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January 2, 2020 0 By William Morgan

hello everyone welcome to Mind Blowing
Halth and Wellness with Violet Pat Chat edition I’m Violet I’m Pat we make
these videos because Patrick finds interesting articles online and then he
brings them to me and we kind of talk about whether they’re good information
that you guys should be following or you know bad information things that are
gonna make me want to scream so what do we have to take action today we’re
talking about fiber we often hear that tonic like Kido is not necessarily good
because you lack all the fibers coming from grains and fruits and so I did find
this little article that well actually did that those ate food that are keto
friendly but like bring some fiber to your diet I just point out how hilarious
I find it that because we’re doing a ketogenic lifestyle the assumption is
that we’re missing the fiber because the only place to get fiber is grains and
fruit what about vegetables mmm don’t vegetables have fiber like it’s amazing
to me that this idea that we all of a sudden are not having fiber in our diets
right then did you know were they talking about carnivore is there’s a
difference right when they say keto doesn’t have fiber i laugh because you
still have 20 grams of carbs that you’re eating in a day what do they think we’re
eating just having like 4 teaspoons of sugar
so anyway I’m sorry I’m on a little bit of a rant because I just I’m so tired of
saying that yes I’m just tired of hearing people say that we don’t look
like the articles just like is actually a very positive ok saying I have that to
your diet and like you’re gonna have the fiber maybe you don’t have them maybe
it’s gonna give you ideas of things to add maybe you didn’t think about adding
them and their other there are other health spice up your meals maybe we’re
gonna have some new things to spice up your meals but first one okay I’m gonna
give like the number of grams of fiber versus the grams of net carbs so we’re
gonna see like okay okay okay yeah that’s good that’s a good exercise okay
which like which one you think would give me 10 grams of fiber per ounce like
with a car yeah of tuna tuna carbs so one ounce to
net carbs I’m not going to try to guess but I’m just I’m just gonna point out
that that sounds pretty good so far so obviously it’s gonna be this a sativa
I’m gonna hide my tablet from you oh man I mean I kind of feel like it’s Chia but
like let’s go with chia seeds so chia seeds like number one 10 gram like
Browns 10 gram of fiber how much like the standard American diet recommends I
think it’s 20 you how many grams of fiber you should have like oh my god
like 25 I don’t even remember but I knew I didn’t know that number at one point
okay so to net carbs because I know like when you take um Metamucil or whatever
it’s like when you look at the amount of you get in Metamucil versus what you’re
supposed to get like you eat a lot of medical together yeah so but like and
yeah but but it’s a good like the chia seed or good because it’s also a good
source of omega-3 oh that’s a really fatty seed so oh you know what if you’re
gonna get someone make it 3 out of take taking Chia and that’s worth I mean I’m
not really sure how it falls in terms of other things that like lectins and etc
but you know if you’re gonna get some omega-3s out of it then yeah I
definitely endorse that okay number P what like what you could do with like
chia seeds I don’t particularly like you slash like them but you can do a pudding
with because they get ya so they’re good I should like use them more but like
yeah I was early I can’t use them because of high in iron okay oh yes it’s
true but um okay but I do know that they make like a good big add consistency the
things yeah so like even if you’re making something that you would like to
be thicker even soups and whatever like you can there’s a lot of different
places where you can add them and like picking up something without having to
add a chemical yeah okay number two blackberries and raspberries so oh I
said I would would make you guess but like perk up
okay perk up eight grams of fiber the blackberries have six net carbs the
raspberry have seven net carbs both of them eight grams of one to one ratio and
and and like we know they’re like they’re they’re the most keto friendly
foods I got their bike but careful when you’re eating obviously like you don’t
want to maybe I mean like you know I think the cool thing there is that if
you’re gonna eat fruit I mean it’s good that is so one-to-one because you know
it’s like one of those things where when you have when the fruit comes along with
its own fiber it kind of helps your body to man do better hmm but obviously all
fruit comes along with this right it’s a fructose that you’re really having to
manage but most importantly maybe those fruits aren’t if you’re doing net carbs
are more important because yeah they are are in fiber but like having a one to
one ratio like it probably mean that it would be more like 60 grams you have to
eat more of them to get to the number yeah yeah that’s the thing so once you
get to the number like so that what I was trying to help people to think about
is like if I was gonna eat an apple for example I thought I think I want to do
that but if I was getting an apple then a medium sized Apple is 25 grams of
carbs total 19 ish net so if I was gonna eat an apple I probably could eat like a
quarter of that right cuz 19 net so you’re talking like 5 grams of carbs so
that little piece of Apple compared to how much blueberries how much
raspberries could you eat to get to five grams so technically and you look at it
like that you get to eat more of this to get to the same amount as this but then
I would suggest to you eat a normal amount of this so go get to your 5×8 two
grams of carbs of it and like you know and save yourself a little bit and you
still cut a nice little sweet treat Yeah right so that like when I like this is
part of the reason I like people to think about like don’t look at it as
free because it’s not free there’s still carbs in there but I could eat what
would be reasonable for an apple if i were an apple a medium apple I can eat
that same amount reasonable like have less carbs in it that’s how I would look
at that if I let myself get up to 20 grams and it doesn’t matter hmmm
another one that I do like I actually do like to sprinkle all my salads I haven’t
done well but like it’s interesting because it’s regularly it’s a it’s high
in fat if I remember correctly it has zero net carb and has a lot of fiber
vaccine so flax seed is a good is a good like you just sprinkle on your salad and
what’s the let’s take the ratio it’s a like it’s six grams of fiber for zero on
that card it’s actually even better than there’s actually no no no net carbs
because like if you reduce this it’s like it’s gonna be 10 grams of carb no
it’s 220 but the facts eat you just like sprinkle like all over the place and you
did buy the spoon a little bit like I’m surprised actually that I don’t see I
was thinking about that talking about facts see but you’re right like the the
smell it’s kind of weird I’m what I’m surprised not seeing here and it has the
same I think it’s even better in fact seed is the hemp hearts this one is a
it’s like it when you had ground grounded it’s a it’s less tasty and like
the macros are really good another one like one of her favorite coconut so
shredded coconut the ratio 5 grams of fiber per ounce for the cost is 2 grams
okay you know and the nice thing about coconut is a taste good straight so you
know so many people they want to snack on stuff like I honestly feel like if
you instead of shredding it if you like do like slices of it like thin slices of
it you probably can make like an interesting tasty treat and so even the
first of all straight I love coconut straight like I can just eat it it’s
it’s some I haven’t done in a long time so I don’t know how sweet it would taste
to me now probably too much but when I used to do it like just taking pieces of
coconut and eating it that was my like amazing what I do like
and and I I’m maybe I applaud them for that
and I’m even gonna name them because like it’s a really a good move on their
their part and everybody like every everybody should do that the Cineplex
like in Montreal now they do have instead of going for a popcorn like in
their displays they have coconut little packets and and yeah I like it’s for
sure like for in a little packet there’s four servings but like it’s five if I
remember because I checked this five total carb minus four point four fibers
so like a full packet like is gonna give you like only tune into net carbs at the
end of your of your movie and the nice thing say about that is that if you make
them at home so if you just buy your coconut and shred it like not sure that
let’s slice at our home then first of all eating our straight taste
right but then you could also play with flavoring it right like you can add
different spices to it and whatever and so I think the only thing I would
caution is that keep in mind if you dry it you have to like like when you
whatever you do it when it’s some with the water in it when you dry it it’s
gonna be lighter so you have to be careful because the carb count doesn’t
change so I’m just putting that out there you can’t you can’t just have
double the Americans write it next one of these pistachios so we do like them
but like maybe a little too much yeah so but like three grams of fiber per ounce
but like the COS is five net carbs so we know pistachios are a little bit more
like in in the category of the carb beer nice this is with the pistachio this is
why I’ve sadly taken them out of my diet they’re not as bad as cashews though but
like there’s too little bit I on the list but you know like I think well I
wouldn’t say I think about forever but I think I’m trying to treat them more like
treats now like once in a blue moon I’ll let myself have that but like yeah
it was it was they’re kind of like they’re flavorful right they might like
it you kind of want to eat them so oh maybe a simple trick to the viewers
instead of buying them like us at Costco with all like the the shells removed
just buy them with the shells and like work away next one on the list
cauliflower-like one of the key to favor favorite like if you don’t and there’s
so many way to to take to prepare they can make rice you can like grill them
whether state so the mash yeah the shepherds buying so they’re
it’s a really nice potato replacement for a bunch of thing rice replacement
think so three grams treatment three net carbs give you a pearl like pick up so
one cup of ghee will cost you tree net carbs give you two grams of fiber
I was expecting one be the higher fiber but like I think the only thing that I
didn’t enjoy the cauliflower was a pizza crust that’s the only thing I didn’t
enjoy that that was the one place where I was like yeah not really no I think
it’s it’s good straight even like just eat cauliflower like that and grilled
mm-hmm but like yeah I didn’t I didn’t enjoy it in athletic rust the k-member
is seven out of eight red cabbage so red cabbage yeah I mean I like cabbage what
is the key numbers a net carb okay so we’re talking about a cup again that
carb five and fiber to so like you can see the ratios a little bit like we the
cost is higher than dang like the the fiber content but like yeah the the
crack slow actually I think like the one of the best thing we do with cabbage is
like the best thing that I do with cabbage is use it like a rice okay yeah
like there’s another one that tastes amazing okay
I don’t know that’s egg roll in a bowl yeah I grew up the ball yeah and the
last one I haven’t Elysees are mushrooms mushrooms like per cup two grams of net
carbs which is really pretty low yeah and that carbs two grams one gram of
fiber so it’s a low low low carb vegetable that you can add like a costume and it is good so it has a lot
of flavor to it usually so it’s anything it’s a kind of thing and
depending on what kind you get because I know I’m not sure if this is for all of
them but they’re saying that’s the ratio ones that they give you something else
in time or what it was that they give you but they’re just here to say like
boast a lot of minerals and vitamins but like you know it’s one of the news that
I’m thinking of that like one of the metals that we’re trying to get that it
gives you a camera which i think so mushrooms are good and thank you for not
quizzing me on all of those because I probably have gotten them all wrong yeah
sometimes when we’re doing Cajun lifestyle we are so focused on keeping
our carbs low that and especially for doing total mm-hmm that we kind of
forget that the car the the fiber in our body does help to mitigate the car beena
some you know it doesn’t mean that is unlimited right like we still need to be
cautious of like how much carbs we’re eating because carbs in the system so in
your blood still do what they do right so but what would you say to the viewers
that are mmm hesitating between calculating that carbs versus total
carbs I know you recommend all the time to do total carbs but like so what I
would say is that if you’re on the fence so if you haven’t gotten started then
and it’s easier so I’m gonna say that like doing net carb is easier in the
sense that you have a little bit more room to move in what you’re able to eat
because you’re taking the fiber on so if you’re just getting started and you’re
scared and you’re hesitating and whatever do I think it’s a bad thing to
start with net no not at all for multiple reasons the average person is
doing between 200 and 300 grams of carbs a day net carb actually works out to be
about for the average person 50 total somewhere along there right so if you
consider that I’m going from 3 to let’s say 250 down to 50 that’s still a great
improvement you’re still gonna get on that road to improve to improve health
you’re gonna get on the road to improved metabolic situation you’re gonna get on
road to improve weight maybe if that’s something that that you need to address
not every person who has metabolic issues is overweight let’s keep that in
mind right but then if you eventually realize that I get
like a certain distance of health benefit and then I get stalled you still
have room to move there before you start cutting the number so like instead of
doing net carb which is right you could do total carb and I think the first
thing if I was in that situation the first thing that would do is I would go
back in my history so for example if you’re using an a plate chronometer I
would go back in my history and I would take a look at on the days that I was
doing 20 grams or less I would go to my big page where it shows you everything
and I would double check so how many total grams was I doing to just verify
was it around 50 was it around 40 I could do that for a good number of days
and then what I would start doing at that point I’m already used to eating 50
grams of carbs or less chances are by this point I start bringing it down so I
started doing total but I would do if let’s say that chronometer tells me that
I was most of the time somewhere around 40 I would do 30 and I would do that for
a little while to get myself used to it and then either I’ll go along and I’ll
be fine and this is my number or I’ll realize okay I’m going along but I’m
still struggling then I’d really do 20 so 20 total right and you there are
people who have to do 10 total there are people who have to do carnivore it
really will depend on how much inflammation it really will depend on
how much metabolic issue it really will depend on how much weight that you’re
trying to solve and you know like what what is your where’s your body out right
now now there’s another piece of the puzzle though and I’ll tell you this and
I think that I want everyone to understand something you’re not in a
stall until you’ve crossed a month maybe even a month and a half of not moving on
your weight a week is not a stall two weeks is not a stall what that is is
your body working possibly on internal stuff and not prioritizing how much you
weigh even if that’s your priority your body is going to do it makes more sense
for you so of course initially getting your weight down is helpful because you
can walk easier and you can maneuver around with your family your friends
kids right but then eventually your body’s gonna start doing this thing
where it’s like okay you know like the inflammation is not there in whatever
and it’s gonna start tackling that internal stuff how’s your liver doing
how’s your pancreas doing how are your kidneys doing how’s your heart doing
how’s it like all those internal organs that are super vital to your life down
the road your body’s gonna start saying okay is there any cancer creating in
there it’s gonna tackle that all the things that it should have been tackling
all along your life it’s gonna start cleaning up that so yes there’s a
possible that you do a month or so with no movement it is possible this is why I
don’t worry about that if you still feeling good and eat for maintenance for
a little while right and then you start again right don’t give up eat for
maintenance okay there’s a difference if you if you give up and started eating
sugar again your body’s just gonna put the weight back on yeah all right
so I do and encourage everyone to consider that it’s not a straight line
right your body is smart it’s it’s smarter
than all of us because it knows that those carbohydrates floating around in
your blood will kill you that’s why it puts it away as fat so it’s smarter than
all of us right because we’re all worried about the weight the weight the
weight the weight doesn’t matter if you’re dead who cares how much you weigh
right your body is smarter than all of us it’s focusing on doing the thing that
you need the most so yeah that’s what I would say I would say that if you if you
start with net and it’s working well I did my entire process with net right now
I’m not bothering to do net because I’m always under like well under like like
really well under so I didn’t even have to worry about it anymore it’s like the
the biggest thing I have to eat is a big salad and I know exactly how much is in
it and it’s well under so I don’t worry about that anymore but for those of you
who still have like very things that you’re eating and you yeah weigh it and
check him just make sure that you’re under 20 whether you’re doing 20 net or
total regardless you know there are lots of days that I do carnivore days and I
just need meat it’s okay like you it doesn’t have to always be the same
and as a matter of fact throwing your body curveballs helps you to like stay
stable because as soon as your body gets used to something it stabilizes and it
gets used to and then all of a sudden you could be in a position where it
slowed down and it’s not allowing you know what I mean so you always want to
also throw your body some curveballs every once in a while I’ll do a day
where I’m eating well above like 2,000 calories like well about like maybe
3,000 3,500 just because to just throw my body that curveball of you don’t know
what’s coming all the time and of course I have my fasting days which throws it
the curveball of nothing mmm right and then most of the days I’m around my
normal number of 2,200 ish calories I’m throwing numbers out there just so you
can understand mmm right but like you know if you do that to yourself
so I don’t do 3500 often because it’s a lot of food right but it’s like if I if
you choose something that’s dense and you eat it right you can get it you can
get it done so because if it’s dense you will finish eating you people don’t
realize this and it’s a part of reason that a lot people gain weight when you
are eating food there’s a delay between it going in your mouth and the signal
coming to your brain to say you had enough because I understand that on the
days that I want to get 3,500 in I make something dense because I know that I
can finish eating it before the signal goes up to say huh finally you had
enough right I’m not sitting there eating I’m gonna have some nuts oh no
I’m gonna have this and I’m gonna have that and like button and and like
feeling full I never let myself get to the point where I feel full because
that’s creating another problem of us chasing that full feeling right
I don’t engage that full feeling anymore it’s creating the story where hmm this
very small thing that I know is high and dense in in energy I’m gonna eat that
right and it could be something as easy easy as and again not sponsored I’m just
saying this out loud so you can no eating a regular meal and finishing up
with some key dobrik because it’s high and dense in energy right something like
that so it just helps me to kind of push myself
that a little extra bit to know that my body today got more so that I’m not
gonna be in homeostasis like for too long is that make sense
mm-hmm I love when we were able to share ideas for people that maybe you’re not
sure what to eat these are some interesting other ideas of things you
can put on your plate that are are good to help you to have some flavor some
different flavors I love talking to my wellness workers I thank you for being
here always happy that you guys come by and comment and you know ask questions I
want to know if anybody tried any of those if you use them like I’m thinking
salads I’m thinking like what are some maybe different ways that you use some
of those foods that Patrick was talking about today again some of them I don’t
use just because they are in content but maybe you can share some stuff if it’s
not only for the eye fibre actually what food do you put into your diet that
gives you a low net carb total nuts are really like high-end cards but high in
fiber giving you a loan that car share those putts and you also mentioned hemp
seeds so that’s a hemp art sorry yeah so it’d be nice to share that information
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it’s a day-by-day thing do your best and your health will improve all right we
are living proof of that if you do a day by day your health will improve and
long-term and if we can do it really absolutely and we can do it you can do it
right thank you for watching Mind Blowing Health and Wellness Violet Pat chat edition
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