The Healthiest Breakfast You Can Possibly Eat, According to Dietitians

November 8, 2019 0 By William Morgan

Have you ever heard that breakfast is the
most important meal of the day?
But today, with the busy rhythm of our daily
lives, many people wake up late, and end up
not having breakfast as they should.
Most people end up eating anything, in any
way, too fast.
Having a healthy breakfast requires a certain
effort, planning, and discipline.
You will need some time to prepare and taste
your meals, without any anxiety or hurry.
You need to create the habit of planning your
meals beforehand and knowing what you need
to buy at the market.
Keeping your fridge and your pantry aligned
helps to not ruin your routine.
Taking care of your eating is taking care
of your body.
Our body is a machine that requires some care
to stay active, with health and vigor.
What people say of breakfast being the most
important meal of our day is linked to the
fact that we go through a period of fasting
while we sleep.
During this time, the body uses the reserves
of glycogen, which gives energy to the body
to keep its metabolic functions at a normal
So, breakfast is essential to restore our
energy and activate our body.
Knowing how important breakfast is, it is
common to have this question:
So, which foods are the most recommended for
According to the experts, the better options
Coffee with coconut oil
It has thermogenic properties and, thus, works
as a great source of energy, being used also
as a pre-workout snack.
Besides that, you can also drink coffee to
curb your hunger and improve your alertness
during your work or studies.
To prepare it, you will need 6,76 oz. of strong,
hot coffee, and one or two tablespoons of
extra virgin coconut oil.
Just mix the two ingredients in a blender
or with a hand mixer.
The taste is pleasant and light.
Do not sweeten it, nor add any milk to the
Another good option is to consume proteins
and fat as soon as you wake up.
According to dietitians, a good source of
protein are eggs.
Besides that, prioritize fruits rich in antioxidants
and good fats, such as avocados.
Try also including some oleaginous fruits,
which will give you energy through their good
And remember: there are some foods that should
not be consumed at breakfast if you want to
keep yourself active and in high spirits throughout
the day.
Avoid refined carbs, like white bread, cake,
breakfast cereals, and cookies, which offer
quick energy, but very few nutrients, which
can lead to binge eating and fatigue.
This simple change in your routine will give
you more health, energy, vigor, and libido,
and you will feel as if you were still in
your 20s!