Rec Tec Trailblazer Grill Review  – FireBoard Thermometer – Keto – Pulled Pork – Learn to BBQ

Rec Tec Trailblazer Grill Review – FireBoard Thermometer – Keto – Pulled Pork – Learn to BBQ

July 21, 2019 12 By William Morgan

Hello this is Wliey from learn to
barbecue. This recipe review is my first
on the Rec Tec Trailblazer Grilll. We
also incorporated the FireBoard smart
thermometer. To do this cook we started
with a seven pound pork shoulder with
bone. First we need a simple rub, four
tablespoons of kosher or sea salt, four
tablespoons of black pepper,
four tablespoons of minced onion,
four tablespoons of garlic powder. This
is a simple and very easy rub and goes
very well with pulled pork. Now you need
to mix well. Some people even use a spice
blender but a bowl and a large spoon
will also work. Now we need to apply the
rub. The process is apply rub then spray
with oil. It is important that the salt
make contact with the meat before
applying the oil this way the salt will
penetrate the meat. Try and make sure the
pork shoulder is fully covered in rub.
Repeat this process until all sides are
covered. The rub does two things, it
seasons the meat and adds flavor to the
meat also allows the outside of the
shoulder develop a bark that adds
texture to the meat. If you have the time
you can let the rub sit on the shoulder
for about an hour.
Now it’s off to the smoker, preheat the
Trailblazer grill to 275 degrees
Fahrenheit also insert meat probes for
both the grill and the fire board
thermometer the Rec Tec app allows you
to have full control over the grill as
long as you have access to the Internet.
As you can see the grill setpoint is 275
degrees Fahrenheit the meat temperature
is 36 degrees Fahrenheit and the ambient
temperature or current air temperature
inside the grill is 80 degrees
Fahrenheit. Now here’s the data for the
FireBoard that does not even need an
app for it records all temperatures
directly to a website that actually
catalogues each cook as you can see
here’s when the shoulder hit 160 degrees
Fahrenheit and had to be foiled. I then
move the shoulder from the grill over to
a foil pan.
Cover and seal the shoulder so it can
retain moisture
and I almost forgot I need to add a half
a cup of apple juice to the pan.
Now seal up the shoulder and then let it
cook until it reaches an internal
temperature of 195 degrees Fahrenheit.
Here’s how that looks on the FireBoard
chart the large swings and ambient
temperature were due to having to
readjust the minimum pellet rate on the
grill this suggests it only needs to be
done on extremely hot or cold days this
day was 98 degrees Fahrenheit and we
were in direct sunlight.
Now that the grill is adjusted it
holds temperature within three degrees.
Now that the pork shoulder is done we
need to pull from the grill.
The ultimate test of a done pork
shoulder is removing the shoulder blade
bone after the initial pull it should
slide out easily with no meat and just a
small amount of connective tissue
attached. Now drain off excess juices but
leave about a cup in the pan so the meat
stays moist as you shred it.
Now get your bear claw shredders and
start breaking it down into smaller
pieces as you can see the very dark part
is the bark and the darker red sections
are the smoke ring. Now that I can taste
the piece it now gets one big greasy
thumbs up
To finish this pulled-pork I’m going to
use Big Bob Gibson’s white sauce. Highly
recommend it you want to reduce sugar or
carbs in your diet. It also tastes really
good. Also highly recommend the Rec Tec
Trailblazer for it did a great job cooking
this pork shoulder. I now use the FireBoard thermometer to monitor and
catalogue all my barbecue cooks. Actually
the two together are a dynamite
combination. If you are really serious
about making great barbecue. Bon Appetit
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really appreciate you watching.