Testing Demonstration with Your  Keto-Mojo Meter

Testing Demonstration with Your Keto-Mojo Meter

October 22, 2019 0 By William Morgan

– Mister Mojo here,
and I’m going to take you
through doing a glucose and ketone test
with your Keto-Mojo Meter.
So, first of all, wash your hands.
Get them all nice and warm,
so you’ve got good vascularity there.
I’m going to use a alcohol swab,
as I’m here doing the demonstration.
So, clean the finger up really nicely.
That’s done,
and then I like to go
and do my lancet device.
And why am I doing it in this order?
Because I want that alcohol
to have dried completely
off my finger before I test.
Place the lancet in like that.
Twist off the top.
Place the top back on, like so.
Let’s get that in there.
There we are.
(lancet snaps)
Set it to the depth that you want
that is good for you.
I’m kind of like in the middle there.
Pull it back so it’s ready to fire,
and you’ll see the orange button.
And we’re good.
Then, I’m going to go on into the vial.
I’m going to grab our glucose strip.
I’m going to put that
into the meter first.
I’m going to prepare my
ketone strip for the next one.
I’ll get that ready.
All right, it’ll show CH
for checking on the meter,
and when the icon is flashing,
we are ready to test.
So, quite simply, go like that.
In we go.
The little bit of bead will come on up.
I wipe away the first drop
because that has a little bit
of interstitial glucose in there,
and I come on in for the second.
That’s just a gentle
pressure that is needed,
is that’s on that side,
and you’ll find, I get a bead
about half the size of a matchstick head.
Come on in, a good angle
of attack right there,
so it’ll just sip it up.
Don’t put the blood on the top.
Just let it sip on up the channel,
like so.
(meter beeps)
And in five seconds, I’m going
to have my glucose reading.
(meter beeps)
89, really great.
I can use the ejection button on the side
to put that into an appropriate container.
Then I go and place in
my ketone strip, like so.
(meter beeps)
It’ll show CH for checking.
(meter beeps)
When the Blood Dropper icon flashes,
it’s ready to go.
And like once again,
I come in with a good
angle of attack there,
and it just sip off the top
into the channel, like so.
And in 10 seconds, I will
have my ketone measurement.
Let’s see how we’re doing.
(meter beeps)
2.9, in the zone.
Once we finish the test,
we can eject out the lancet
using the ejector like that,
and then what we can do
is we can safe the lancet
by pushing it into the top, like so.
And then you can dispose it
in an appropriate sharps container.