Power of Intermittent Fasting, Ketone  Diet or Keto Diet – CHTV Episode 11

Power of Intermittent Fasting, Ketone Diet or Keto Diet – CHTV Episode 11

July 27, 2019 16 By William Morgan

Warren: Hello, welcome, everybody. Welcome
to CellularHealing.tv. My name is Warren Philips,
here with one of my co-hosts, David Asarnow.
David: Hello.
Warren: We’ve got Dr. Pompa on the line
as well as our expert for today’s show.
Dr. Pompa’s hailing us from Hawaii. Where
in Hawaii are you, Dr. Pompa?
Dr. Pompa: Maui.
Warren: Maui, awesome. You can’t show us?
Can you pick the computer up and show us?
Dr. Pompa: Yeah, yeah. I don’t know if it’ll
come up. I was asking you guys earlier if
you could see it.
Warren: I’m sure we can.
Dr. Pompa: I was going to show you, but can
you see?
David: Oh my gosh, it is beautiful.
Warren: If you talk to us, then we’ll see
it. Better. Uh-oh, you locked up.
Dr. Pompa: Really, okay here. Yeah, okay,
so that’s right on my porch here.
Warren: You fell off the radar there, unfortunately.
Dr. Pompa: Oh, boy, I see you now.
Warren: There we go.
David: Alright, there we go. I think the secret
is just letting the computer sit.
Dr. Pompa: Exactly.
Warren: Anyway, Welcome to Cellular Healing
TV. We’ve got a little glimpse of Maui there.
Dr. Pompa, we appreciate you doing the call.
I know it’s early there for you. The sun
just came up a little bit ago. Here we are,
episode eleven. We had a great call last week
on autoimmune, correct? We released that article,
so if you go to DrPompa.com underneath Articles,
it’s the latest article there. If you’re
watching this as a replay or on YouTube, go
to DrPompa.com, and underneath Articles, and
you can search and find, “The Autoimmune
Answers: It’s Simple as a Three-Legged Stool.”
An amazing article. It’s already quickly
becoming one of our most shared articles on
social media. Really blowing up. Again, that’s
the whole point of Cellular Healing TV, is
to point you to the right information that
transforms lives, that brings truth and real
answers. Today we’re going to do what we
were supposed to do last week. We were going
to talk about autoimmune, but we’re going
to talk about intermittent fasting today.
Is that correct, fellows?
David: Yes.
Dr. Pompa: Awesome.
Warren: I intermittent fast every day, just
to open it up. I just went to a seminar and
Faith saying, “Wow, Warren, you anti-age.”
Every day. I won’t tell you why that’s
the case, intermittent fasting causes anti-aging.
I’ll let the expert, Dr. Pompa, explain
that. Also, one of my staff right now is doing
a four-day fast, not intermittent fasting,
and she’s feeling great. She’s getting
all kinds of health benefits. Dr. Pompa, explain
intermittent fasting and all these health—anti-aging
benefits, growth hormone benefits. Some of
the benefits you talked about last week with
going into ketosis. Let’s explore this today.
This is a great topic.
Dr. Pompa: Yeah, it is. It really comes perfectly
off the heels of our autoimmune. Intermittent
fasting is one of the tools that I use to
down regulate autoimmune. When we think of
the three-legged stool, leg number one is
changing gene expression. My 5R’s is really
the big tool there, how we change gene expression.
If you don’t fix the cell, you won’t get
well. Intermittent fasting also changes gene
expression. Matter of fact, we know one thing.
It turns on a gene called a CERT 1 gene, which
is considered the longevity gene. Once that
gene gets turned on, you literally start to
live longer, healthier. Everybody wants their
CERT 1 gene turned on, no doubt. There’s
a lot of gimmicks out there on how to turn
that gene on. Of course, toxins and inflammation
turn it off. The intermittent fasting is actually
really the only scientific proven way to turn
on the CERT 1 gene. When we look at the research—first
let me define what intermittent fasting is.
People are saying well, they’re familiar
with juice fasts, water fasts, this fast.
We keep calories between 500 and 800 calories
a day, so it’s not a pure water fast. I’m
a believer in water fasting, but a lot of
very sick people are just unable to water
fast for multiple reasons. We know that animals,
when they get hurt, sick, or injured, they
fast instinctively. Humans have to be told.
We want to preserve our energy for healing.
That’s one of the principles of fasting.
Intermittent fasting is unique, because we
actually get a larger growth hormone rise
upon intermittent fasting, by keeping our
calories between 500 and 800. We’ll tell
you how we do that, and some ways we do that.
There’s daily intermittent fasting. You
heard Warren say that he intermittent fasts
daily. So do I. That means that we literally
skip a meal. We don’t eat breakfast. I know,
we’re going to skip the most important meal
of the day? We can talk about that too.
David: The perception that it’s the most
important meal of the day.
Dr. Pompa: The perception is that, correct.
Let’s say you don’t eat until 7:00 at
night. We don’t go, and we don’t eat again
until maybe 12:00, 1:00, 2:00, or noon, 1:00,
or 2:00. Sixteen or eighteen hours without
eating, that’s a daily intermittent fast,
right? We’re literally not eating anything
for that period of time, eating a small meal,
and then eating a big dinner. That’s daily
intermittent fasting. Then there’s block
intermittent fasting, where we fast for four
days at a time, maybe longer. We like four
days at least. Where we keep our calories
between 500 and 800 calories for four days.
David, you’ve done several of these. I have,
Warren has, our family has, my children have.
David: I’m doing it right now.
Dr. Pompa: Hold up, and show how you’re
keeping your calories between 500 and 800.
What are you eating, David?
David: I’m drinking SueroGold. I actually
have Terrain Omega, which is a probiotic,
in it along with fermented flax and chia seeds.
Dr. Pompa: Right, so you’re using—hold
it up. Right now you’re frozen.
David: Can you see it?
Dr. Pompa: There it is, okay. That is whey
water. That’s from a company that we love
and adore, Beyond Organic. That’s, actually,
that product is whey water. Whey water historically
is known as healing water, from Harpocrates.
There’s nothing new under the sun. Whey
water fasts have been around for thousands
of years. The reason it’s known as healing
water is because it has a really amazing,
profound effect on the liver. It’s the detox
pathway, the most important. The kidneys.
The GI—another huge detox pathway. Really,
I believe it got its nickname “healing water”
from what it does at the cell. It has this
perfect electrolyte balance, sodium/potassium.
It fixes that. It’s really the most basic
way things move in and out of the cell. Once
we have that regulated, now it sets us up
for further detox we can do at the cell, and
further healing at the cell. That’s why
we like to start many of our programs utilizing
whey water fasting. We wrote a great article
I wrote on the site under “articles” for
intermittent fasting. What I just described
is explained there. Also, more of the hormone
benefits of intermittent fasting, I describe.
How growth hormone goes up. All the hormones
that you need to age slower go up. All the
hormones like cortisol, and those destructive
hormones that make us more fat and age faster,
go down. That’s what happens in intermittent
fasting. You get this really hormonal shift.
Again, we trigger the right genes. We get
into this healing mode, really. It sets us
up for success. Now I know many of you say,
“That’s from a cow, whey water. I’m
very dairy sensitive.” These cows are genetically
bred back to not have something called A1
beta-casein, which is a very—it’s ten
times more toxic than gluten, and if you have
a leaky gut, you will react to 99% of the
conventional dairy that’s out there. This
dairy has beta A2, so literally, it’s been
bred back to an ancient cow that doesn’t
have this A1 casein.
Warren: Did you hear that new article that
was just released on that, from Fox News,
about A1 dairy and how poisonous it is? That
essentially, the A2 dairy doesn’t exist
in the United States? Hilarious enough, Beyond
Organic has the onlly herd of A2 cows in the
country, certified A2, if there is such certification.
He had them all genetically tested, and all
of his cows are A2. Fox news is talking about
the dangers of dairy and A1, and you have
to go to another country to get A2 cows. There’s
a massive herd on Jordan Rubin’s ranch.
Pretty cool, pretty timely. It is getting
out there. Dan, I’m getting questions, “Where
can I get this whey water?” of course. One
site, we can send them to our site, which
is BeyondOrganicMilk. BeyondOrganicMilk.com.
Just type that in to your URL. Just type it
in a the top. Just type it in, www.BeyondOrganicMilk,
and that’ll send you to our site, where
we get our SueroGold and some other products
that we use for fasting.
David: Yeah, absolutely.
Dr. Pompa: Okay, so that’s one way. We do
a lot of other intermittent fasts. Sometimes
we utilize beef stock. We’re going to guide
you to some resources there as well, here,
as soon as I make a point. Beef stock fasting,
we do for a block intermittent fast, right?
Block, meaning several days, keeping our calories
between 500 and 800 calories. What we do is
just beef stock. What’s the benefit of that?
Beef stock, again, nothing new under the sun.
For thousands of years, beef stock has been
utilized for healing. To remember our grandmother,
“Eat chicken soup.” There’s some things
in beef stock, or in chicken soup and other
types of stock. Type 2 collagen has a really
amazing effect on our skin. That’s what
really strengthens our elastin and our collagen.
Also, our immune system. For autoimmune, it’s
another great tool. Remember, intermittent
fasting, we use to change—leg one, intermittent
fasting. We also use it to change the micro
biome. That’s leg three of the stool. If
you haven’t read the autoimmune article,
read it. Let three is certain bacteria that
we need to get back in our gut to fix our
gut. Remember, things can leak across the
gut, which is happening epidemically in America.
That’s what’s causing a lot of these food
intolerances and allergies and immune problems.
I discussed that in the article. Type 2 collagen
helps heal that leaky gut. Also, type 2 collagen
staves down all the bacteria—I’m sorry,
type 2 collagen—beef stock starves down
all the bacteria in the gut. Then we follow
with a reinoculation phase. Then we raise
up all the good guys. See how this is a tool
in our three-legged stool analogy for autoimmune.
Really, any hormone condition, weight loss
resistance, you name it, thyroid—again,
most of these conditions, as we discussed
in the article, are, in fact, autoimmune.
You have to fix the gut. Beef stock is an
amazing tool. We have great articles. Warren
will direct you to some of those resources,
how do you intermittent fast with beef stock.
Go ahead, Warren.
Warren: Even if you type in “bone broth
fast” into Google, just straight into Google,
our article is one, two, three, four, five,
five down, that we’ve done, or you can go
to DrPompa.com and go there under, it’ll
be a bone broth fasting article there underneath
“articles.” I just clicked on our article
on accident on google.
Dr. Pompa: There’s a recipe there, right
Warren? We have a recipe connected to that
article from one of our doctors.
Warren: Also, I have a video that I shot at
the bottom, on Google, or on that page, of
filtering it out and doing some of the details
of the bone broth fast. There’s a video.
It’s on our YouTube channel. It’s also,
if you type in “bone broth fast,” on Google,
it’s on page one right now at the bottom.
You might have to go to page two, but there’s
a video on YouTube as well. You can click
and watch that. It’s just easier to get
there. Or you can just go to our site, DrPompa.com,
and search underneath “articles” and find
that bone broth fast article.
David: The important thing, though, to talk
about is, if they’re going to do the bone
broth fast, they’re going to be killing
off not only bad, but good. They’re going
to have to reinoculate. It’s not just going
out to the Whole Foods and buying probiotics.
Dr. Pompa: That’s right. Exactly, David,
that’s where we come in. You mentioned Beyond
Organic as a great source. The reason we’re
interested in dairy is because it’s the
perfect medium that these bacteria love to
live, but commercial dairy, obviously, most
people are allergic to it, intolerant to it.
With the Beyond Organic you won’t be. They’re
loaded up with these great bacteria. We reinoculate
with another product called Amasai. David,
the product you’re taking with your whey
water, the SueroGold—the chia seed, the
fermented chia seed, you put in there, correct?
David: I do, I do.
Dr. Pompa: Yeah, it’s a great thing that
you can do in your intermittent fast, as well.
All you need is about four of those a day,
especially if you put some of that in there.
That fiber feeds the bacteria. That product
is loaded with very unique bacteria. I want
to make a very strong point. A lot of bacteria
that you get from these products, you don’t
get in a probiotic. We’ve isolated maybe
20 probiotic on the market, and every company
gets them for the same 20. They have this
5, or this 7, of that 20. What you get in
nature, from a product like that, not from
yogurt that you buy from the store, but you
get very unique bacteria that really wouldn’t
even survive in a pillar of powder that we
haven’t even isolated yet. The cows eat
grass that have very unique bacteria. They
take it in, and then it’s expressed, as
long as it’s not killed, by the processing
that most companies do. Most yogurt we buy
is just a killed product, and then they add
some bacteria to it. There’s five little
bacteria. A real product, like you just held
up, and the Amasai is another product, by
the way. That’s the SueroGold, and they
have another product, Amasai. By the way,
they’re cheese. It’s not heated above
the cow’s body temperature. Loaded with
unique bacteria. Every batch a little different
than the next, with unique bacteria. I’m
a firm believer in fermenting food. Fermented
food offers more nutrition, more vitamins,
more minerals, and also, again, trillions
of unique bacteria you could never, ever put
in a pillar of powder. It’s not that I’m
against probiotic. I’m not. I think that
probiotic can be very useful. However, limited
in it’s scope. It needs to be part of, really,
these fermented products. Look, it’s the
advent of refrigeration, really, is what happened,
and we don’t ferment foods anymore. Therefore,
it’s part of the reason that, again, our
microbiome, our good bacteria—again, third
leg of the autoimmune stool, is suffering.
We don’t have these unique bacteria. We’re
not being introduced to them in our diet like
we used to. Add that to the overuse of antibiotics.
Add that to the overuse of just, cleanly environments,
hand santizers in every school across the
planet. Add that to the overuse of glyphosate,
which we talked about in maybe two past episodes.
Maybe it was nine or ten. I think it was nine.
Anyways, glyphosate is the active ingredient
in RoundUp, which is being sprayed on every
grain that you’re consuming, unless it’s
100% organic. Every GMO grain is loaded up,
because they’re RoundUp ready. They’re
able to take more glyphosate, and boy do they
spray it. That glyphosate is wrecking our
good bacteria. It’s wrecking our immune
cells. It’s wrecking enzymes that we need
for our immune system. Big problem today.
You could see why we’re creating so much
autoimmune. Again, intermittent fasting with
these types of products is a way to replenish,
really, what we’re destroying. How it’s
affecting our immune system and our hormones,
you name it.
David: One of the big questions I get from
people when they hear me talking about the
fasting, or intermittent fasting in particular,
is that you’re starving yourself. Can we
address that?
Dr. Pompa: Yeah, first of all, when we look
at the studies on anti-aging, really the only
thing that’s super, super solid—well,
there’s two things, actually, that’s super
solid in the literature. There’s an 800-pound
gorilla sitting in everybody’s room. there’s
one back there in mine. That 800-pound gorilla
is glucose. “Controlling glucose” is what
most health practitioners don’t even want
to hear, right? They’re preaching whatever
they’re doing, right? Meanwhile, the 800-pound
gorilla’s sitting in their office every
day. You know how you know? Just look at their
belly. There’s the 800-pound gorilla. If
they’re lean and skinny, look at their liver,
because they have, most likely, fatty liver.
They’re aging. It’s called glycation.
When glucose is up, your body is rusting.
It’s glycation. Basically, it means that
glucose is attacking proteins. Oh, collagen
and elastin are proteins that get attacked,
and they start glycating, and you start looking
older. The same thing’s happening on the
inside. The second thing is reducing your
calories, David. When you reduce your calories,
you live longer. It’s not my opinion. We
can do it in every animal study or human studies.
What are we doing? Are we just saying, “Okay,
I’ve had enough food,” and pushing it
away? No, no, no, no, that doesn’t work.
That’ll work for a week, and then you’re
going to start eating again, right? When we
look at these cultures and societies who do
live long, like the Tibetans and many others,
they eat very little calories, because they’re
not hungry. They’re simply not hungry. David,
we have to be a fat burner to get that not
hungry. I know all three of us are very efficient
fat burners. We can literally go all day and
not eat. We’re burning fat, we’re not
burning muscle. Our body’s not going to
give us these cravings to say, “Hey, stop
burning our muscle, we need sugar down here.”
Our bodies utilize fat, because the cell can
only use sugar or fat. We talked about this
on past episodes, hormonal ability to burn
fat. When we’re intermittent fasting, we’re
feasting on our fat. Our glucose, very steady.
When other people, they’re not healthy,
their body’s burning into its muscles. Intermittent
fasting is one way to become more hormone
sensitive so, in fact, you become a fat burner.
Some people are so toxic that we utilize intermittent
fasts later, and we do different type of intermittent
fasting to get them there. That’s some of
the work we do with the daily intermittent
fasting. Anyways, these are some of the tricks
that we do to become more hormone-sensitive
so you can become a fat burner.
Warren: You’re really not starving yourself.
You’re just consuming fat, David, because
you’re eating the Cellular Healing diet.
You’re intermittent fasting, you’re hormone
sensitive and you’re healthy, kind of like
a tribe. Back in the day, they went out and
hunted all day long, David. They didn’t
eat a thing. They might eat some herbs, typically.
I think it was 90% herbs, what they ate anyway,
that they’d find in the woods. Then they’d
eat at night, when they had their feast. They
didn’t eat any carbs whatsoever, just root
vegetables that they gathered, possibly, while
they were out, and if they had meat that day.
Some days they didn’t eat. You look at them,
and they’re just ripped. I know that when
we went to that tribe in Africa, the Chipota
tribe, they lived a tribal life, and lived
off the land, and ate the animals that they
killed and shot with their homemade bows.
The Chipota tribe was skinny and lean, you
could see their abs. They looked great. Their
eyes were clear. Then they said, “Why are
they so skinny?” or you can say, “Why
are they so ripped and muscular,” versus
the ones that were getting the grain that
have been down from the mountains, and no
longer living off of the land anymore, but
eating off of world vision because they thought
that those in the bush were dying because
they were thin. No, this isn’t people in
the inner city, but in the actual woods,
and they were fat and had disease. That’s
really the difference. Our bodies are very
efficient that way. We don’t get those sugar
spikes, so when we eat, we don’t get tired.
As a matter of fact, we don’t get hungry.
We don’t get those ups and downs, and those
sugar ups and downs. We don’t get irritable,
either. Right, Dr. Pompa? Our glucose is stable.
We’re not hypoglycemic. Everyone says, “I’m
hypoglycemic. I’m ripping people’s heads
off, because I need to get some sugar.”
Why is that? Why do people get so mean when
they don’t get their sugar, if their glucose
is dropping?
Dr. Pompa: It’s about brain. It’s really
what’s happening at the brain, when the
brain can’t get glucose. Your brain can’t
take fat and utilize it for energy, so your
brain needs glucose, right? You would say,
“Then isn’t that an argument to eat sugar?”
No, no, no, because when you’re an efficient
fat burner, your brain will use something
called ketones, where your body will break
fat down into something called ketones, and
then your body actually prefers it—your
brain, I’m sorry. Your brain actually performs
25% better on ketones than it does glucose.
Of course, type 2, we have Alzheimer’s,
which is now called type 3 diabetes. What’s
that from? Elevated glucose and insulin in
the brain. It causes plaquing. I would argue
that’s really one of the links with many
degenerative conditions, neurodegenerative
conditions. Increasing glucose in the brain
is not a good idea. That’s why you get the
irritability. Your brain simply starts starving
of glucose. Your glucose is up, and then it
drops dramatically low. When you can’t make
ketones from fat, because you’re not a fat
burner, now your brain doesn’t have anything
else. Now you get dizzy, you get weak, you
get crabby, all because the glucose. Our glucose
levels are like this—we’re burning fat
in the ketones and our brain constantly has
a fuel source, even when we don’t eat. We
could not eat for days. We could exercise.
Our body’s burning fat. Our muscles are
burning fat. Our brain’s surviving on ketones.
It’s a very efficient system. It’s like
a diesel, man, you’re in a diesel engine,
as opposed to the little scooter just burning
Warren: I know we’re got to wrap up, but
Dan, I just got this the other day from, you
were teaching doctors out in New Jersey. I
didn’t even know this ketosis thing, and
ketones. It’s really the first time I heard
this. I keep telling everyone in my staff,
“How do I remember all this stuff? How am
I getting so stinking smart?” I’m just
feeling my brain’s healing, because I’ve
been detoxing a long time, doing your protocols
on this film. Man, I’m back, 100%. I can’t
forget anything. What’s going on? My mind’s
a trap. When you said that, there’s a scientific
reason why, and then Faith, at the event—one
of our partners. I was she was on the call
today, she’s been on some previous calls,
was like, “Warren, you look even younger.”
I’ve been doing more intermittent fasting.
I’m doing, definitely, some antioxidant
type stuff. I’m exercising, spiking my growth
hormone. Intermittent fasting spikes your
growth hormone 10,000%—or yeah, 10,000 times,
or something like that, I believe. Right,
Dr. Pompa?
Dr. Pompa: Growth hormone in women, up to
3,000% in women, 3,000% wise in men.
Warren: It’s crazy. All this stuff is happening.
I didn’t know the science of why, but I’m
anti-aging. I’m getting people saying that.
I’m having brain power. I’m getting leaner.
I have constant energy. I’m not as crabby.
Who wouldn’t want to intermittent fast and
do this. I’ll get back to our whole thing,
the 3%. 97%, this is something that I shared
from stage, “If you want to make difference
in this world, if you want to go to the next
level, you need to be a 3%er. You have to
go through pain to get to the other side.
Eating like this may not be easy for you at
first. Going through those first four days,
and getting that hormone transfer, may be
a little tough. Man, who are attracted to
these calls are 3%ers, so I know you can do
it. You can anti-age, look better, have your
health back, make a bigger difference in this
world, having something real. Dr. Pompa, I
would’ve never even known how to share that,
or communicate it with them, because you dig
into science so much and daily so that we
all can benefit on these shows. I’m benefiting
massively from this ketosis/ketone research
that you’re doing.
Dr. Pompa: Yeah, it’s been exciting. Some
years ago, I would always use keto-type diets,
where it’s extremely high fat and very low
carb. I would do this for neurodegenerate
conditions. Why? It heals the brain. In the
1920’s, it was in the medical—it was used,
medically. With the development of certain
drugs, like Neurontin and others, we’ve
thought, “Oh, gosh. We don’t need that
crazy diet, and put people through that. These
drugs are going to be the answer.” Here
we are, centuries later, and we’ve realized
that the drugs not only are not the answer,
they’re causing more problems. Now there’s
so much more new research on pushing yourself
into ketosis and why the brain heals. Not
only the brain, why the cell heals. The beginning
of last summer, I read an article in Men’s
Fitness. I was sitting next to someone on
a plane, and they asked me a question about
the article. I said, “Boy, this is interesting.”
These pro-cyclists, one of which the article
was about, Dave Zabriskie, I read that how
he puts himself in ketosis all the time. In
other words, he can ride 100, 120 miles without
eating one drop of food. Meanwhile, everyone
else is eating every couple hours, to replenish
their 2,000 calories of stored sugar. He doesn’t
need stored sugar. He’s got 100,000-plus
calories stored in fat, even as a skinny cyclist.
That’s the fuel source. He was functioning
as a diesel. Then now, all these other pro-marathoners
are also doing this very thing. It got me
interested in the subject. I started reading
studies from that article, and I started reading
some more work. All summer, then, I played
with it. This summer, I put myself into ketosis,
and I ran like a diesel, man. I could bike
five hours without eating. I had so much fun
with it. Then I went out of ketosis, and then
I put myself back in. I’ve been really having
a lot of fun with the experiment. I’m going
to be teaching this at my next seminar. I’ll
explain more of where I learned some on some
of the future shows, and why I’m not doing
it just with brain conditions now. Type 2
diabetes, other hormone conditions, weight
loss resistance driven by toxins. Toxin-induced
hormone resistance. Obviously, there’s some
other cases that I’ll share, too. Other
things we’re doing with clients. Very exciting,
very exciting research. Basically, in a nutshell,
it forces you to be a fat burner all day long,
all night long. That’s where I’m at. My
ketones, I can measure my blood ketones, and
I do all the time. I’m constantly in what
is called nutritional ketosis, constantly.
I can go days with out eating. As a matter
of fact, I’m never hungry. My body literally
is feeding itself off of fat. David, it’s
never starvation when you’re in this fat
burning mode. I could go five days without
eating, and my body’s feasting on fat. It
could do that for many, many days before it
would run out of those stores. Even as thin
as I am, I have plenty of fat stores, and
so do you all. That’s really where we want
to be. We’re going to talk more about that.
Thank you. It’s great that I could do this
from here in Hawaii, that’s for sure.
Warren: Thanks so much, Dr. Pompa. Again,
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Dr. Pompa: Thank you guys.
Warren: Take care.