The Egg Fast

September 21, 2019 0 By William Morgan

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Today I wanted to talk about something that
That I struggled with and a lot of people with weight issues have struggled with and that is an addiction to food
I love food. I love the taste of it. I love cooking it
I love the social aspects of going out to a restaurant with friends especially here in Korea
I love me some Korean barbecue bring on the pork and soju food addiction comes in many different shapes and forms
but at the end of the day
It usually results with a person taking in more calories than they are actually burning which leads to weight gain
Which can lead to health issues and mine wasn’t any different
My addiction wasn’t to candy or sweets or any other potato chips any of that junk food my addiction
Was that good southern food that I grew up with the fried chicken the pastas the casseroles
basically if it was creamy or greasy or
fatty I wanted to eat it basically anything that I could cover in a sauce or
Deep-fry and it was really important that I changed that I knew that in order to be successful
I had to completely quit the step cold turkey until I became less dependent on food and developed a better
relationship with my food
But I also needed to be done simply enough that I didn’t spend all of my time thinking about the food
So what can I eat?
What can’t I eat because that actually made things worse for me and it became this vicious cycle
Where I would try to do better and not think about food as much
But by doing that I ended up thinking about food even more
And then I would just spiral out of control and end up back where I started now
I’m not saying that there are things I will never allow myself to eat. As long as I live even though I am
Losing weight, and I’m not quite at the maintenance level. I do allow some
exceptions such as special social situations
I know that if I’m going to be in a situation where I won’t have the best food options
I’ll make smarter choices throughout the rest of the day because at the end of the day, you’re just looking for a calorie
now this is not something that I would ever recommend to somebody who has a history of
binging and this is something that I actually had to work up my way to
And I can do this now
Because I have better self control over what I’ve put in my body that and I know when to stop
This wouldn’t have been possible six months ago and it’s something else that I will talk about in another video getting back on track
So in my first video I talked about the egg fast the the original
kind of jumpstart diet that got me on this entire journey and
Today I wanted to run you through what a general day of eating looks like and kind of explain what the egg fast is
You don’t do it correctly
It can turn into just this crash diet. You’re gonna be upset you’re gonna be miserable and it’s just gonna come
completely back
Because the thing about the FS is what you’re doing is you’re cutting out pretty much all
Carbohydrates and you’re limited to eggs and then some kind of fat and I’ll you know a little bit of cheese
but the
Point of the egg fast is to break a weight-loss plateau
when you do go in the egg fest a lot of what you’re going to lose first is
Water weight if you’ve been consuming a lot of salt or that kind of a thing and it’s not an actual fat loss
But it does kind of help you jump your motivation back up and kind of get back on the right track
So the basic idea of the egg fast is that you eat a minimum of six eggs per day each egg
Accompanied with one tablespoon of fat this can come from butter
certain types of oil
Or mayonnaise that kind of a thing and then you’re allowed to have four ounces of some kind of cheese. I used shredded cheddar
mascarpone cheese and cream cheese for the majority of the recipes that did
involve cheese, however, I love like I have an
Uncontrollable love for cheese. So I tried to avoid using it for the most part
Unsuccessfully, so usually I only eat one to two meals a day, but during the egg fest. I made sure to have three
kinda to keep my mouth busy because you know
I wanted to be snacking on something but also to make sure that I didn’t feel deprived during these few days
So I wouldn’t give in to temptation as I usually would make something sweet in the morning like egg crepes
Which is just basically a scrambled egg
pancake with a little bit of cream cheese
Cinnamon and then your whatever kind of sweetener you like lunchtime is one of my biggest challenges
I’m a teacher and it seems like there are always some kind of snacks around whether it’s cake or cookies or bread
That kind of thing parents really love to bring you know little gifts for teachers and they’re usually some form of sweet
Goodness that I was not allowing myself to have one of the things that I did make for lunch were doubled eggs now doubled eggs
are a southern staple but they’re usually reserved for special occasions like
Barbecues 4th of July parties family reunions. So even though I was on this ridiculously strict diet
I almost felt like I was indulging by making them. They’re also really really easy to make even though they are a little bit time-consuming
now for the egg crepes and the deviled eggs
If you don’t know how to make either of those I will link some recipes in the description below
Dinner was usually a toss-up between a couple of over medium eggs or some scrambled with cheese eggs
Either way the entire day was a really simple no mess way of eating. There was no guesswork involved
Which means that I was able to focus on other things in my life instead of what I was going to be eating that day
Between all of this and this is so important. I can’t stress it enough
I drank a ton of water and unsweetened iced tea
one of the things that really does help with your cravings is
Actually drinking water because many times when your body is craving something. It just means that you’re dehydrated
So the next time you’re really craving something try drinking some water
If you don’t like plain water, you can go for a flavored water
But make sure that it doesn’t have any calories or any added sugars is that actually can contribute?
your cravings
All-in-all. I lost almost ten pounds on this week-long egg vast understanding that that wasn’t ten complete pounds of fat
A lot of that was water weight, but it did really jumpstart my weight loss and it really did get me motivated now
This isn’t going to be the same for everybody across the board if you are heavier than me
You’re probably going to lose more weight. If you weigh less than me. You’re probably going to lose less weight
It all depends on your height to weight ratio. How active you are genetics, etc
But it really did help me jump start this diet because it took away all the guesswork
I saw immediate results not just on the scale
But in the way, my clothes were fitting and it made me feel like I can actually do this and it let me ease
Into a healthier lifestyle by eating nothing but eggs
But then finding a different recipe that still followed the low carb lifestyle that I could add into it
But at the end of the day I didn’t have to track I didn’t have to
Spend a whole lot of time thinking about what I was going to eat, but you have to understand that. This is not a sustainable
long term diet
You’re not going to lose a hundred pounds eating only eggs
If you try and limit yourself to nothing, but eggs for your entire weight loss journey
You’re going to fall off you’re going to crash
You’re going to bounce back to your old eating habits, and you’re going to gain all of the weight back
This has to be something that you go into with a mindset that it is not forever
More that it is a transition from your old lifestyle to a new healthier lifestyle now
I’ve only done this fast for maybe a week three to five days is the average some people have done it for thirty days
I would not recommend that it takes a very special person to eat nothing but eggs for thirty days
but after you’ve finished what’s more important is
transitioning back to a healthy
Diet now I prefer to do low carb. I don’t do keto per se because I don’t worry about being in ketosis
I do low-carb because I tend to eat fewer calories when I am following a low-carb diet, but at the end of the day
It’s whatever works for you
But just make sure that you are trans tuning back to something sustainable or all of this work will be for nothing
I really hope that you enjoyed this video and I want to know your thoughts. Please comment below
Let me know if the egg Fest is something that you would consider trying
Please comment if you would not consider trying it, but let me know what I would really really love to know
But now it’s Coffee time. See you next time