Teriyaki Sauce and Thick Teriyaki Glaze  Recipe

Teriyaki Sauce and Thick Teriyaki Glaze Recipe

August 11, 2019 100 By William Morgan

thick sweet teriyaki sauce recipe video
Welcome back to another cooking video, I’m Chef Devaux and today I’m going to teach you how to make a sauce
specifically we are going to make teriyaki sauce, because one of you requested it in the comments section below
and a lot of you have asked me how to make sauces before in the comments section of past videos, I just could not find any other comments as a
reference so I found one that apparently
does not know how to spell my name, never mind that
let’s just get to cooking, ok so you put you pan on the heat
and then you cut a little piece of ginger and
a little piece of garlic
and make sure they are very small because ginger and garlic very strong
so it can easily overpower the teriyaki sauce, you want it to be just
a subtle note in the background nothing
ok so now that I have one small bit of ginger and one small bit of garlic, I’m going to add some oil in the pan
what you want is to mix one teaspoon of sesame seed oil
with 2 teaspoons of olive oil
the sesame seed oil is added for the taste and I love the flavor of it
but is too overwhelming, if you put too much sesame seed oil it just blows it.
so just really restrict it to one teaspoon
once you have added your sesame seed oil and olive oil into the pan
you add your ginger and garlic and you let them sizzle up a little bit so that there is a little
exchange flavors, also the garlic and ginger
browns a little bit
gets a nice bit of color and the taste
changes a little bit, then you add your sugar which is 50 grams
you let it melt
and caramelized little bit and then at
this point you add all your liquids
which is a hundred and fifty milliliters of soy sauce
and a hundred and fifty milliliters of Mirin and then
fifty milliliters of Sake, ok once you put all the liquids inside the caramel
solidifies into rocks
at the bottom of the pan so you just keep stirring it and then it will just dissolve into the
and what you want to do is reduce it
down to much thicker sauce
so just put on low-temperature and this
might take 15-20 minutes
just keep an eye on it and when you feel
is the right thickness for you
then you remove it of teh heat and let it cool down
now a thick teriyaki sauce is awesome but sometimes there is a good reason to use a
thin teriyaki sauce
so what I suggest you do is a little bit after reducing you
just remove half of the sauce so that you can make a nice thin
teriyaki sauce and then put the other
half back on and make that into a nice
thick teriyaki sauce, now you have the best of both worlds.
okay now for the
thick teriyaki sauce I like to add a little bit
toasted sesame seeds
just to give it a little extra flavour and a little bit of extra decoration

there we go
ok so the thick sauce is done reducing, and it is still pretty liquidy, but I know from
experience that when you
cool it down a bit more it will get more thick so im just going to
pour it out now
okay so there you go one thin teriyaki sauce and one
thick sweet teriyaki sauce for glazing, done
Thank you very much for watching, please give this a try and dont forget to up vote if you enjoyed it