Stewed Bodi  (Yard Beans) With Salted Cod |

Stewed Bodi (Yard Beans) With Salted Cod |

August 11, 2019 33 By William Morgan

What’s up Soldiers! Chris here at vibes in up in the kitchen as usual!
We’re doing bodi with salted cod today, an awesome dish
If you can’t get bodi or yard bean or Bora you can always use string beans or french beans
But yeah, a nice something man, you’ll want to stay tuned
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I’ve got my pan heating up on a medium flame
I’m gonna go in with some olive oil. It may seem like a lot
It’s about 2 tablespoons of olive oil
the salted cod that I’m using today tends to use quite a bit of oil. If you want to cut back on the amount of
oil that you use and you can certainly use vegetable oil or canola oil or
Coconut oil, it’s totally cool. If you want to cut back on the amount of oil that you’re using
Try using a nonstick pan
better results and that’s just the prepared salted cod that I’m going in there with
the full list of ingredients will be listed down at the description below and
Basically, all you’re doing is soaking that salted cod to remove some of it
Well, most of the salt from it add or boiling it in boiling water
That’s what I did and this is boneless, so I didn’t have to deal with any bones
Be mindful. There can still be bones in it. So be mindful of that. Okay?
And the reason why I like starting off
With the salted cod in there is because it’s gonna build up first layer flavor and believe me or not
That salted cod will give this dish it a lot of flavor. After about three minutes. I turn the heat down to low
I’m gonna go in with an
Onion a small onion that I just sliced up and three cloves of garlic
My heat is on low as I said because I want to… it’s a little piece of bell pepper in there
That’s gonna go in later. So don’t fret too much about that. Just gonna give that a quick little stir just
To sweat that down a little bit and with the addition of that onion and garlic there’s more flavor coming in there as well
So you notice it’s all about flavors, right?
And if we can quickly shift the attention
Over here to this bowl and this is the prepared bodi and it is yard bean or bodi as we call it I believe in
Guyana they call it Bora and all I did was I removed the ends and then I cut them into
1 inch, closer to one and a quarter inch pieces
And if you’re following me on Instagram, you would have seen me prepare this last night
Simply because it makes things easier for me right?
Now all you would do is soak it in cool water and that will keep it nice and fresh and not go discolored
Now what you’re seeing here is pretty skinny and stuff like that some little dark edges and all that
I am based in Canada. This is not native to Canada
So I’m very thankful for what I do get, but that is a whole idea here. It’s all trimmed and ready to go
Now here’s where I’m going to start adding. I’m gonna turn my heat up to medium low
No, and I’m gonna start adding the bodi to the pot
Just try and drain as much of the liquid off if you can
Next up I’m gonna go with some fresh ground black pepper and I won’t add any salt to this because the
Remnants of the salt of that salted cod will be enough for this dish for me
But again, it’s totally up to you if you wanted to add some salt… do your thing, but don’t do it yet
Don’t, Do it near the end when you can taste it and then you can adjust it accordingly. Half of a scotch bonnet pepper
I went in with the seeds, you don’t have to do that if you’re concerned about that fire
Remember Caribbean sunshine. We’re really don’t want to play around like that. And I found some bell pepper in the fridge there. So I just chop that up
And you really don’t need the bell pepper to be honest with you
But I saw it in the fridge and I thought that added to the mix here
It’s gonna give that a good stir now because you want to incorporate all those ingredients into
Each other kind of thing. A nice big happy family, you-know? Let’s give that a good mix
And we’re gonna sort of steam saute this so you’ll need a lid, so do use a pan that has a pot with a lid
Keep in mind that brilliant green that you’re seeing there. That’s all gonna go away pretty soon, because as we cook this it will
Look at this.. kinda spork (spoon + fork).
Where that come from?
Went ahead and I gave it a good stir. I’m just gonna put the lid on there
And let that go until it’s nice and tender
It’s been about 25 minutes now.. I have been stirring it and you can see what I mentioned earlier
But it’s gonna go a bit more
Darker, so I’m gonna have that vibrant green anymore. This is to the point where I like it now
I do apologize if the spoon scrapes the bottom
Of the pot here, you know everybody always whining and complaining. Watch out boy use a wooden spoon please
send a wooden spoon, I’ll use it. I ain’t trying to cut down no tree
Anyways, that is perfect for me. Taste it for salt at this point here
If you find there’s too much salt because if you used too much salted cod in there it can be a bit salty
Toss in some diced tomato and you’ll be good. If you need salt, you know do your thing
I like it just like this. One thing I forgot to mention
If you find that the bottom of the pot is drying up too much this one sprang a lot of liquid
Which was fine, remember we kinda steamed
Sauteed it with the lid on
Do add a splash of water in there Chris here at always a pleasure to have you guys here in the kitchen with me!
Bodi or Bora or yard bean with salted cod
We went in with a little bit of that
Bell pepper that we had in the fridge and it’s a wicked dish on rice with roti with whatever, you know. bless up man!
My little baby is here! We’ve got cookbooks guys, get your copy today!