Shukto Recipe—Bengali Appetizer of Stewed Vegetables—Bengali Special Lunch Recipe

October 18, 2019 0 By William Morgan

Shukto: A wide array of mild, sometimes bitter, milky curries served for lunch just after shaak (greens) and before dal (lentils). It opens up the palate for the oncoming spicier courses.
korola (bitter gourd) 50g
brinjal 100g
shojne data (drumsticks) 160g
kachkola (unripe bananas) 150g
sweet potato 120g, potato 100g
sheem (flat beans) 100g
kacha pepe (unripe papaya) 150g
ginger paste 35g
shorshe bata 25g (finely ground mustard: 30% mustard + 70% water)
grated coconut 15g
dal’er bori (sundried lentil dumplings) 10 pcs
bay leaves 4 pcs; panch phoron ½ tsp
maida ¼ tsp; milk 100g
mix well
sugar 22g; total salt 20g
radhuni ½ tsp
crush to powder
ghee 10g
cut potato into wedges (2cm wide)
sweet potato: 4cm long, 2cm wide
kachkola: 6cm long, 3cm wide
sheem: trim ends and remove fibrous strands
brinjal: 5cm long, 3cm wide
korola: 4cm long, 2cm wide
shojne data: strip off outer fibres
don’t cut all the way through
strip off remaining fibres
5cm sections
keep working on one section at a time
remove papaya seeds
5cm long, 3cm wide
5g salt; 600g water
parboil on low heat for 15 minutes
stir midway to steam evenly
strain immediately to prevent veggies from cooking further
reserve the water!
heat 60g vegetable oil
dal’er bori
fry until golden (20 seconds)
set aside
fry on medium heat until golden (3 minutes)
set aside
1g (½ tsp) salt
fry until golden (4 minutes)
set aside; add brinjal
fry until golden (4 minutes)
set aside
bay leaves
panch phoron
ginger paste
fry on low heat for a minute
shorshe bata
if pan dries out, add a splash of water from the vegetables
add the potatoes first as they take longest to cook
cover and cook on low heat (3 minutes)
add rest of the boiled veggies
kachkola; bori
remaining salt (15g); sugar
water from boiled vegetables
korola; brinjal
mix gently so that veggies don’t break
milk + maida mixture
bubble on low heat until all vegetables are fully cooked (3 to 5 minutes)
radhuni powder
turn off heat, cover, rest