Super Mario 64 – O invasor do Anti-mundo —  Episódio 1

Super Mario 64 – O invasor do Anti-mundo — Episódio 1

October 2, 2019 36 By William Morgan

a long, long time
in a kingdom far, far away
Super Mario 64 –
The invader of Anti-World
Episode 1 – A new hope (to Bowser)
Mario enjoyed a pleasant afternoon with Peach
After the events at the castle.
but they did not know was that Bowser was
creating his next attack.
Bowser decides to learn more about one
parallel dimension called “Anti-world”,
dimension that the inhabitants are
the reverse of those in our dimension.
Mario returns home, promising to Princess
revisited in a few days,
time to rest of every adventure he had.
Mario: I’m home!
I hope the Princess made
another cake!
She should be in her bedroom
Princess, can i come in?
She don’t took those Bowser’s pictures
She doesn’t took off that big picture too
I’m worried now!
Toad, you know where is the princess?
Toad: No, I don’t see her since before yesterday
Where is she?
Toad, have you seen the princess?
Mario: Not even…
Mario: Ow, forget!
Toad, where is the princess?
Toad: She doesn’t appear since before yesterday.
Mario: And why you didn’t call’d me?
Toad: Because she may have left to visit Daisy, maybe…
Mario: And now, what happened to her?
Peach: Damn Bowser, you don’t get tired of losing?
Two kidnappings in a week is a record!
Bowser: No princess, this plan is perfect!
Because when your “lovey” think
that I’m to blame, it will be late…
Peach: Too late for what?
Bowser: You will know!
Now, excuse me…
Can we continue with the plan?
???: as you wish…
Bowser:Transform yourself!