Pruvit Keto OS getting started and weight loss with Ketogenic diet.  Anthony Flatt keto os 250 days

Pruvit Keto OS getting started and weight loss with Ketogenic diet. Anthony Flatt keto os 250 days

August 8, 2019 2 By William Morgan

Hey guys, it’s Anthony.
Hey, just want to make a quick video just
to kind of get you guys up to speed, basically
just to give you something to know where to
I know that when I first kind of started taking
the Keto OS, I kind of learned things on my
own and figured some stuff out.
I got some guidance from my buddy, Frank Prieb,
but I also had to go out there and kind of
search some things out.
So, I’m going to give you a few things to
kind of help get you started and then by all
means give me a call if you’ve got any questions.
You know, let me know and I’ll help you
And as you hear or read things that make sense
or don’t make sense, things that get you
really excited or things that cause a lot
of questions, let me know those too.
I like to read the same things, Frank shares
a lot of stuff, I share a lot of stuff on
things that we read and what we’ve learned,
so we collaborate a lot.
As well as when I hear something that doesn’t
make sense or he hears something that doesn’t
make sense, we go and share that information
So here we go.
So, you should either have received…
Well, first off, this video is going to four
guys specifically.
It’s going to Mike Machad, Jean Lidic, Norm
Lantona, and Kenny Spikes.
The four of you guys are all coming onboard
with what I’m doing and with the weight
loss that I have.
Mike’s not really looking to lose a whole
lot of weight, but really more for sports
performance and getting his family healthy.
So, the rest of us all have tons of weight
to lose.
So, I’m just kind of putting all four of
you guys together and kind of giving you,
you know, here’s what I think you guys should
do to kind of get started.
So, you either should have your Keto OS or
you should be getting it this coming week.
With the Christmas holidays over the last
few days of last week and New Years and then
the weekend and all that, you may not have
gotten it yet, but if not you should have
it this week.
If you order it, it usually takes them 2-3
I think I ordered on the 20th and got it on
like the 22nd or 23rd.
So, it doesn’t take long and Mike Machad
ought to be getting his pretty quick because
their warehouse is in Dallas and he’s in
North Dallas, so that ought to be pretty fast
from that perspective.
But here’s what I do, first thing, take
the Keto OS.
If you have any kind of caffeine issues, if
you have any kind of supplement issues where
you’ve gotten sick before or if you have
an easily up-settable stomach, maybe take
half a pack or half a scoop into some water
and try that out first and then see how that
I jumped right in, I just went in and just
took one right off the bat and I’ve been
pretty much taking two a day.
Sometimes I forget, sometimes I’m on the
road and I don’t realize that I haven’t
taken one and it’s 8 or 9 o’clock at night.
I now have the non-caffeinated version, so
now if that happens I’m still going to take
it before I go to sleep, because I want those
ketones, those extra ketones in my body while
I’m sleeping to help keep my fat burning
So, I wake up, I’m still in ketosis, I’m
still fat burning.
But before, when I only had the caffeinated
version, I wasn’t take the caffeine late
at night because I didn’t want to keep me
So, for step number one, start taking the
Keto OS and then start kind of watching and
seeing how you feel.
Lots of people say lots of different things
about what responses they get right off the
For me, clarity, I got clarity of mind right
away, I was able to not eat, the hunger pains
and the cravings all started to go away.
And this didn’t happen instantaneously,
I mean, it might take a couple days, it might
take a week.
Everybody’s different, everybody’s body
metabolism is different and everybody’s
body is beat up in different ways.
I don’t think any of us have a body or a
system that is working properly, so it’s
going to take some time, I know mine especially.
Now, it didn’t take me a lot of time to
start seeing the positive effects.
I mean, I was almost instantaneous for me.
They ship them with a…
You should get a little bottle of these ketone
strips and these are urine strips, so you
basically pee on this and it’s going to
change color.
It’s kind of like a pregnancy test, although
I’m not pregnant, kind of look like it though.
But anyway, that’ll give you an idea.
If it’s more purple, you’re in the higher
levels of ketosis and if it’s less, then
you’re less.
This is not a super accurate way, but this
is at least a way to know right off the bat.
You should be able to take a Keto OS drink
and within an hour, hour and half an hour,
hour and a half, you should be able to know
that you’ve got ketones in your body and
you’re on your way to ketosis.
So, I still do these every now and then because
the blood strips which are the most accurate
way are kind of expensive.
The ketone version, which is this one, this
little bottle that goes to this Nova Max Plus
meter that I have, this does both ketones
and glucose.
The glucose ones aren’t too bad; you can
buy them on Amazon or in bulk at medical places
and get them for about 25 cents apiece.
These are like 2 bucks, 2.25 each.
So, if you’re doing this twice a day, that’s
5 bucks and another one of these, you’re
spending 6 bucks a day, you know, 30 days.
That’s 180 bucks a month just in testing.
So, what I’ve done is I’ve kind of cut
back on doing the keto stuff all the time
and if I just want to kind of know, I’ll
do one of these and then I’ll do one of
these maybe every other day or every couple
of days or whatever.
So, that’s the second thing, is as soon
as you start taking the Keto OS, do some of
these and prove to yourself that you’re
in ketosis, but also get yourself a blood
Now, this one, there’s a guy, Jimmy Moore,
he’s all over the internet.
Living la Vida Low-carb is his blog, he’s
got podcasts, he’s got videos on YouTube,
he’s a great guy.
You can learn a lot from his history and his
He doesn’t like this one.
Years ago, he kind of poopooed it and said
to buy this other one, Precision Extra I think
is the one he likes, and I ended up buying
this anyways.
I don’t know why, I just ended up getting
this one.
So, this is the one I’m using.
It seems to be accurate for me, I may switch
to the other one, but this is pretty decent.
Your little blood thing, you load this up
with a little spike thing, prick your blood,
get a little blood, put it on the strip, wait
for it to read, then put the other strip in,
put a little blood on it, boom, you’re done.
This will give you the best accurate reading
of where you are with your blood, your ketones,
and with your blood glucose.
So, you’ll know from both of these where
exactly you’re at and that’s what’s
helped me meter my…
Now, you’ll need these.
These are the little spikes that go in that
little pin.
I think mine came with these.
You just twist of the top and it’s got a
little pin in there and then I bought these
and these both fit in there and they twist
I don’t know if they’re all universal
or not, but if you want to know specifically
what I bought, let me know and I’ll send
you the link.
But those are the first two things I do, start
taking the Keto OS, start testing your blood,
start cutting back on your carbs.
Now, I would go…
Just about started looking for my phone and
I’m using my phone to video this, so yeah.
I would start off also with the My Fitness
Pal app if you’re not using an app just
to track your food.
And the first thing I would say is to start
getting your carbs down.
If you guys love carbs and you’re saying,
oh man, I don’t if I can cut all the breads
out and all that.
Over time, you’re going to figure out that
you’re going to want to do that and you’ll
want to do it naturally.
So, I’m not going to be this guy that says,
day one, no more carbs, you’re never going
to eat carbs.
You know, whatever.
If you want something, eat it.
I mean, the bottom line, we all have to live
and I’m not living to just eat grass or
whatever somebody tells me.
I don’t care if it’s going to make me
live to 150, I’m going to eat what I want
to eat.
But I don’t want to eat the carbs and breads
because I know what it does to my blood sugar,
So, when I eat something, like I had some
sushi so that had some rice in it, then I
took my blood later on that night and boom,
my glucose level was high.
So, I know what the cause and effect is.
So, that’s why I really like testing my
blood and knowing where I’m at.
So, I would suggest you guys do that, but
start cutting back the carbs.
What I first tried to do, I went backward
and I put in a couple days of what I had eaten
before I had decided to do this and just to
see where I was at.
And the day before I started this, so that
would be October 19th or 20th, I think I started
this on October 21st, so October 20th I had
300 grams’ worth of carbs.
And it wasn’t like I sat down and ate a
whole pizza, it was just regular food, but
there was 300 grams of carbs in it.
So, I made a commitment that day to get under
100 the next day and then to stay under 100
until I kind of stabilized at that level and
then I’d try to go lower than that.
And that wasn’t too hard to do.
I ate more salad, I ate more vegetables, I
didn’t eat anything breaded or fried, I
didn’t eat any bread or pasta and boom,
I was under 100.
That was pretty easy.
But get under 100 and then try to work your
way to being under 50.
Now, some people say you need to be under
20 or under 30.
Again, I’m not the extremist.
Most days, I’m under 50, some days I’m
60, I may even shoot up to 100.
Again, we’re going to live, so somedays
you’re going to be up, and I think it’s
actually good.
I think it’s kind of like training.
If you train a certain way day in, day out,
day in, day out, you hit a plateau, but if
you change it up so really restricted carbs,
really, really, really restricted and then
every now and then you bump up one day a little
bit, I don’t think that’s bad.
Am I ever going to go back to eating pasta
the way I used to eat pasta or breads or whatever?
Probably not.
Am I ever going to not have naan at an Indian
I had some when I was traveling a few weeks
ago, a little triangle.
I didn’t eat 3 or 4 of them and I didn’t
eat a loaf of bread and I didn’t eat two
big old bowls of pasta, but I had a little
triangle of naan.
So, I knew it was going to push my glucose
up, but I was willing to pay that price.
Make decisions.
This is not intended, in my plan it certainly
is not, this is the only way to do it.
Figure out what works for you.
Right now, I’m not eating very much fruit.
I’m not eating very much fruit because,
in testing my blood, I know that I’m having
a difficult time getting my glucose under
This morning or it’s already like noon or
11:30 or something, but it was 109 and I was
1.0 on the ketone meter, which is good because
.5 is in ketosis, 1 is good, 2 and 3 is better,
but again moderation.
But I’m not eating fruit, especially sugary
fruit, because I know that I already have
a challenge.
So, once I get my blood glucose down into
the 75, into the 65, 75-80 range, I’ll probably
add some more fruit back.
I probably will never go back to drinking
orange juice, because it’s liquid sugar
and that’s why some people that have the
opposite issue that I have drink orange juice.
I won’t drink any orange juice because it
will absolutely cause my glucose to go through
the ceiling, but I’ll probably go back to
eating oranges every now and then and apples
every now and then.
Now, if I do have fruit, I have berries.
I have blackberries, blueberries or maybe
strawberries and I don’t have very many
and I maybe have them with some yoghurt or
I have them with some dark chocolate.
So, I really don’t eat a lot of fruit right
I’m eating a lot of meat and protein, especially
fatting meat.
So, I’m eating steak with the fat on, I’m
eating pork chops with the fat on, I’m eating
chicken with the skin on, I’m eating salmon
and tuna.
And then in vegetables I’m eating broccoli,
cauliflower, asparagus, salads.
The greener the salad, the better it is nutritionally
for you.
So, if you can eat spinach and kale and arugula
and those things, those are better for you
than iceberg lettuce.
Iceberg lettuce is like a green, yellow, and
whitish color and the whiter it is, the less
nutrients there is in it.
All of the nutrients are in the green part.
So, I still eat iceberg lettuce, I’m going
to go eat a taco salad here in a little bit.
I’m going to throw some pork ribs on my
taco salad just to make sure I get enough
protein and enough fat in there.
Probably going to take a couple boiled eggs
and put them in my taco salad as well just
to have that as well.
You know, on the Atkins diet, a lot of people
are talking about eating bacon and eggs every
day and all that.
I like bacon and eggs and I eat bacon and
eggs and I’m not scared of eggs.
Go and do some research on eggs and you’ll
find out that it’s one of the most nutritionally
dense foods there are.
The whole idea that eggs give you cholesterol
is BS.
Go research it for yourself, you’ll figure
it out.
Bacon, bacon still isn’t super great for
It’s a good fat, but it also has a lot of
sodium in it.
So, don’t go and…
Sheryl’s coming in here to ask me a question,
hang on.
Okay, so, where was I?
So, eat good food, eat salads, eat vegetables,
broccoli, cauliflower, just look at the carb
content and the glycemic index and the lower
the carb on the vegetables and the lower the
sugar on the vegetables, the better.
Again, if there’s something that you really,
really like, eat it.
I’m not eating any grains, I’m not eating
any pasta, I’m not eating corn, I’m not
eating rice, I’m not eating sugar.
I still have some stevia and I might put some
stevia in some things if I make a dip or I
don’t know what I put stevia into, something
sweet or whatever, but for the most part I
don’t put any sugar in anything.
Soda wise I pretty much don’t drink sodas
anymore, although I do have one every now
and then, especially when I’m on the road
I end up having one or two if I’m gone for
a week.
If I’m at home, maybe I’ll have one.
We’ve got some in the garage, but I’m
not drinking it.
There’s lots of bad things about sodas.
Sugared, diet, whatever, you pick your poison.
They’re both not good for you for various
different reasons, one being the sugar, but
one also being lots of other chemicals and
things that they have in them.
The other thing, don’t…
And take all this with great insult, do what
you want to do, I’m just trying to give
you some ideas.
But don’t go and make your family do what
you’re doing, especially.
One of the things that I decided that I was
going to have to be able to do on any kind
of lifestyle change was I was going to have
to be able to do it if my family did it or
So, I did not go and throw away all the chips
and cookies and snack stuff.
As a matter of fact, I didn’t throw away
anything, all the breads and pastas and all
that good fun stuff, it’s all still there.
If I can’t live in a house that’s got
that stuff without me eating that stuff, then
it’s just not going to work for me.
And it’s also a little bit of proof that
that’s not willpower or a lack of willpower.
Now that I have my Keto OS and now that I’m
in a general state of ketosis, they call it
keto adapted, now that I’m keto adapted
where I’m almost always in ketosis, I just
don’t have the craving.
So, the fact that we have some cookies upstairs,
the fact that we have bread or pasta, it’s
just not that big a deal.
I’m just not that hungry, I’m eating more
for nutritional value.
I do still like very savory foods and very
high-quality foods, so I’m kind of doing
gourmet on the stuff that I am eating.
So, if I’m going to eat something, I’m
going to make it taste really, really good
for whatever that is.
So, we’ve made meatballs and the kids have
pasta with it.
I just have the meatballs and the sauce and
mozzarella cheese on top of it and then a
salad, I had that over some fried cauliflower,
that was pretty good too.
We had chicken and rice the other day.
I didn’t have the rice, I had chicken over
fried cauliflower with the gravy and everything
on it.
So, pick your poison, but the biggest thing
is cut back on your carbs and cut back on
your sugars.
The first week that I cut back on my carbs
from that 300 to under 100, I lost a pound
a day.
So, I went from 286, which was morbidly obese,
to I dropped 8 and a half pound.
So, I dropped to like 280 in the first week.
In the end, the weight loss kind of slowed
down a little bit.
I could speed it up.
Honestly, if I was more restrictive, if I
exercised, if I did a lot of different things,
I could make that more.
But I actually don’t want to lose weight
too fast.
About 2.2 pounds a week, 2-3 pounds a week,
10 pounds a month.
That seems to be what I can find out there
that’s relatively healthy.
It gives your body time to adjust as you keep
coming down on the weight.
Don’t worry too much that you’re not losing
5 pounds.
This isn’t wrestling weight cutting.
I mean, we all know that we can cut some weight.
This isn’t weight cutting.
This is losing fat.
So, know that that’s the overall plan.
And again, I think I said earlier, if you
have any questions or you hear something that
doesn’t make sense, let me know.
I’m continuing to study a ton.
I’m going to send each one of you a book
that I just finished, I bought the audio version
of it on, but it’s called “Grain
Brain” and it’s really good.
It really talks about the effects of sugar
on your different bodily functions, but the
effects of sugar on your brain and Alzheimer’s
disease and all these mental issues and ailments
that are caused by sugar in grains.
So basically about carbs, because sugar is
a carb.
Basically, about these refined carbs and mainly
because man has totally screwed up these carbs,
but also because it’s only been the last
50 years or so that we’ve been eating nearly
as many carbs and only probably the last 20-25
years that we’ve been eating as many carbs
as we are now.
Back in the day, they didn’t eat that many
carbs and they didn’t eat that many fruits.
They ate fruit in season, which is 2-3 months
out of the year in some part of the country
and then they ate protein and fat.
So, study all that you can, ask me questions,
take it in moderation.
This isn’t a sprint; this isn’t something
Start taking the Keto OS, start testing your
blood, also get yourself a blood pressure
cup and start testing your blood pressure.
You want to make sure that you know where
your blood pressure is.
This will also help you know what effects
food have on your blood pressure.
Salt tends to increase your blood pressure
and so do other foods, sodium rich foods.
Salt is needed in your body to move things
So, you need a certain amount of salt.
So, don’t start cutting salt out completely,
but cut table salt out completely.
Go to the sea salt or the pin Himalayan salt
and use that.
So, I use sea salts and Himalayan salt.
I still don’t salt things a lot, but I don’t
shy away.
Like my bacon I still like to buy sodium,
low sodium bacon, because I don’t want it
to be that salty.
But I might put salt on some vegetables or
if I’m going to make a steak I’m going
to salt and pepper the steak and put some
other seasonings on it.
So, I’m not going to stay completely away
from salt.
Let’s see, what else?
Oh, Fitbit.
If you don’t have a Fitbit or some kind
of meter to monitor your sleeping, your number
of steps and exercise in a day, I strongly
suggest that you get one.
You can use your phone, there’s some phone
apps, I just haven’t found those to work
very well.
This is the low-end Fitbit.
This was a hand-me-down, my daughter used
it, then my wife used it, and then now I’ve
got it.
I think this one’s like 70 bucks, 70-75
dollars on Amazon or out there wherever.
This one does not have a heartrate monitor
in it.
If you can afford it, I would say get the
one with the heartrate monitor in it and that’s
maybe another 100 bucks or another 75 or whatever,
but I’d get the one with the heartrate monitor
because I’m missing that.
But that’s not that big a deal, but I would
like to know that my heartrate is resting
and sleeping and all that good fun stuff.
So, I’ll probably be upgrading this eventually,
but I’ve gotten very used to wearing this.
One charge goes for 5 or 6 days, so it’s
not one of those things that I forget to charge
all the time, because I do, but I only need
to charge it once every 5 days.
So, that works out pretty good.
And then send me emails, give me a call, shoot
me stuff, let me know what you need from that
perspective, but it’s all pretty simple.
Take your Keto OS twice a day, once between
6 and 9 AM if you can and then once again
around 4:00 PM. 2:00 to 4:00, 3:00 to 5:00.
I usually eat my last meal of the day somewhere
around 7:00 or 8:00 o’clock at night, so
I want to take my Keto OS before that, but
I have taken it at the same time and I’ve
taken it with that non-caffeinated version
I’ve even take in later.
Let me know how things are progressing.
I’m posting all my stuff out there on Facebook,
that’s me, I don’t care if people know
if I’m losing weight or they think I’m
crazy, I just don’t really care.
It’s keeping me honest, it’s keeping me
posting stuff out there and it’s helping
I waited today…
I drove Adam back to school yesterday up to
Charlotte and I didn’t have a great day
eating, I ate early because I was hungry.
So, I had a couple fried eggs and some bacon
for breakfast around 9:30 I think and then
around 2:00 o’clock, before I took Adam
back to school, I had a taco salad with not
shell, just in a bowl and I had avocado and
sour cream.
And I did make it with some ground turkey
because that’s what we used to make it with,
I’m starting to add back in ground hamburger
so that I get those fats in there, but that
was turkey.
And then later on that night, Adam was hungry
so we stopped at about 7:30 and I pulled through
Zack’s Pizza and he got some wings and he
got 10 wings, I got 5 of their wimpy wings
with just the wing sauce.
The wing sauce tends to have a lot less sugar
and a lot less carbs in it.
And then I also got their grilled chicken
sandwich without the bun, so it was a piece
of chicken, a slice of cheese, and lettuce
and tomato.
So, I had that, that was my dinner, and then
I think Adam and I shared a fountain drink,
which I probably shouldn’t have done because
I could tell how sweet it was and it didn’t
taste very good.
So, I ended up drinking mainly water, but
we bought that.
So, I had 3 meals yesterday, so I was thinking
that today I probably wouldn’t have much
of a weight loss.
I did stop off and walk for about an hour
and 15 minutes and spent about 10 or 15 minutes
doing a couple exercises at a couple machines
at Fitness 19 before I came home, because
I stayed up in Charlotte, got up in the morning
and drove back this morning.
But I’m even, I’m exactly 261.1 is what
I was yesterday and I’m 261.1 today and
I suspect tomorrow I’ll have a weight loss
because I’m at home all day and I’ll be
able to control things.
And I haven’t had anything to eat yet today
and it’s about, like I said, 11:30-12:00
o’clock and I’m just now starting to get
a little bit hungry, so I’m good there.
Alright, so this is like 20 something minutes,
I meant it to be like 10, so I’m going to
cut off here because I’m rambling.
But let me know.
I’m sending the book to your address from
what I know from what I know from USA Wrestling.
So, if your address is wrong in USA Wrestling,
let me know.
If you want to get the audio version, I listen
to the audio versions because I can speed
them up and I can listen to them in the car,
I can listen to them on a plane, I can listen
to them when I’m sitting at my office.
If you go to Amazon and sign up for an Amazon
Prime account, they’ll give you a 3-month
free subscription to and you can
get up to 3 books for free, one a month, and
so your first book you could get the “Grain
Brain” book and you could listen to it.
But if your address is wrong or whatever,
get with me so that I don’t send it to the
wrong address, but I’ll probably send those
out as of later on today.
So, hope this finds you well.
If you’ve got any questions, you need anything,
let me know and that’s that.
Thanks, you guys.