietary theory library, a giant information hub full of over 150 dietary theories and wellness philosophies, will give you the full scoop on what’s out there in the nutrition world and what will be good for you and your clients. The business and marketing portion of our health coach training program is one of the most unique elements to the school. You’ll be given step-by-step instructions by experts, so once you graduate, you’re able to hit the ground running with a good business sense and spend your time doing the work you love. At six months, you’ll receive your mid-certificate, which means that you’ll have the ability to start seeing clients. IIN will provide you with your own personalized business cards, website, 12 months of newsletter support, brochures, financial planning forms, and many more tools to aid you in creating your own business. Some students have even been able to pay off tuition before graduation by seeing clients during their last six months of school. As a student at Integrative Nutrition, the steps are simple. And by putting in the work and trusting your own passion for health and happiness, you will become an Integrative Nutrition health coach and have the potential to make a living by helping others. Before you know it, you will complete the modules and graduate into a community of like-minded and thriving alumni, ready to spread the ripple effect around the world. As you can see, the Integrative Nutrition student experience is unlike any other. Ready to learn more? Visit our website or call today.