The Best Keto McGriddle Clone – Taste Like The Real Thing – only 6g net carbs

October 3, 2019 0 By William Morgan

hey there it’s Steve from SeriousKeto
and in this video we are gonna make a
totally legit McGriddle but before we do
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release a new video there are a handful
of things that I sort of consider the
keto holy grail one of them is a corn
tortilla I think I’ve hit on a recipe
that’s pretty good at that you can click
that link right up there if you want to
check out my corn tortilla the other is
the McGriddle now I know there’s a lot
of recipes and videos out there for keto
McGriddle but I believe this one truly
nails both the taste and the texture of
an actual McGriddle now if I wind up
trying somebody else’s McGriddle recipe
and it’s better I will gladly admit to
it but for right now I’m here to tell ya
this McGriddle that we’re about to make
is totally legit start with 1/2 a cup of
coconut flour 2 tablespoons of psyllium
husk powder 1 teaspoon of baking powder
and a dash of cinnamon whisk your dry
ingredients together then add 1/2 cup of
log-cabin sugar-free syrup or the
sugar-free syrup of your choice to 1/2
cup of warm water
to this we’ll add a teaspoon of maple
flavored stevia and mix to dissolve
combine your wet and dry ingredients at
this point I usually start mixing it
with my hands you’ll find that as the
coconut flower starts to hydrate that it
really comes together sort of similar to
when you’re doing masa tortillas once it
sticks together as a ball I wrap it in
some plastic wrap while I heat up my –
griddles divide the dough into six parts
and roll them into balls about the size
of a golf ball then flatten them out
ever so slightly before placing them in
your – griddle this is one of those
instances where it really pays to have
two of these at around the two minute
mark you’ll notice that they start to
puff up when they do push them back down
this will help expand the size of the
buns and you may need to do this again
at around the four minute mark
when you first take them out of the
griddle they’re a little soft around the
edges so it’s good to have a delicate
type of spatula like a fish spatula
we’re moving to a wire rack to let them
cool briefly
then we’ll play them up bottom sausage
Betty slice of American cheese and one
egg and the top now it doesn’t look
exactly like a McGriddle from a
McDonald’s commercial but then again
neither does a real McGriddle but let’s
see how it tastes now it might be a
little bit biased because I’ve been
working on this recipe for a while but
in terms of taste and texture I can’t
imagine getting much closer to an actual
the only thing that’s missing are those
little chunks of like maple bursts and I
haven’t figured out how to do that yet
if I do I will create a follow-up video
showing you how to do that and then this
becomes a total McGriddle I guess the
one other difference it’s not it’s not
all greasy on the outside so you don’t
feel like you need to use a napkin while
you’re eating it but you don’t have to
take my word for it we’re gonna have
Connor and Jayden come out and have them
take a taste all right guys give it a
try see what you think
that’s good just like a McGriddle I love
it hey Colton Colton do you want to make
riddle you want to make riddle buddy you
don’t have teeth yet so no McGriddle for
you let’s see what courtney and my wife
terry thinks about it what do you think
amazing does it taste like a real
McGriddle my girls are like my favorite
but this you’re not just saying that
because you love me right I’m not just
saying that I like that this is a little
bit thinner it’s not so you know cuz
then I still get the egg and the cheese
and the sausage and it’s not all just
it’s delicious what do you think it’s
very good dear I don’t eat my brittle as
much but Courtney loves women it’s very
yummy so there it is
my McGriddle if you find a better
McGriddle recipe please let me know I’d
love to taste it
and thanks for watching