Sushi Hand Roll – How to Make Sushi

Sushi Hand Roll – How to Make Sushi

October 23, 2019 46 By William Morgan

Hello today im going to show you how to make a sushi hand roll.
what you need is
some sweet chili glazed salmon skin,
which you can find the recipe at my website
and some masago fish eggs which is
season capelin eggs
half a sheet of nori
fifty grams of cooked sushi rice
some paprika and avocado slices, a little bit of lettuce
and some sweet chili sauce
Let’s make a hand roll
, to start with you want to dip your hands in a little bit of water and have them damp to handle the rice.

You want to take the rice and place it in a corner and
just softly spread it out.
Don’t squish it down too much just softly, and keep about 2 or 3 grains for later

Now we add some sweet chili salmon skin
we add a little bit of sweet chili sauce

a slice and a half of paprika
a little bit of avocado a little bit of masago eggs and a touch of wild lettuce

Now you begin rolling from this corner here and you bring it over the content

try to compress the content in to it so that you get a good seal.
Doesn’t matter if some pieces fall out, completely normal

And you keep rolling it over.
Now a little secret I like to do is add a little piece of rice here
this will complete the seal here. Sort of like glue.
how to make sushi
One hand roll finished.
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sushi hand roll
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