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October 15, 2019 0 By William Morgan

If you want to be a part of this 1 month weight loss challenge – season 2, keep watching.
Hello friends, You are watching Thamizh Penn channel, which is your no.1 favorite channel for health, weight loss and nutrition coaching.
If you are new to this channel, a quick intro about me for you.
I was like this 7 years ago, with a body weight of 95 kgs.
I created my own diet plan, followed it and lost 30 kgs. From 95 kgs, I have now come down to 65 kgs.
I have been doing keto and intermittent fasting for the last few months and I was further able to lose 2 kgs. So, now I am at 63 kgs.
Today’s topic is on weight loss challenge – season 2.
Let’s do a recap of how season 1 went and who was the winner.
So many of you lost weight in season 1 challenge – 3 kgs, 5 kgs, 7 kgs and so on. Irushad lost 10 kgs in 1 month and took us all by surprise.
This was his body weight and height before the challenge. Here is a pic of his before and after body scale measurements.
Here is what you are looking for: his before and after pic. Thanks to Irushad for sharing this and motivating all of us to lose those extra kgs.
He followed keto and IF for weight loss. His calories were between 1000 and 1300. His carb % was as low as 10% and he briskly walked everyday during the challenge.
He was able to lose 10 kgs in one month by following this protocol and hence he was selected as the winner.
I have a video on the detailed diet plan that he followed. I have left the link to that video in the description box below. Check it out.
Did you get your daily dose of inspiration. Are you ready to start your challenge?
Let’s look at some rules before we get started.
First step after subscribing to this channel is to comment below (only on this video please) on the following: name, age, gender, height, current weight, and target weight after the 30 day challenge.
Please provide the requested details on the comments section of this video and not any other video. Since, it will be difficult for me to consolidate if you provide details in my other videos. That is what happened in the last challenge.
In my next video, I will announce the participants and their details. So, send me your photo if you want me to share it in my next video.
If you like to share your current photo, send it to my Instagram account today.
Sharing your picture for me to include in my next video is totally up to you and not mandatory.
Step 2: select a diet and workout plan. Our weight loss challenge has already started if you are in India. If you are in the US or any other country, I think Oct 15th is coming soon. So, get started ASAP.
If you are confused and do not know which diet to follow, check out my diet chart videos. I have provided links to all the diet chart videos in the description box below. Pick the one that you think would work for you.
You can also follow any other diet chart as well. It is totally up to you. My recommendation is that you follow Keto and IF as it has been giving me great results.
The intent of this challenge is to lose weight in a healthy way. So, any diet chart that works for you is great.
Theme of this challenge: Keto and intermittent fasting. Check out my videos on the basics of keto and intermittent fasting if you have not checked it out yet. Links to all videos are in the description box below.
Step 3: plan ahead on what you are going to eat for 1 week. If you do not plan ahead, chances of quitting this challenge is great. I think that is what happened in season 1 for people to quit the challenge in the beginning or in the middle.
Check out my recipe videos to get an idea. Links to all videos are in the description box below.
Step 4: Shop for at least 1 week of grocery before the start of the week.
If we do not have what we need at the time of cooking, we end up cooking something that is available and that might not be a part of your diet. So, chances of failing are higher if we do not plan and shop ahead.
If you have not done your shopping yet, please pause this video. Get your shopping done and then continue watching this video.
Check out the keto list in the description box below.
Step 5: Allocate some time in the day/week when you can cook/meal prep for that day/week.
We are all super busy. So, we need to plan and set aside a time during the day or week when we would cook for the day/week. Unless, we block that time and dedicate it towards cooking nutritious meal, we might end up making bad on-the-go choices.
Normally, that is when people dropout. So, let us ensure we block some time towards cooking for us.
Step 6: During the 30 day challenge, interact with participants by posting: your daily diet/workout, the challenges you faced that day, how you plan to overcome those challenges the next day, motivational quotes/messages and so on.
We are going to keep going and not quit. Winners never quit. So, let us keep that in mind.
In season 1, people were motivated in the beginning. But, the participation and comments dropped after the first week. So, let us motivate and encourage each other and ensure that does not happen in season 2.
Many of you have requested me to post more videos every week. I hear you and will try my best to post as many videos as I can during this challenge.
I am not sure if I can post a video everyday or every other day.
Let me know the topics that you want me to do a video on in this 30 day series.
I am unable to dedicate a lot of time for youtube. With a full time job and a toddler at home, it becomes hectic. However, I will try my best to keep posting videos.
Pleas do not get disappointed if you do not see a video everyday or every other day.
Remember to consult with your doctor before starting any diet plan, stay hydrated, workout for at least 30 mins a day, take multi-vitamins and other supplements as required, and sleep for at least 8 hours a day.
Are you ready to lose those extra fat from your body and become a more fit version of yourself? If so, congrats on taking that first step. I will see you soon in my next video on the season 2 participants list. The challenge starts now, good luck.