Real Life MEAL PLANNING – Large Family of 10 for one Week! Freezer Meals, Lunches, Crock Pot!!

November 5, 2019 0 By William Morgan

– Hello, hello, welcome back.
We are doing another edition
of large family meals of the week.
My name is Jamerrill Stewart.
I am cleaning up egg off the floor.
Yes, I am.
What I do in these videos
is it usually ends up
being a little bit of snipets
of what’s actually happening
this week, and then I share all the food
that I’m feedin’ my family of
10, actually nine at home now.
We have different life stages goin’ on,
because there’s a whole
lot of food all the time.
We work full-time from home,
school full-time from home,
and it’s rainin’ out today.
Over a month that ends up bein’
90 meals and 60 plus snacks
for nine people.
At the moment, what is the
rain have to do with anything?
Just bringin’ home the
point that we’re home
and we’re not goin’ out
and runnin’ around today,
that’s for sure.
We do have other running
around coming up this week.
So, for breakfast this
morning we are doing oatmeal.
I’ve got the pot of water.
I got the oatmeal here sitting.
I’m getting ready to add
some other good things to it.
We’ve got some kids doin’
some morning laundry,
other kids are playin’ in
the dining room schoolroom.
They’re gettin’ ready to move forward,
storm forward with our day.
For dinner tonight, I
have two meatloaves here,
and I’m gonna get these going
in the slow cookers here shortly.
I’m gonna pull out some
side items for lunch.
It’s probably gonna be
turkey sandwiches and fruit,
and yeah, there’s that.
Yesterday at church we had a potluck,
and then last evening we
had a ice cream party,
and movie party at church,
so I’d packed these veggies and
my knife wrapped in a towel.
I was gonna make a veggie platter,
and things just happened too fast.
We have potato salad and
other things we bought,
so I need to get these veggies put away.
There’s the bananas.
Hopefully we can get
those finished up here
in the next few days, too.
I’ll show you we got our
little oatmeal station
goin’ over here.
Here’s are bowl already mixed up.
There’s Mama’s breakfast,
and then some kids will want
applesauce on it, some will
want just a variety of fruits
goin’ on here, and then we got
some honey to go on top, too,
for those who want it.
Here’s Benjamin’s breakfast.
Here’s Daniel’s, and here’s
Amolia’s, yeah, Amolia’s,
here’s Amelia’s oatmeal.
Here you go Amolia.
You got a new name today.
You didn’t know you
were gettin’ a new name.
There ya go.
Gabriel’s bowl, he got
applesauce and oatmeal.
Here’s Zion’s, he wants just oatmeal.
There is milk and some sugar in this, too,
so there’s breakfast.
End of the day here.
For lunch, they all made–
Hi, you got out!
He’s been in his seat.
We’ve been eatin’ around
the dining room table,
you’d be happy to hear that.
For lunch today, I just
was tryin’ to update you
on the food.
So, Liam is over there after
dinner here workin’ on dishes.
For lunch, finally, let’s see
if I can say that five times.
Naomi did sandwiches and cut
apple slices for everyone.
Then for dinner we had broccoli.
I also had some Brussels sprouts,
so we had double the green veggies.
Broccoli, Brussels sprouts,
and then I went ahead
and did two meatloaves, and
we had a full one for dinner,
but Travis hasn’t had any
yet, so I’ll probably give him
some of the second one
and then the second one
we’ll see how we use that up tomorrow.
(coffee brewing)
Coffee noise is happening.
Wild hair, old glasses,
how my mornings go down.
It is Tuesday.
It’s okay, Friendly.
My cat’s cryin’.
You’ll be okay, Friendly.
Tuesday, yes.
Kids are not quite up yet.
I just got done with my
Bible reading and journaling.
It’s makin’ that second cup of coffee.
I’m gonna update my calendar for October,
since that’s a thing now
and that needs to be done.
My food plan today is two
meals, dependin’ on leftovers.
I have oatmeal leftover from
yesterday, there’s that.
Then we have some meatloaf leftover.
That won’t be enough
for everyone for lunch.
Probably just Travis and I
will have that, honestly.
I mean, I might have a kid
or two who wants some more,
but that’s fine, too.
The meatloaf is from
my new little car packs
that I just came out with,
packs seven, eight, and nine.
I don’t remember if it’s seven or eight.
It’s in one of ’em.
Anyway, then I have Naomi for lunch…
For everybody else, so they’ll
have tuna salad and fruit,
and then we’re gonna go out to
the freezers here in a minute
and pick something out that’s also
from pack seven, eight, or nine.
I got whole freezer full of it,
and we’ll get that going
for dinner tonight.
This is the reality of how a
chicken scrap bowl goes down.
We have some broccoli from last night
that just sat too long,
got a little mushy.
A couple crusts from some
PB&J’s from yesterday.
A banana that Benjamin
thought he was gonna do,
think he did about half of it.
Those are some crackers that
I just found on the floor,
and I was like, “Hey,
crackers, you need to go
“have my chickens eat ya.”
Then maybe five or six Brussels sprouts.
I had a bowl of those spill last night.
Don’t wanna dig too deep, but you’ll see
some apple cores from lunch yesterday.
Just from various odds and ends
that happen throughout a
day, something goin’ mushy,
a banana not finished,
crackers found, the ends
of a few sandwiches, we can easily fill
one of these bowls every
day for the chickens.
Then, if not, little odds and ends,
I thought I had some in here.
Whenever I do lots of fruits and veggies,
so we’ll have ends, I have the ends
of these Brussels sprouts,
when I did those yesterday,
we’ll have the ends of
lettuce, the ends of celery,
the insides of peppers,
it just adds up quick.
The kids ended up doin’ toaster waffles,
and I’m workin’ on that oatmeal,
so I’ll push the oatmeal tomorrow,
but I was doin’ other
things, and that plan changed
and they fed themselves,
so, good job kids,
but here’s my breakfast.
Another big bowl of
oatmeal and lots of fruit.
Happy Wednesday friends.
It is now lunchtime on Wednesday.
I’m just lettin’ these days skip on by.
Yesterday I was filmin’ a
homeschool mom collab video,
and so that’s where my little
bit of filmin’ time went.
Yesterday, let’s see, for lunch
Naomi did tuna fish sandwiches and apples.
Then for dinner, we had the low-carb,
bacon cheeseburger bake.
It was fantastic, but that
footage is in that video.
Today is Wednesday.
We did fruit and yogurt for breakfast.
For lunch, we are eatin’ up
what is left of that tuna.
So, here is my tuna
salad with some tomatoes
and some romaine lettuce wraps,
and the kids are havin’ their tuna
the good old-fashioned way.
It is late afternoon, early evenin’.
This is my cup of grapes.
Dinner tonight has been
served by 7-Eleven.
I was able to still stay pretty THMish.
I got a cup of grapes and cheese.
I also had one of those protein packs.
Then the kids all got hot
dogs and some iced tea,
and Travis had cheeseburger bites,
so all of this fed a large
family, fed nine of us,
it came up to a whole $24.
They have this get five things for $4 deal
with the hot dogs and toquitos and such.
So, we’re able to eat on the go
pretty cheap there sometimes.
Happy international new pajama day.
Super exciting.
Last evening when the kids got
new fall and winter spring
clothes to get ready
for the change of seasons,
Mama got new pajamas,
and a new robe, soon to
be unveiled on YouTube
when I’m goin’ around with
my crazy hair and coffee
at some point I’m sure.
Benjamin’s runnin’ around.
Liam just got four pounds of bacon
in the oven for oven bacon.
I had defrosted a big pack from Costco,
and Daniel is doin’, you wanna
keep scramblin’, or you done?
(indistinct talking and yelling)
– [Child] Mom, I’m all done.
– You can be done, okay but if
I get out the electric mixer
though, I wonder who’s gonna help me.
– [Child] Me!
– [Child] I will!
So, we got one pan of bacon that’s out.
This was two pounds that’s
already disappearing.
Another pan is finishing
up it’s last few minutes
in the oven, and then a bazillion eggs,
and I’m makin’ plates now.
So, breakfast is done and I have made
the executive decision
that I’m not gettin’ outta
these pajamas today.
It is just gettin’ too late in the mornin’
for me to fool around with that.
Yeah, so, brush my teeth, comb my hair,
even with glasses on.
This is just as good as it’s
gonna get, but believe me,
it won’t affect the rest of our day.
I’ve sent the kids out.
Well, it’ll affect the rest of the day
in that I’m not gonna go outside
and walk around in my pajamas.
I will draw the line somewhere.
Anyway, I’ve sent kids outside, though,
to get some runnin’ in.
The chickens, they’re on day three,
I think, of getting outside
and having their outdoor time,
so I am just cleanin’ up from
what has become a brunch,
and most of the kids, we
went new clothes shopping
last night, and they have had the joy
of putting their clothes away.
There are a few things left,
mainly Daniel and Benjamin,
so while the kids are
runnin’ outside with the dogs
and chickens, I will get
Daniel and Benjamin’s clothes put away.
Naomi, another teenager
now, she is running Benjamin
and Daniel up and down the road here,
just gettin’ them some good exercise
before we get started with table work.
Zion is already startin’ his school
and his stretches back there,
and I’m so proud of myself,
I remembered to put
foil in the baking pans
this morning when we did bacon.
So many times I’m cleanin’
grease out of the pans
and I’m like, “Why didn’t I line them?”
I just forget .
I get doin’ stuff too fast,
as you well know, but okay.
So, kitchen’s back together,
and this is not a clothing haul video,
I just didn’t film any of
that last night either,
but you can watch me take
some of these tags off here
and I’m sure I’ll sneak and
show ya some of the cute stuff
I got for Benjamin and Daniel.
Out of the huge stack
I got Gabriel and Liam,
these were still in a bag downstairs,
so it’s three more shirts.
I got them, I think,
eight new pairs of jeans.
They share a wardrobe.
I’ve always ended up doin’
that with all my boys.
Jayden and Zion shared
a wardrobe for years,
now Gabriel and Liam
and Daniel and Benjamin.
I got them each two of these sweatshirts.
Like I say, I got a bunch
more but it’s all upstairs,
and this is what’s left to process.
This is, oh let’s see, no, this is
another Gabriel and Liam sweatshirt,
another Gabriel and Liam sweatshirt,
then I got us just some extra
pack of these cheap gloves.
They’re always helpful in the fall.
Found two pairs of Amelia’s jeans.
She got, as you can
tell, most of the stuff.
Zion and Naomi put their things away.
Are you rollin’ socks?
– I know how to.
– [Jamerrill] You know how to?
You could roll all these new gloves.
– I don’t know how to roll gloves.
– [Jamerrill] I’ll show you, I’ll show ya.
That’s somethin’ you can do, okay.
So, I was wrong, there was a big pile
of missed clothes from Gabriel and Liam.
I think Gabriel must have
got most of the pants
and some of the shirts.
Liam’s gonna take ’em up for me.
Here’s two more pairs of pants.
Thank you, and then, yeah, I found there’s
four sweatshirts here, bunch more shirts,
and so the rest must be hangin’ up.
So, now I’m still workin’
on Daniel and Benjamin’s.
A lot of what I got is in size five.
I know Benjamin’s only
two, but he is a hefty boy,
and Daniel is four and
a half, so a lotta these
are with Daniel in mind,
plus Benjamin, of course,
has the lovely option of hand-me-downs.
Lotta the fresh stuff here is for Daniel
this year and Benjamin.
You’re gonna see Benjamin in
this stuff, too, I’m sure.
They had just some really cute,
fun sweatshirts at Walmart this year.
Look at that, the dino hood,
then we’ve got this dino one,
and then over here I’ll just
pull these outta the piles,
so, yeah, that one says, “Leader.”
Lottsa dinosaur stuff.
We got a monster truck shirt,
another just a silly cat shirt, tiger.
Then I got them some plain
color, long-sleeve shirts.
Got another, “I make
this look cool,” shirt.
So, different colors, and
then another pair of pants,
so I probably got them about
eight new pairs of pants, too.
So, for Benjamin, it’ll be
major cuffing and rolling.
For Daniel, it’ll all fit pretty well,
and then again, Benjamin
has hand-me-downs, yay.
Okay, so here’s what I realized
with Daniel and Benjamin’s clothes.
What I thought was five
long-sleeve shirts,
they’re short sleeve, (tsk)
so I’m gonna put these in the bag.
We’ll take these back
tomorrow or the next day.
So they have in front of me,
four other long-sleeve shirts,
three sweatshirts, got
eight pairs of pants,
and again, still stuff from last year.
I’m gonna go look through that
stuff now real quick, too.
We also this afternoon have
a grocery haul goin’ on.
I’m not filming it separate.
You get it in this video.
Got all kinds of fruits,
veggies, yogurt, milk,
almond milk, the standards fillin’ haul.
I’ll show ya, I was
cleanin’ out the fridge
gettin’ it all cleaned up.
Here’s how the fridge is lookin’ now,
and I’m gonna cram other things in it.
Those eggs are what’s left from breakfast,
so might be breakfast tomorrow,
might end up gettin’ eatin’ up.
Evening snacks by kids, you never know.
Liam’s helpin’ Mama.
He’s unloadin’ yogurt,
singin’ the “Sonic Theme Song” as he goes.
Go, Liam, go.
We finished up school
and all our other things.
We have a family member comin’ over
to spend a few nights with us.
They’re almost here.
Kids have been eating
around the kitchen counter
and havin’ some TV time.
Anyway, I’ve gotta sit on the porch
and do some business work on my computer.
Wanna show you what I’m doing for dinner,
is it’s these two cauliflower, I mean,
I can’t just have one.
These things are about
the size of a tortilla.
Two cauliflower pizza crusts.
Only three ingredients,
gluten-free, grain-free.
It says it has cauliflower,
mozzarella, and egg whites,
and they have some pictures of folks
doing sandwiches with them.
There ya go.
I’m going to devour both of them while
I sit on the porch and work.
Okay, update.
I did not eat those two low-carb pizzas
that I took out on the porch last night.
I ate half of one and I was so full,
so we put ’em in a baggie and
put ’em in the refrigerator,
and I actually had one for
breakfast, so, yay Mom.
So, my good friend, Trisha Goyer,
is visiting me for the next two days.
We are out now at an Italian
restaurant for dinner.
Breakfast was that pizza.
Lunch, her and I had out, where’d we go?
Went to a Mexican restaurant,
a Mexican restaurant.
Now we’re gonna order,
because we’ve talked
about spaghetti today, so
forget the low-carb thing, now.
We’re gonna carb out for dinner, yay!
Dinner came and went.
I ate all the noodles.
Tricia, tiramisu, yay.
Dinner’s goin’ down, dessert’s goin’ down.
Happy Saturday mornin’.
A lot goin’ on here as every day.
My good friend, Tricia Goyer,
is actually comin’ over.
We’re gonna do a bunch of cookin’ today,
so be on the lookout for my
videos from Tricia comin’ up,
I think, yeah, they’ll be comin’ up.
I have to think of my YouTube timeline.
They will be comin’ up after this video.
She flew in from Arkansas.
Let’s see, we had dinner
with her last night.
She’s got this new book comin’ out called,
“The Grumble-Free Year.”
Girlfriend has 10 kids
and this is her 76th book,
so, she’s doin’ a few things.
Anyway, you’re gonna love
my upcoming videos with her,
all that to say, she’s comin’ over.
We’re gonna do some cooking today,
some grumble-free recipes,
and then, since she’s in town,
she has another good friend
who’s gonna come have dinner
with her tonight, so I get
to go out to dinner again,
just like two nights in a row
Mama gets to go out to dinner.
You saw some of that food yesterday.
I’ve gotta finish feeding kids,
’cause some kids are still gettin’ up.
We’re scramblin’ around.
Tricia’s pickin’ up a
Walmart grocery order
to come over and cook.
My kids are gonna play outside for a bit,
then we’re gonna have like
a big old hoedown lunch,
eating everything that Tricia and I make.
I’m doin’ little bowls of applesauce.
I’ll get you one.
You gotta sit.
You gotta sit.
You gonna sit and I’ll get it for ya?
Applesauce, granola bars,
nana if they want it,
that’s breakfast.
I am munchin’ on these almonds and, yeah,
then get outside and play
kids ’cause Mama’s gonna cook
with her friend.
Okay, so Tricia’s here.
Here’s her cute, little grocery haul,
but we’re makin’ up
five of her big recipes.
Okay, so it just looks like
I’m travelin’ the world.
I’m at a noisy restaurant.
I’m with, I’m hangin’ out with writers.
Look at this.
Tracy Steel, “A Redesigned Life.”
It says, “Uncovering God’s purpose
“when life doesn’t go as planned.”
So, we’re gonna see what
Tracy’s havin’ for dinner,
what Tricia’s havin’ for dinner,
what Jamerrill’s havin’ for dinner.
Travis and the kids are at home.
They’re havin’ what Tricia
and I made early today,
so, earlier.
I didn’t show that in the
video, but be lookin’,
it’s comin’ out.
I’m gonna put friends with their books.
Here’s Tracy’s book.
There’s Tracy’s dinner.
Chicken sandwich, spicy, spicy.
Yes, okay.
Then this is Tricia.
That just looks amazing.
– [Tricia] Chicken fried
chicken and mashed potatoes.
– [Jamerrill] Chicken fried
chicken and then my sins
continue, Philly cheesesteak
and fries, but that’s okay.
(cat meowing)
Wild mornin’.
Sunday wild mornin’.
Here, oh, kitty.
My kitty’s cryin’ at me.
Anyway, I’m havin’ Tricia withdraws.
I miss my friend Tricia.
We had just such a wonderful
two days of her visiting me
out here in the wilderness,
so Sunday mornin’, sorry,
big shout out on, ew.
I need to go get ready, obviously.
Church, and we’re gonna
have lunch out with Jayden
and I’m sure do some
other errands and things.
Gotta drive an hour each
way to and from church,
so it’s a long day out,
so breakfast is fast,
quick, and in a hurry.
Very similar to yesterday’s breakfast.
Let me show ya what the kids are.
I had to have a little sampling here.
So, yet again, sit out a box of sharp shop
for these other yogurt granola bars.
We got some cheese sticks and yogurts,
and then this pack of
Craisins, and there ya go.
So they can just kinda
make their own little piles
and eat up while I get ready.
We’re havin’ lunch.
(indistinct child chatter)
Well, Ben, we were talkin’
why you need a bubble bath later.
You wanna show your goggles?
Oh, goggles, goggles and dessert.
Someone else over here.
You workin’ on your dessert? (laughs)
So, it’s Monday evening
now, and I realized
as I put this hat on just,
and as I turned the camera on,
how rough Mama’s a lookin’
this Monday evenin’.
I don’t know what happened to my hat,
I just got this last year,
and now it’s been all twisted up weird.
Anyway, we had a fantastic day.
We had eggs with cheese
and sausage for breakfast.
For lunch, we had the very last
of the Mexican food leftovers
from all that yummy food
that Tricia cooked up for us this weekend.
My baby’s talkin’ to me.
I’m gettin’ ready to serve dinner now,
but I wanted to give
you this insider’s look
at how a homeschool room can look like
by the end of the day.
My kids, don’t worry,
they will clean this up
and it’ll look perfect in a few minutes.
I’ll show you the before and after.
Here’s the before, what it looks like
after a full day of school into this room.
Get ready.
Uh-huh, uh-huh.
What in the world?
What is this?
What in the world?
What, what?
Yeah, so we still have
Tricia’s banner’s up.
You all were playin’, and you’ve got, yes,
so this little bit here, this
is what Daniel and Amelia.
Hey, look at Mama.
You’re not in trouble.
Did you have fun?
What were you makin’ here?
– A house.
– [Jamerrill] You were makin’
houses, and they were playin’.
They had little puppy
houses under the table.
Benjamin was in here
playin’ at some point, too.
I’m going to go serve
up dinner and kiddos.
You see we’ve got various books and cups
and even some sandwiches
left from, I don’t know,
some point in the day.
We schooled hard today, so clean up time.
For dinner, I put one of those
Italian peppered beef roasts
in the slow cooker hours ago.
So good, that has just cooked all day.
I also have, we’re gonna do
some buttered, steamed broccoli.
Then I have some carrots
and celery left, too,
that we’ll have with some
dip, and that’s dinner.
I’m here picking and eating this meat.
Lemme tell you it is so good.
This is one of the recipes
from either low-carb
freezer meal pack seven or
eight, but it is fantastic.
Okay, guys, they did it.
We’ve had dinner and
before dinner was served,
this room is back together.
Go, team, go!
And just like that
friends, I’m standin’ here
with a whole, whole lotta sharp
shopper goodies behind me.
If you haven’t watched
my Sharp Shopper Haul,
find that because it’s in
one of my recent videos.
Today is the day.
It is over.
My Super Mega, Large Family
Freezer Meal pack sale
that I have been sharing
about for the last two weeks
ends tonight at 11:59 p.m. Eastern time,
I have to think, my time zone.
Whatever that means for you,
that’s the time it ends.
From right now until tonight, you can get
my new Super Mega, Ultimate
Large Family Freezer Meals
bundle collection that now also includes
my brand new pack seven, eight, and nine.
You can sing the song with me.
Pack seven and eight are low-carb.
Pack nine is dairy-free.
You can get all nine of the packs for it,
breaks down to bein’
just six bucks a pack.
That’s 60% off when you
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Just look for the first link
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Don’t miss this opportunity.
I only have these like 60%
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three more packs, so here ya go.
I did it.
Any who, gonna film
this Sharp Shopper Haul,
gonna chat with you on
those comments below, again.
Click the first link in
the description below,
and I’ll see you real soon
with another brand new video.
Bye, bye.