[Preview] “Becoming fat-adapted provided a constant source of energy”

November 4, 2019 0 By William Morgan

Most research on diet that has been released
or published on McArdle’s
says there isn’t any one specific
dietary intervention that is best.
With that said most clinicians
do recommend a higher carbohydrate diet.
And the thinking is that
if you can’t access stored glycogen,
then it’s better to have a constant
supply of glucose for the muscles.
In the blood sort of, huh?
Within the blood yeah,
and always then to replenish the stored
glycogen that’s in the liver as well.
One of the patients
within our patient group
who did sort of zero in
on a low-carb ketogenic diet,
found that becoming fat-adapted
provided a constant source of energy
for working muscles for moderate activity.
And so he no longer experienced
an energy crisis.
He went out for a walk or riding
his bicycle or going for a swim.