Sweet and sour Prawns | BodyProCoach | Praveen Nair | Maahek Nair

Sweet and sour Prawns | BodyProCoach | Praveen Nair | Maahek Nair

November 4, 2019 0 By William Morgan

when it comes to following a great diet
or diet based food the biggest
challenge is that it takes a lot of time
to prepare and you end up not doing it
so we are coming up with a lot of
recipes which are really take some time
and you know you can prepare in almost
in about a few minutes so let’s go
Hii guys today we’re going to be doing
sweet-and-sour prawns it’s easy recipe
simple and really yummy to taste let’s
quickly go and see the recipe
first we’re gonna add
sesame oil that’s about 1 tablespoon
next we’re gonna add some prawns

this have already been glanced
I am gonna add some rock salt

some black pepper powder
next about 1 tbsp of garlic powder

now once they are slightly golden
am gonna add
red bell pepper and some asparagus

and our asparagus and prawns are done

so delicious
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