Testing Demonstration With Your  Keto-Mojo BLUETOOTH Meter

Testing Demonstration With Your Keto-Mojo BLUETOOTH Meter

October 30, 2019 0 By William Morgan

– Mr. Mojo here and I’m
going to take you through,
testing your glucose and your ketones
with your Bluetooth Integrated meter.
So the first thing we’ll do is,
wash our hand and get our hands ready.
So I’m going to use a little
alcohol swab to start off.
If you’re at home,
you can definitely do
some nice, warm water.
So give a nice cleaning of
the area that you want to do.
Put that to the side.
The next thing I’m going to
to do is ’cause I’m trying
to get the alcohol to
blow off and to dry off.
So I like to test and
prepare my lancet device.
So we’re going to place the
lancet in the top there,
twist off the top, get that ready.
Place the top back on.
Click it into play.
I like it, my setting
in the Goldilock zone
which is about number three there, for me.
Pull back that so it’s ready to fire.
That’s the fire button.
And we’re ready to go
for the lancet device.
So, I take out my glucose strip first.
I like to do glucose first
’cause it’s the quickest
of the tests, place it into the meter,
and the next thing I do
is get my ketone out,
ready to rock and roll for the next time.
And so now this has had
chance to check the strip.
You see that the blood dropper icon
is flashing, ready-to-go.
Now we just us the lancet device,
Place it onto the finger like so.
Now this first little bead
that comes on out like that,
you can just do a gentle
squeeze onto it, not too much.
For consistency, you can
wipe that first droplet away
and then you can come on through
and use this second droplet.
Why do we do that?
Because there’s usually a little bit of
interstitial glucose in
that first little droplet.
So we want to make sure
that we’re getting the capillary glucose.
When testing it’s always
good to actually bring
the strip close to that
little bead of blood.
Don’t put it on top of the strip,
just let it gently sip on up, like this.
Five seconds, we’re
going to get our glucose.
84, really nice.
I have an ejection on here
so I can just drop that
and dispose of it appropriately.
Then the next thing I do, is
I place my ketone strip in.
It’ll show CH for checking,
and then the first thing it
will show, will be the code
that matches the code on
the side of the vial, 682,
and I know I’ve got vial 682 here
so we’ve got a match-up
which is fantastic.
And then I just gently
sip that in like this,
off the top, get a good fill,
and in 10 seconds, I will
have my ketone measurement.
There it is,
3.2, really good.
Going to exit that out.
And that’s how we test
with the Keto-Mojo
Bluetooth Integrated meter.